Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bad Mom!

Poor MM, he is 13, and the middle child! He'd give you the shirt off his back, though. So, yesterday, he wanted me to play a video game with him. I said yes, but only if I picked the game. So, I chose, and he said "No, I hate that game. I can't play it...on & on". Well, I am the MOM, so we started the game I chose. In this game, you pile up tiles in certain color order. So, I'm beating him like crazy and I glance over to his side of the screen, and he is piling the wrong colors on each other. Oh my gosh! I forgot for a second, (BAD MOM) that my son is colorblind!!!! I started laughing like a mad woman, and he says. "I told you that I can't play this game."
He is red/green colorblind. He can see colors, but some look the same to him in certain light. That is a cartoony pic of him up there. It's not a very good one, but the kid never smiles in pictures, and I somehow got him to there.

Here is a pick of SP and his girlfriend. She will now be known as HG. They are so cute. And, by the way, I really am not old enough to have teenagers, but oh well!

Knitting next time, I promise!!

edited to add: MM wasn't mad. He has a great sense of humor, and now he has a funny story to hold over my head for years to come.


Whimsical Knitting said...

You have a very good-looking family! LOL, I understand a bit about the colorblindness, my husband is colorblind, too; and have had some interesting times bc of it...LOL!
I am flattered that you added my blog to your site...I will do the same with yours, too!

Anonymous said...

LOL. How cute! Teenagers, wow...I'm nervous as I only have a few years to go.

No problem at all about adding my blog; I'm flattered, too!

AR said...

Del: So far (knock on wood) teenagers aren't too bad. We'll see in a few years when it's the girl's turn.
Whimsical: Thanks! My dad was color-blind, hence MM's condition. We think it's kind of neat. My dad would argue about what color something was until you'd go "ok fine, you're right!" It's not a big problem. Most of the time! LOL