Monday, July 14, 2008

Who needs a title?

Ravelry is the most fun time sucker ever! I am starting to ignore other things for my new love, such as laundry and dishes.

I have been knitting, though. I finished the latest baby blanket. Which is a good thing, because the shower was yesterday. They know it's a girl, so let me tell ya, it was a pink shower. My blankie will stand out in that nursery. ;)

I also started a BYOB. I like it. I think I'll have to make some more when this one is done. The downer while starting this bag was my yarn mess. While I was winding the yarn, it had tangles, then my cat decided I was flinging yarn all over the place for her benefit, and ran off with the dangling end. More tangles. Then, the dog kept walking back and forth from the kitchen to the dining room. The only counter the ball winder fits well on is between the two rooms, so she got tangled in my yarn as well.
Fun times (that's sarcasm, folks)
We have been on the go all summer. Graduation, graduation party, Fourth of July, family reunions, baby never ends! The most exciting (to me) event coming up, though is a fiber festival! I can't wait! I am taking $$ this year and spending it, too! I've been saving just for this! Carrie, and our friend Melanie, (who needs a blog) and hopefully Carrie's mom (Cuz she's awesome) are all going, too. I will have my awesome new Ravelry button on. Fun times for real!

Holy Crap! That came out huge. Oh well, I am a proud Ravel-a-holic.

Ok, I am off to knit that bag, and try to decide if it's nice enough to go to the beach this afternoon. Have a great one!