Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sock yarn and stuff

Pardon the terrible pictures, (Click on it to look closer) but I took the stripey ones late last night, right before I ripped the sock out, and rolled the yarn back into a ball.
The pattern is really neat, it's called the Treillage Socks, and I found it on Ravelry. I love the way the twisted knit stitches poke out in such a pretty pattern.
The first yarn I was using is Austermann Step with aloe and jojoba oil in it, and although I love the way it feels and looks, the yarn was just too slippery to do the twisted stitches. Especially on my metal needles.
So I ripped it out and started again today with some loverly yarn Rhoda sent me. It's hand dyed from See Jayne Knit. I think it might be an etsy shop. I love the colors, and the pattern is easier to do without the aloe and jojoba making it too slippery.
Well, SP starts his college classes tomorrow. I keep finding reasons to call him. I knew I'd miss him, but it's almost like I forget he's gone to school, and I keep thinking that kid should be home by now! lol I do think I'll have to dye some yarn maroon and gold. I got a bag, that I use for knitting (of course) and a tshirt with the college name on them. I am so going to be one of those parents that gets all of the stuff in her kid's school colors. At least he's only a couple of hours away, and will be visiting during the school year, and he'll be back for summer.
It's late, Lil AR should be in bed, but I told her she could play some mahJongg before bed, so I'd better get going!
Knit On All!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The day after tomorrow .... yikes help!

Here I go again, life is crazy, so I ignore my blog. I've been knitting and spinning, since my big blister healed up on my hand.

I also painted my Turkish spindle. It is orange now (of course), and has sparkles and little black and orange moons and stars.

Here is a before and after picture, and a close up so you can see the little sparklies better.

I like it! That alpaca (I think - is that what it is Carrie?) is now started on this very spindle. It's so pretty; all black with green and blue shiny stuff in it. I like it, too!

The day after tomorrow is going to be a huge day for me. I have been freaking out all week. SP is going off to college! My little artist is all grown up! High school graduation seemed big, now this!!

The longest we've ever been away from each other is one week. Two times in his life, once last year, and once the year before. I am not worried about him, though. He's always been so independent. How did this happen? No, I mean, this is what we strive for when we decide to have children, right? Oh my gosh, my baby is a grown up! It's a good thing I'm immature enough for both of us. :)

Time to go knit some more, or spin, or pace around hoping for the best!!!!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Fiber Fest Pics and stuff

The fiber fest in Charlevoix was so much fun, but this year I only took two pictures there. The little cuties to the right, and another pic of them that's about the same. lol
I have fiber to show off, though. I got a spindle and superwash merino for my oldest son's girlfriend, and she loved it. I got some wool with tencel and some with bamboo, and alpaca with shiny stuff. I can't find the papers right now so I'm probably spelling things wrong, and I can't remember the shops they came from, but when I post about spinning with them, I'll let ya know where they came from. I also got a turkish spindle which is so cool.
Lil' AR got a pan flute and a llama finger puppet. We left the kids home, though. Carrie, Melanie, and I all needed a Mommy day.
Owie pictures ahead

Today, though, proved the fact that I am the Queen of Dumbasses.
We went out to MIL's house, and over to Crystal Mountain, our local ski resort. They have a couple of big slides set up on the mountain called the
Crystal Coaster.
You ride up the chair lift, then down the slopes on carts. They have brakes to slow you down and to stop. The third time down, as I was totally beating Malcolm (No, you are not supposed to race) I had a WIPEOUT. Just before we started, I said I thought my cart felt funny. The brake didn't feel like the first two carts I had, but down I went. Fast, too! Then, at this huge curve, I slowed down before it, and flew out of my cart, slid down a ways on my bare elbow and knee, and even though I knew better, I put my hand down to stop myself. Then, as I was trying to find my shoe, and get back into my cart, I saw Mal pass me. I still got down right behind him, though. I would totally ride it again....yeah dumbass. I (of course) forgot my camera, but we tried to take some pics of it on the phone, but they weren't too great. Don't forget to click the pics and see 'em big. I don't think I'll be spinning that wool for a while. Man, I hope I can knit, though!
Knit on! (and stay safe - lol)