Sunday, April 29, 2007

We're Back!!!!

The Hubby and I decided spur of the moment, totally spontaneously that we needed a break. So, I called up my best friend Lisa. She had just put in for the time off for her vacation. We had one week to make plans and go!

This is so crazy. We've never just decided to up and go anywhere. Every thing we've ever done has always been planned out completely.

Thanks to Lisa's Mom (My second Mom) and her Step-Dad, we only had to pay for the plane tickets and souvenirs!! We had the best trip ever. It's no secret that we aren't rich. We never could have afforded such a spectacular trip without good friends and family!!

The MIL took care of the kids. Carrie helped out with LD, while the MIL had to finish work after school for a couple of days. Thanks, Carrie!!!!

By the way, Carrie is having a blog contest, you should go check it out!!

Hubby learned a little guitar from Lisa's step-dad. I knitted (a tiny bit, while listening to a Lime and Violet Podcast) by the pool, and Lisa, as usual was on the cell. Hehehehehe (Click for big big pics!)

We ate way, way, way too much! Hubby found four sharks teeth in the Gulf (I found 24) LOL

Carrie and I are going to meet for knitting tomorrow. I'll have to update you about my UFO progress soon. I'll have to show y'all a pic of the soap socks I made for Lisa's Mom and Step-Dad. (Greatest Hosts Ever!!) and the bracelet I made for Rhoda.

Bed time! I'm beat and missing the sun!
Knit on!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What do you mean "A title" ?

I have a cool picture, but I can't show you yet, because I sent it out for a surprise to someone and when she gets it, I'll show it off. :)

So, you get to see this:

What Your Favorite Color Orange Says About You:

Joyful --- Enthusiastic --- Optimistic
Outgoing --- Accepting --- Confident
Loud --- Unruly --- Impulsive
Fun, huh? Also here is a true knitting story that really happened to me.
I was sitting at the computer knitting socks and reading blogs, and my size one bamboo dpn went flying. My Hubby and I were crawling around looking for it and I said "I found it!" and grabbed a toothpick up off the floor. I really thought it was my needle. They are about the same size, except for length. I don't know why there was a toothpick on the floor, though. LOL
I remembered this as I was struggling to knit with size 13 needles (broomsticks). I'm used to size 1 or size 2 needles, but I found some ribbon yarn on sale and I'm doing some super quick scarves for a charity. :)
I will be away from computers for about a week or so. I have stuff to do, but then I'll have lots to show y'all when I get back. Talk at ya again soon ~ maybe the 29th? We'll see!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Yes I am a Lurker

I have actually finished some knitting! I got the LD's hat done. She loves it! I finished it on the night before Easter. Talk about taking forever to post the pics! Geeze!!

I'll be putting the stats on my other blog, as usual. I like this pattern, I may have to make another one, since I can't find my green one! I might have put it away with some winter stuff. Man, I hope so anyway!

I also have some more soap socks done. They are for the get stitchy April Showers Knit Along. Here's a pic of them, and of my bracelet. The soap socks will go on my shop soon. Except for the four that are in the front of the picture. Those are for Mom and MIL for Mother's Day.

The bracelet is made of seed beads. I have one planned out that will say KNIT ON. Now, I just have to find the time to get it made.

Here's a funny story about my bracelet. I was part way done with it, so I took it to our little knit group to finish it. When I held it up, Carrie looked a little shocked, or worried. She thought I spelled KNITTER wrong. Teeeheeeheee. Sorry, Carrie, it was funny. I, of course, am Knittar. Yeah, I'm a dork, but ya'll know you love me!!

And a pic of my new hair color. Sorry my pics are so bad. I wanted to be a photographer when I was small. Haha, that wouldn't have been a very smart career choice. Nah, I could probably learn to do it right.

What a crazy post! I can't get the pics or paragraph pics where I want them, but as usual I am running out of time to mess with it! I have also (thanks to the phenomenon of missing time) become a lurker on blogs! A Lurker!

Knit on!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

We've been crafty!

Thanks for the comments! I owe so many emails. We've been busy crafting, though.

Here are the fimo Creations the kids made.

I forgot to take a pic of the bracelet I made. Remind me for next time. It is knitting related. I've even been knitting a little!

Don't forget to click and see the detail of our craftiness!!
Happy Easter to all who celebrate it!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Jaywalkers Part 2

First off, if you have left me comments, which you know I love, I will be responding as I usually do. It's been crazy around here, and the kids have taken over the computer! They're home for Spring Break, and I've been having to fight for this machine. LOL

I've been lurking on my regular blogs, but I really love leaving comments, too. Where the heck does the time go??

Yay for a finished UFO! I will be posting all of the stats for these on my other blog soon. Click the pic for a bigger view. I love the Jaywalker pattern. I need to send a pic to Grumperina for her gallery, too. There are tons of pictures there.

These are part two, because they are my second pair of jaywalker socks. Here are the first ones. I wear them a lot!! I was even thinking of making some more with the new sock yarn I got, but I found this pattern. I think it looks neat. It is toe-up, and I like top down better, but I think I'll try it out. Plus, Shimmer Socks sounds cool. LOL

I'm also doing the get stitchy knit along for April. I think I'll do some soap socks for Mother's Day gifts. Maybe some wash cloths, too. I don't know, I've been so busy, but I do want something hand knit to give to Mom, and MIL.

The kids want me to get out the Fimo. I used to make a lot of stuff from that clay, but now I'm consumed with knitting. I guess since it's cold and wet out, the Fimo is a good idea. At least it'll keep them busy.

Well, I promise, if I usually email you I will get to it soon! :) Thanks for all of the nice comments and compliments. I'll be by to visit y'all at your blogs asap, too!!