Sunday, November 25, 2007

The gift knitting is done

I felted all six pairs of Fiber Trend Clogs today, and let me tell ya, Paton's Merino shrinks fast! Luckily I went up to the laundry room and checked them earlier than I had planned. They were done, and the size small I made for my mom look tiny! She does have little feet, so I hope they fit!

I also got a pile of soap socks, and a bunch of dishcloths knit, too. I'll have to show pics after I gift them, though, just in case a recipient is reading. ;)

I took pictures of the before felted, and merged them with pictures of the after felting. Fulling, shrinking, whatever! All y'all know what I mean. If you look at the little lamb on the slippers, you can see the difference in size. It would have been easier if I had taken the pics from the same distance, but in some I got closer, and with the camera problems I've been having, I say these pics are a-ok!

I need a new camera again! I am a machine-breaker! Really, I shouldn't even be touching the computer! On Friday, I killed the blow dryer, on Saturday I killed the mixers, and today, I broke the tv. Again. *sob* Thank goodness for a hubby that fixes things. I can't break the computer, though, he needs to do some more homework. It's hard getting on this machine, since he started college classes, but I know it'll be worth it when he's doing a job he loves. Especially if it involves extra money for yarn. hehe

Ok, gotta run. Hubby The Student has work to do.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!!!!
ps I posted the stats on the clogs here. :)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, all!!!!

Hope this link works, and this one, too! I just had to make one more. Bet you can't guess whose faces these are. Hint: all four of these elves live in my house. :) They are way tooooooo funny!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Gift knitting

I've been knitting. Gift knitting, and gift knitting, and I still have more gift knitting to do. :) But, I love it.
So far, for Christmas, I have knit 5 1/2 pairs of fiber trend clogs. I haven't felted any yet. Hehe. Maybe I'll get to that when I finish this last pair.
I got some yarn that's white with little splashes of purple, blue, yellow, and green to go around the pinwheel blanket. I'm giving it away to LD's friend's new baby (sister?) in the Spring. She's also getting the cute little pink hat and booties. (Pink, so yeah, hopefully it's a girl) I'd put them on a boy, but you know, some parents might not like the pink/sparkly booties for their son.
I also got dishcloth cotton in Christmasy colors to do dishcloths for teachers, friends, etc. Everybody loves dishcloths, even if you have a dishwasher. Not that I have one, but, Santa, if you're reading, I'd really, really, really like a dishwasher, and maybe a new camera that works with a darn!
Today is my first knitting class of the school year. I actually ran into a student while looking at yarn in the big city. My friend Mel and I went shopping this weekend, and you know the saying shop til ya drop? Yeah, that was me. I was worn out! I have a few boys in my class again. I love it! The kids are so excited. There was a little mix up, though. The sign up sheet went out saying grades 1-3, instead of 3-6. Ooooof! Luckily the couple of 2nd graders who are signed up already know something about knitting.
Well, if I want to get anything in the house done before class this afternoon, I'd better get myself away from this machine!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend. Knit on!!!!!!!!
P.S. Oh, yeah, remember the little blue hat and booties? I got to hold the baby I made them for, and he was wearing them. He's so so so so so so cute!!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Title? What title?

You wouldn't believe my darn camera. Yeah, I know where it is, it's in time out! Bad camera! I do love it, it's a good camera (most of the time), but it has one awful design feature, the batteries go in the same place as the memory card. Since I take the card out and put it back a lot, the door has worn out, and doesn't shut all of the way, so the batteries don't make a full connection, and it won't stay on. Even duct tape is ceasing to help. So, these pics might look crappy, cuz they are from my old camera. Time for another new camera? Ugh!
But, being the good blogger that I am, I promised to take some pictures of my spinning. Every one's clamoring, you know.
Actually only one person asked to see some of my spinning pictures, but a girl can dream. hehe
Let's see, I have clogs, and yarn for more clogs in a couple of those pics. These babies come out huge, I can't wait to felt them, but I have two or three, and a half more pairs to knit. I might make some for LD with the Paton's that I hand-dyed. It's in the pic with little sheepie pins on the balls. There's my hand spun, too. Seven balls of stuff, two spindles with the colorful wool in the works, and one cd spindle with some wool for a sample for my spinning class that's coming up. LD's teacher ordered wool from Amy, and sent me home with a chunk of it.
So, who thinks my sick kid will let me go check out my bloglines? Hah, I don't think so. LD is home again with a sore throat, sounding all croupy. She was home yesterday, and I'm missing knitting with the girls this morning. Hope you guys are having fun, Mel, and Carrie! She seems well enough to yell "Mom, come here!" every five minutes. I guess it's going around her school, though. At least it's not strep, or something worse. I actually had to interrupt that sentence to go turn a cd on for her. Ahhh ~ the joys of motherhood.
I guess I'll go read some more of the chapter book we're on, and knit clogs, and hopefully get Little Sickie to take a nap, so I can go read some blogs. Sure! Wish me luck and knit-on, all!!!