Wednesday, July 12, 2006

One More Pair

As Whimsical Knitting says: Sock knitting is just fun!! Yep, it is!

These socks are for me, as most of the socks I knit are. The pattern is hedera lace socks , from (surprise) knitty dot com. I really like their patterns. They're free. That's good for me! I started this pattern once before, but then I switched to the falling leaves socks. I knitted them for my best friend. I might do the same thing to this pattern. I'm knitting them with my own hand dyed yarn, on size 1 bamboos. The color is very spring like, so I think one of these patterns is perfect for this yarn. I even swatched!! Sort-of. Gosh I'm a lazy girl!

I have to get off my duff and set up a shop. I have 8 or 9 skeins of hand dyed sock yarn, and some jewelry I made. I just have to do it. This skein was dyed a long time ago; just for me. I guess I'm feeling a little selfish today.

My legs are so tired. We took another bike ride, with the kids, the hubby, and the MIL. It was fun. We estimate that we went about 10 miles!!!! Doesn't that sound really far?

LD and I also drove to my friend's earlier. Her daughter is the same age as LD, but a lot smaller. We dropped off some hand-me-downs, and picked some up from my friend's little sister who is bigger that LD. We love hand-me-downs. Really, more money for yarn, right? Haha!! While the kids played we chatted. I love to just sit and talk. (See, lazy) I think the two of us might go get our noses pierced together. Man, that'll take money, too.

LD got her Disney Magazine today, and about fainted because it's full of the Pirates. She is crushing hard on Orlando. Since the first movie actually. She's funny now, but in a few years, oh geeze!!

Well, gotta go clean up the kitchen, then I can knit on those socks!! Yeah!!


alliesw said...

I made the Hedera socks, and I love them. It's a fun pattern, though I have to admit it takes a bit more concentration than I usually want to give socks!

stacey said...

That yarn is gorgeous!! How do you dye? I tried Kook-Aid a couple of times. I liked it. But the colors never came out that vibrant! crush is still on Johnny Depp since 21 Jump St. I'm thirty this year!!

del said...

The sock yarn is a lovely color--makes me want to cast on socks although I'm TRYING to be good & stick to 1 WIP. Mmmm hmmmm.

10 miles DOES sound far!