Monday, December 31, 2007

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Gifties

Well, this knit blog is becoming a brag blog. I was totally spoiled this Christmas!

The dark purply, black, gold; named Gothic Moon came from Terra Bella Spun. Isn't Gothic Moon an awesome name? It's merino, border leicester locks, mohair, and glitz. SOFT! I started spinning it, and have a tiny bit done.

The pinky, red came from Lone Star Arts. It's called Raspberry Sherbert, and it's merino. Soft, stuff, it's going to be so pretty.

The spindles came from Butterfly Girl Designs. I just had to have these ones, cuz they are dalmatian jasper. I had a dalmatian when I was growing up.

My MIL got me all of these. Wasn't that a wicked awesome gift? She's nice!

On the spindle is a bit of fiber that came from one of these sellers. I just stuck it on the spindle after opening gifts, and didn't even see where it came from, or what kind of fiber it was. hehe, I just needed to spin! The little keychain skein came from one of them, too, but since I just stuck it right on my keys, I don't know which seller. Patience, what's that?

Hubby got me a DS and two games, even though the new camera was supposed to be my Christmas gift. LD got me my own Webkin, so I can have my own account. His name is Wyatt. Cute little lion. hehe

I finished my socks! The day after Christmas, though. Oh well, I can wear them on New Year's Eve, at our last Christmas party. Hubby's sister and her hubby and kids, and hubby's step sister and brother and families will all be there. The kids did a name drawing, so they'll each get one more gift, and give one more gift. I have a pair of slippers to felt before then to go to the 15 yr old cousin with some sleep pants.

Unfortunately, my mom's slippers were too small. All the rest fit, and were a big hit. I just have to knit my mom a new pair. And remember to give my brother his hat.

I also have to knit Hubby's aunt a pair of socks. She hinted a while ago that she really wants some, and when she opened her gift, she was like "Where are my handknit socks?" Her birthday is the 30th, so they'll be a late bday gift.

The kids were way spoiled, too. So was Hubby. I found him a bunch of Red Sox stuff. Cups (stuffed with his fave candies), and a license plate, and a watch. He loves the Red Sox.

I hope everyone in blogland was spoiled, and happily surrounded by loving family, and knitting goodies, like I was! Hopefully, I can get to the blogs and read what everyone has to say about their holiday celebrations.

Time to go knit, and let LD check on her WebKin family. :)

Knit On!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's almost Christmas!

Happy Holidays! I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve! I hope I'm ready, and I haven't forgotten anything. Hubby is getting one IOU for a gift, since the thing I ordered him didn't come in. I think everyone else's gifts are here and wrapped. We'll just have to see if Santa shows up, and fills the stockings and leaves a gift for each kid.

I really want to wear my new socks tomorrow. I'm knitting them with some Tofutsies that Rhoda sent to me. Right now the gusset is cruising along on the second sock. I (of course) changed the pattern a bit. It's the Tidal Wave sock pattern, but I continued the patterning down the foot, instead of just on the leg. I always make such a short leg (3 pattern repeats instead of 5) that I wanted the pretty to go on longer. The bottom of the foot is stockinette, of course, but the top keeps going lacy until I get to the toe.

I love this yarn. It is a little splitty, but not enough to bug me. It's soft, and since it has some fiber from shrimp and crab shells, I can't resist! hehe

The wind is wild and crazy right now, and the lights flickered once, so I'm afraid the power will go out. I don't want to stop posting, though, now that I finally have my hands on the computer.

We had our last little knit-in of the year at the third grade class last Wednesday. The kids are so into knitting, it's great! LD handknit three gifts this year for her teacher, and two friends. I didn't take pictures before she gifted them, though. Ugh! What kind of proud Momma am I? I didn't get any pictures of the dishcloths and soap socks I gifted, either. Jeeshe!

Every Wednesday after lunch, the kids in the third grade can stay inside for recess, and knit. The teacher, her friend, and I are reaping another generation of knit-wits. After recess, the teacher reads out loud, and the kids can keep knitting, if they listen to the story. They just love it. One girl has knit a mitten, and started the second, and one little guy made himself a scarf. We'll continue after the new year, and we're going to have a spinning lesson. They are going to make spindles out of cds, and the wool is already here, ready and waiting. Fun stuff, lucky little kids!

I still have to felt the last pair of slippers I made as a gift, but they aren't going anywhere until New Year's Eve, so I have time. Other than that, I guess I'm ready for Christmas. I'd better be, anyway!!

Well, time to go work on those socks.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, and knit-tacular New Year!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Quick Post

I have some pictures to show off.

Well, here are some hats. The LD wearing her hat, pre and post shrinking, and I'm wearing my hat, pre and post. I also made my brother one, in bright colors, because that's what he wanted. I also doubled the yarn, and left the braids off. We'll see if he likes it, or if it's too girly for him. If it didn't turn out the way he'd hoped, there are a bunch of people who want it. My eyes looked really dorky so I blackened the lenses of my glasses. Gotta love photoshop. hehe

One more handmade gift. Another pair of Fiber Trend Clogs. Yes, I said I was done, I lied. :) I just have to shrink these ones, then I'm done. Everyone needs warm feet! I also have some pretty dishcloths from my friends, Carrie and Melanie. We did a dishcloth exchange, and I didn't take pictures before giving the ones I made away! There's some sock yarn I got with a gift certificate to the yarn shop. Thanks, Mel!! And a pile of yarn Rhoda sent me. Isn't she sweet? I already started a pair of socks for myself.
Like I said, quick post! Laundry, and sock knitting are calling.
I hope everyone is having a great holiday season! I can't believe Christmas is almost here!
Knit on!!!!

Friday, December 07, 2007

My ears get cold!

I'm back!

For a second, anyway. It has been crazy busy around here, but I did have time to knit Little Diva a new hat. She said her ears get cold on the playground.
Her teacher and I talk about knitting, and yarn everyday, so when she heard I was looking for an earflap pattern she pointed me toward the Knit One, Felt Too book. It has a really cool Peruvian Style Hat pattern that looked just right. And I had a bunch of bits of Paton's Merino that would work, so, I started it on Wednesday, (after knitting class - more on that later) and felted it last night. I'd show a pic of it all shrunk, but LD wore it to school today.
:) No cold ears on the playground anymore! I (of course) tweaked the pattern, cuz that's the way I do. On the chart, there is a section that looks like I's, so I changed them to A's. It's hard to see them, because I did them in dark green, on a dark purple background, but they're there!
Here are some pics of the hat pre-shrinking, I'll show some of it all shrunk up, soon.
I am nervously waiting for my new camera to arrive. I need it before the 12th! LD has her Christmas Program, and I have to take pics! I'm also running around like a freak, worrying that I am not ready for the Holidays. I need to go shopping! They're speeding up, and I'm not ready!
Sorry I haven't answered any emails, or commented on many blogs. So, thank you, everyone, for all of your wonderful comments. It's a madhouse around here, I'm just lucky that I got the computer long enough to post this. lol
Now, that hat pattern was so cool, that I cast-on one for myself, I know I should be doing the housework, but that yarn is calling!!!
Knit On!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The gift knitting is done

I felted all six pairs of Fiber Trend Clogs today, and let me tell ya, Paton's Merino shrinks fast! Luckily I went up to the laundry room and checked them earlier than I had planned. They were done, and the size small I made for my mom look tiny! She does have little feet, so I hope they fit!

I also got a pile of soap socks, and a bunch of dishcloths knit, too. I'll have to show pics after I gift them, though, just in case a recipient is reading. ;)

I took pictures of the before felted, and merged them with pictures of the after felting. Fulling, shrinking, whatever! All y'all know what I mean. If you look at the little lamb on the slippers, you can see the difference in size. It would have been easier if I had taken the pics from the same distance, but in some I got closer, and with the camera problems I've been having, I say these pics are a-ok!

I need a new camera again! I am a machine-breaker! Really, I shouldn't even be touching the computer! On Friday, I killed the blow dryer, on Saturday I killed the mixers, and today, I broke the tv. Again. *sob* Thank goodness for a hubby that fixes things. I can't break the computer, though, he needs to do some more homework. It's hard getting on this machine, since he started college classes, but I know it'll be worth it when he's doing a job he loves. Especially if it involves extra money for yarn. hehe

Ok, gotta run. Hubby The Student has work to do.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!!!!
ps I posted the stats on the clogs here. :)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, all!!!!

Hope this link works, and this one, too! I just had to make one more. Bet you can't guess whose faces these are. Hint: all four of these elves live in my house. :) They are way tooooooo funny!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Gift knitting

I've been knitting. Gift knitting, and gift knitting, and I still have more gift knitting to do. :) But, I love it.
So far, for Christmas, I have knit 5 1/2 pairs of fiber trend clogs. I haven't felted any yet. Hehe. Maybe I'll get to that when I finish this last pair.
I got some yarn that's white with little splashes of purple, blue, yellow, and green to go around the pinwheel blanket. I'm giving it away to LD's friend's new baby (sister?) in the Spring. She's also getting the cute little pink hat and booties. (Pink, so yeah, hopefully it's a girl) I'd put them on a boy, but you know, some parents might not like the pink/sparkly booties for their son.
I also got dishcloth cotton in Christmasy colors to do dishcloths for teachers, friends, etc. Everybody loves dishcloths, even if you have a dishwasher. Not that I have one, but, Santa, if you're reading, I'd really, really, really like a dishwasher, and maybe a new camera that works with a darn!
Today is my first knitting class of the school year. I actually ran into a student while looking at yarn in the big city. My friend Mel and I went shopping this weekend, and you know the saying shop til ya drop? Yeah, that was me. I was worn out! I have a few boys in my class again. I love it! The kids are so excited. There was a little mix up, though. The sign up sheet went out saying grades 1-3, instead of 3-6. Ooooof! Luckily the couple of 2nd graders who are signed up already know something about knitting.
Well, if I want to get anything in the house done before class this afternoon, I'd better get myself away from this machine!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend. Knit on!!!!!!!!
P.S. Oh, yeah, remember the little blue hat and booties? I got to hold the baby I made them for, and he was wearing them. He's so so so so so so cute!!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Title? What title?

You wouldn't believe my darn camera. Yeah, I know where it is, it's in time out! Bad camera! I do love it, it's a good camera (most of the time), but it has one awful design feature, the batteries go in the same place as the memory card. Since I take the card out and put it back a lot, the door has worn out, and doesn't shut all of the way, so the batteries don't make a full connection, and it won't stay on. Even duct tape is ceasing to help. So, these pics might look crappy, cuz they are from my old camera. Time for another new camera? Ugh!
But, being the good blogger that I am, I promised to take some pictures of my spinning. Every one's clamoring, you know.
Actually only one person asked to see some of my spinning pictures, but a girl can dream. hehe
Let's see, I have clogs, and yarn for more clogs in a couple of those pics. These babies come out huge, I can't wait to felt them, but I have two or three, and a half more pairs to knit. I might make some for LD with the Paton's that I hand-dyed. It's in the pic with little sheepie pins on the balls. There's my hand spun, too. Seven balls of stuff, two spindles with the colorful wool in the works, and one cd spindle with some wool for a sample for my spinning class that's coming up. LD's teacher ordered wool from Amy, and sent me home with a chunk of it.
So, who thinks my sick kid will let me go check out my bloglines? Hah, I don't think so. LD is home again with a sore throat, sounding all croupy. She was home yesterday, and I'm missing knitting with the girls this morning. Hope you guys are having fun, Mel, and Carrie! She seems well enough to yell "Mom, come here!" every five minutes. I guess it's going around her school, though. At least it's not strep, or something worse. I actually had to interrupt that sentence to go turn a cd on for her. Ahhh ~ the joys of motherhood.
I guess I'll go read some more of the chapter book we're on, and knit clogs, and hopefully get Little Sickie to take a nap, so I can go read some blogs. Sure! Wish me luck and knit-on, all!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm Back!

Time was against me, and then, the computer was gone for some work! Hubby (who is celebrating for the Red Sox ~ big time!) started some college classes, and the computer needed some more ram, and some new programs, but when we added all of that, the computer got wonky. I guess it had something to do with bitmaps, or some other computer stuff. I don't know what, all I do know is the computer was acting weird, it was gone, and now it's back, and working!
I have absolutely no idea what's been going on with all my fave bloggers, so I have a lot of catching up to do.
I did get some knitting done, though. I have some dishcloths to go in the gift pile, and I made myself some fiber trends clogs. I still have to felt them, though. I had such a great time knitting them, that I've decided they will make great Christmas presents. I do not want to think about that, yet, but if I'm making gifts, I'd better get started asap!
I'm making my mom a pair that are the opposite colors of mine. Her cuffs and soles are the rosewood color, and the uppers are brown. Her feet are so tiny (yay!) that the prefelted pair almost fit me now. The ones for me are huge! I also got yarn to make some for my MIL, and SP is going to buy yarn for some for his girlfriend, and his other Grandma.
Lil' Diva and I have a Halloween party at her school tonight. We're going to be Hippies. Since the clothes for it are already here, it's an easy one. I just borrowed some clothes from my boys, and LD has one of my broomstick skirts and a tie dyed shirt. I will definitely post pics. You have to see LD's afro. She wanted one so bad, and I finally figured out why. She loves SingStar, and she sings "I Will Survive" every time she plays it. Well, the singer (Gloria something with a G?) has a fro, and LD loves her! When she first put it on, she kept singing the song. Funny girl.
Thank you for the nice comments you left. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you. Yes, LarjMarj, MM was a suspect in the missing hat. All of the kids were, they really like it. lol Lucky them that I found it.
I guess I've rambled enough. Time to go catch up on some blog reading and commenting! Yay!!!
Have a great Monday and Knit-On!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Guys

Here are my guys. SP and the Hubby posing for a senior picture. I had to put a pic of my other guy, MM, on here, too. I finally found my green hat. I couldn't find it all Summer. The last time I'd seen it was in March, and when I got out a jacket, since the weather was turning cold, there it was in the sleeve! You can't see his dark brown eyes in the pic, but they look just like his daddy's. :)
I owe two people a meme, and I promise I'll do it someday! Really!!
Today, Little Diva and I went to a pumpkin carving extravaganza that Carrie and her hubby organized. What fun! The local famous pumpkin carving guy was there, and he gave a demonstration before we all got started on the pumpkins. He carves a bunch of the huge 800-1000 pound pumpkins every year. Very cool!
Then my best-best friend and her sister and I went out for lunch. (Yeah, at like 4 pm) hehe Sorry, Carrie, but I saw the baby, and she's so cute! And getting big. Penny told me not to be teasing Aunt Carrie, but I just can't help it.
See, Carrie's best-best friend is my best-best friend's sister. We are quite a lucky group. I was thinking about how special our friendships are after lunch. Penny and Lisa have lived in many places, but the relationships they made with Carrie and me are special. I really feel like they are more like sisters to me than friends. Whenever I count my blessings, they are right high up there on the list. I could get all mushy about it, but I'm just too full, and tired right now. lol
I have been knitting on the second pinwheel blanket, and some dishcloths. So exciting, right? I've been spinning that gorgeous superwash Carrie got me for my birthday, too. It looks so neat. Now, where is that darn camera? I think I'm about ready to spend my birthday $, too. I want wool!
Speaking of wool, I have some exciting news. Besides teaching the knit classes to the kids, I will be teaching all of the third graders to spin! They will be making their own cd spindles, and the teacher is ordering wool. It's going to be fun!! I can't wait to start. It's going to be pretty soon, I think.
I've got to plan out my time better, though. Hubby has gone back to school to get some art learning, so the computer is in use a lot! I don't mind, though. This is going to be great for him, and in the long run for all of us. Maybe there will be lots of $ for more wool! hehe
Well, as usual, I sat down here planning to write an entertaining, but organized post, and rambled. Oh well, when I find that extra time I'm always dreaming of, I'll do something great!
I'm off to spin!!
Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dancing, spinning, knitting....

The Homecoming Dance was attended by my SP and his girlfriend! This is big news here. SP is a homebody. He usually skips all of that school stuff. I'm so glad they went. Look how cute they looked!!

Here's another picture from the Senior Pictures taken a while ago. We look so happy, awwww! I think this is one I'll have to print out and frame, along with the one of him and his dad, posing in front of the same gate. I'll have to post that one sometime, it's neat.

I've been spinning, and knitting! I have some new yarn. I think I might knit a hat out of some two plied merino I spun. It turned out pretty nice, if I do say so myself. No pics right now, though. My darn camera is having issues, and it's just such a hassle to try to mess with it.

I'm working on another pinwheel baby blanket, this time out of cotton-ease. Three of the discontinued colors, blue, light blue, and mint. I think it'll be really cute, it's so soft, too. I finished another pair of booties, and a hat for a baby. I love these patterns. The set I just did is pink. One of LD's friend's mommas is having another baby in the spring, and the news got me in the knitting mood.

I also made a soap sock on special order for another etsy seller. She has a really neat blog, too.

So, I have been so busy, I have once again turned into a lurker on all y'all's blogs. Lurking and looking at fiber to spend birthday $ on! I haven't spent any yet, but I have seen alot of stuff I like! It's so weird, when I have $, I don't spend it right away, but when I'm broke, I spend like there's no tomorrow. ??

I haven't answered any comments or emails, either! I am so naughty! I really do appreciate all of the birthday wishes, and the nice comments, I'm just a busy, naughty girl. Hehe, wonder what kind of freaks will land here from those words?

I also got the most adorable birthday card, handmade by Rhoda! I'll try to add a pic later. (Camera's a butt, remember?)

Gotta go get ready for work. Hope everyone has a great week! I'll be lurking!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

What a great weekend!

First of all, thank you all so much for the birthday wishes!! I must have been very good this last year, because I got lots of great gifts. :)

I think Hubby must have taken some spoiling lessons from Becka's Hubby. He spoils her real good. My Hubby spoiled me real good this year, too. He didn't know what to get me for my birthday. He knew I wanted wool, of course, but I never sent him any links of where to get the stuff, so he struck out on his own and came up with a different idea.

I got a gift certificate for a fancy shmancy spa here, to get a hair-do, and a massage, and a manicure. Of course, I'll ruin the manicure as soon as I leave, so I'm getting a pedi instead. Mmmm, I can't wait! What a smart guy. That wasn't even it, he also got me a binder and plastic sleeves to keep patterns in, so I don't have to re-print everything over and over, and the final season of Charmed on dvd. Whatta guy!! :) See, I'm so spoiled!!

Then, my mom got me a little family prayer thing on a mirror, and a jewelry box that looks like a Faberge egg. My MIL got me tanning minutes, and $ (for wool) and Hubby's aunt got me a certificate for a class on lamp work beads (and $ for wool). I do need another craft, don't I? lol I've been wanted to learn bead making like that for a long time. Torches and glass, heck yeah!! I'm going to go to the class with Hubby's cousin. It should be so fun! And, his other cousin and his wife gave me more $ for wool!! I feel so spoiled! I hope it doesn't go to my head! I'm already starting to feel like a brat. Hehe, just kidding.

The most important thing was that we had a nice family gathering (with cake)! I love seeing everyone, and getting to share my special day with them.

Once again, thank you all for the birthday wishes. I love feeling special, and being a busy mom of three, it doesn't happen enough!

I owe so many emails, and I even owe Becka an answer to a meme that she tagged me with. I'll get to it, I promise, but Hubby took the day off and the kids get home in 3 1/2 hours! We need to squeeze as much as we can into it! We never get to see each other alone during the day!

Have a great (gasp) October!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

I love Fridays!

Yay, today has already been wonderful. The two kids who can talk first thing in the morning (SP doesn't do mornings well) wished me happy birthday, and Hubby called from work with birthday wishes. I got cards from friends at school, and LD made me a picture, and a card, and a bracelet.
We had to meet for knitting, even though it isn't Wednesday, and Carrie brought homemade Salsa to go with the yummy chips (and oreos) Melanie brought. They had gifts and cards. Thank you, guys, I am so glad you're my friends!!
I got some fiber from Carrie, she knows I love this stuff! It's from Amy's shop. Check out the colors; just poifect for me!
Carrie also put up a birthday post for me! Is that not the sweetest thing? Special things that happened on September 28th. Cool!
I know another person turning a year older today! Amy Boogie's Baby! Of course, she's a big girl now, not a baby. There are other knitters out there with birthdays today, too, I know it. So, I hope you all have great one's also!!
Yay for birthdays and great friends!
p.s. that spindle is one I got from Amy's shop, but I painted it orange. Don't you think that new fiber will be gorgeous spun up on that baby?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday ~ Monday!

Ok, Melanie! I'm posting! It's actually nice to hear that people are missing my exciting life, and want to see what's going on. lol Just kidding. There are things happening, that's why I haven't posted lately.

Here is the lovely view of what the street behind my house has been looking like. Urgh! Construction work. The really sad thing is the front street wasn't looking much better. We couldn't walk to school without tromping through deep holes dug in the street, and construction guys from who knows where.

I have a little proof that I've been knitting, too. Dishcloths. Thanks for the pattern, Carrie and Melanie. :) I'm not going to show the cute little baby hat, though, since it needs a trip to the frog pond. Somehow, I moved the cord while I was doing the magic loop, and the increase rows moved.

Here's what happened last Monday. I dropped LD off at school, and when I got home there were a bunch of construction guys at the end of my driveway. I had to drive through the yard to get into the driveway, and they were close enough to talk to me. They watched me park, and dig through the car for stuff, and walk into the house. Not one of them said a word. So, the next time I came out, the road was gone! My mini van was stuck in the driveway! Thanks for the warning, guys! When Hubby got home from work, he got the van out, but it scraped on the bottom of the van on the driveway. It's ok, though.

So, we parked it out front, then the next day, I got up, and there are no parking signs all up and down the street. Great! I parked at that darn green building behind our house, and walked. So, I go get my kids, and their cousins from school, and in my driveway, there is a huge truck. I mean, HUGE! When they moved it, they tore two branches out of the tree, which didn't make LD very happy. Then, the guys working out there knocked down a wire that is hooked to our house. They came and asked if they could fix it. Um...yeah! You'd better!

It is time for the construction to be over! I seriously needed a girls' night out. Luckily for me, a friend decided it was time for her annual b*tch fest. We had a blast, just don't listen to Carrie about me and the dance floor, I am totally G-rated. Hehe, most of the time! And, don't let her fool you, she brought some amazing home made Salsa with those chips! You can listen to what she said about how I looked. Thanks, sweetie! ;) We all looked great, especially Carrie, and what's more important is that we had a wonderful time!! I should go check out that band's site and see if they have any pics of us gorgeous women. I saw one of them snapping a camera. *blush*

Ok, enough b*tchin!

I have another senior pic to show off. I love this one in black and white. What an artsy guy! I also told him and his GF that I was posting pics of them, since I had to drive him to see her at college. No this isn't the same girl from before, they are still friends, but he has another love. What a doll she is, too! They've been friends for quite a while, but while she was in Sweden as an exchange student kind of thing, they started chatting on line, and pretty soon, I had to ask if they were more than friends.

This lovely girl knits! I gave her a spindle and some wool the night before she went to school, and on her next visit home she had a scarf with her hand spun wool in it. I need to get a picture, it's as cute as she is.

I have about 300 senior pics to go through, so I can find my faves, and his faves, and the Hubby's faves, and the grands' faves, and have some printed out. It just seems like such a ginormous job. I seriously need to get some great yarn and knit a thank you to the photographer, too!

I should get to work on this neglected house, but Crazy Aunt Flo has come for an early visit, and she's in a bad mood! I just feel like reading and knitting all day. I just might, too!

This was quite a long post. No wonder I don't have time to do the stuff I should! I'm too busy doing the fun stuff. Gotta run, I have a good book and some frogging calling my name!

Hope everyone has a great week!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Time Flies!

Nine years went by in a flash! Next year all three of my kids will be in the double digits! Lil' Diva got her Google Webkin this morning. She wanted one so bad! We searched all of the stores that sell Webkinz, and in the crazy way the world works, we finally found a Google in a hardware store! She said it was the best birthday present ever!!

Field trip, and then cupcakes at school today, then two parties tomorrow, and a sleep over! So, that means, I have to get busy and do some housework!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!! :)

p.s. this is weird, but when I put the photo in the center, you can't clicky-to-make-biggy. If anyone knows why, let me know how to fix it, please. ;)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Bad A$$ Spinner

Well, we went and got the Senior pictures done for SP. It was a fun day, but it sure made me feel old!! We'll have the disc of pics later this afternoon. I can't wait to see them. Here's a fave shot of mine, off Hubby's camera phone.
We went to the old State Hospital. It's mostly beautiful old buildings, but they are restoring them, so we had to find the creepiest ones to take the pics by. There was this old fence, all curlie-ques and creepy, and I can't wait to see how those ones turned out. We didn't get any inside shots, unfortunately. We did skulk through one of the buildings, though. Very neat!

Of course I brought my spinning and made Hubby take pics of me in weird (illegal) places. What good is a blog if you don't embarrass yourself, right?
Thanks for all the wonderful comments you all leave! I swear when I get a chance, I'm going to answer them!
Also, today is Carrie's birthday! So go tell her to have a Happy one!! Plus, she's having a little contest on her blog.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Thank God It's Friday!

I always fool myself every summer. I think when school starts, I'll be less busy. Hehe, yeah right. I'm more busy than ever, but the kids are back in school! Yay!
The first day pic. Aren't they cute? I'm not sure how they got to be so big. A senior, a freshman, and a third grader. When did that happen? And how? Poor SP, little (6 foot) night owl. He's not a morning person.
Knitting and spinning have been going on, but there's not much to show off. Or maybe I'm just too busy (or lazy) to take pics!
Have a great weekend, y'all!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hand dyeing yarn

Lil' AR, aka the Little Diva (LD), and I dyed some yarn last weekend. It turned out so nice! She has cast on for a little purse, and I have some plans for the two blue skeins I dyed.

What fun. I am so happy to be passing the love of fiber along to the next generation.

We went to school last night for ice cream and to meet the third grade teacher LD will have this year. Of course, we have known her forever, since she was my teacher, and the teacher for LD's two big brothers when they were smaller. She is a knitter! Yay, knitters!

She asked if I could come in and demonstrate the drop spindle for her class later in the year when they read a story about wool from sheep to sweater, or something. I said definitely!

She will also be continuing with the knitting in her classroom, since it was a big hit in past years. I'll be doing the afterschool classes again, too. As long as there is $ for supplies, I'm there!

Well, here is my two plied yarn. It really looks like yarn. Thanks so much to Carrie, for getting me hooked. I've had the stuff for a year, but I just couldn't get it. Now, I think I've got it!

I love the plying part, it's fun. Now, I have to get back to work. There really is truth in the saying a "clean house is a sign of a broken computer"! Hehe

Oh, yeah, I have to say Melanie, another knitting friend was with us when Carrie was showing me how to two-ply and she was just as confused as I was at first, but she isn't a spinner (YET) LOL

Thank you all for the nice comments!!

p.s. My camera date is all messed up, so if you click and see the pics bigger, ignore the date. 2002, Jeeshe!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Friday, August 24, 2007

Dye Wool, Dye! ;)

I still haven't been knitting. I've been dyeing. :)
This is the white merino roving I got from Amy, and I split it into two half pound bundles, then went crazy with the acid dyes. I love the little jellyroll it made in the pan! So cute.

Then I had lots more mixed up dye left so I did a couple of skeins of white merino yarn. When I put them in the sink, after dyeing, they were both only dark bluish-purple, but when I opened the skeins up, all of the colors were there. So pretty, like tie-dye.

I also got my blue roving spun up, and today Carrie showed me how to ply it. Funny story: We're sitting in her dining room and I said "Ok, show me how to ply these, I'm ready", and she went to grab a spindle, I was like "What do you need a spindle for?" Seriously! "You're joking, right?" She said. Hehehe, really! I've heard everyone talking about plying, and I just didn't get it. Duh! It's not so magical when someone explains the simplicity of it. I didn't know you spin the two singles together. Urgh! *slaps forehead* At least I spun it the right way and didn't unspin! Then she says "You're spinning it the wrong way!" I even believed her for a second.

I'll show off some pics of the two-ply yarn sometime. I made yarn!!

Ok, lastly Hubby and I had our 15th year anniversary Wednesday. I told him I just wanted to go out on a date. Just the two of us, no kids, but he got me presents! I Tinkerbell shirt, a Dirty Dancing CD, and lots of chocolate! Does that man know me, or what? Then his mom gave us a gift certificate to a nice restaurant here, and is taking the kids! So I get the date, too.
Thanks so much for all of the nice comments on the face painting and everything! I'm so glad to have made such nice friends!

Monday, August 13, 2007

What we've been up to

To see what we did Friday, go to Carrie's. Fun stuff! LOL

Saturday we went to a charity event, where I painted faces for donations. This little mime had her face done three times, but I only took pics of this. And, by the way, Carrie and her Hubby did a carwash to raise $ for the charity. They did super great, and I believe that's what pushed our team into the number one money raising spot! Very Cool!

Then we went to my brother's, and the kids played in the pool until it was dark. What fun! I got to visit with my sister and her husband from down state. Her husband's brother was there with his wife, too. We started talking about knitting. She knits sweaters for all of the kids in their school. She also knits hats with the school team name on them. So cool! She and her husband drove their motorcycles down to visit with the family.

When my brother was talking about the Tiger's, my Hubby asked if they were scrolling scores on the bottom of the screen. He needed to hear how the Red Sox were doing, and it turns out My Sis's sister-in-law grew up
near Boston, and is as much of a fan(fanatical, super-fan) as my
Hubby is. So, then they started talking about the Red Sox. So funny.

But the big news here today is "I got the fiber and spindle I bought from Amy!". Yay! Amy sent me the most gorgeous colors. Soft mooshiness of wooly goodness. I am nervous about dyeing the merino, but I am going to do it! She also sent the most adorable little sheep button that is orange! Such a cool, smart lady! I cannot wait to make yarn! Carrie is going to have to show me how to do the plying thingy when I get it spun up. Whoo-Hoo!

You know what I'll be up to. Dyeing and Spinning. I'll get to the knitting part later, when I have some handspun to use.

Knit on, knitters, and I was going to say Dye on, dyers, but that sounds weird. So Craft On, Crafters!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I haven't been knitting

because I've been spinning, and lovin' it! I started LD's shawl when I got back from the fiber fest, but last week I went over to Carrie's and she sent me home with a new spindle (which I'll return tomorrow), and a bag of fiber she bought at the fest. So I haven't touched the shawl since then! But, I think I'm getting it! I have some yarn (like) stuff made! LD has been spinning, too.
I filled the two spindles I had, so I threw one together with a couple of cds, and a hook, and a dowel dpn I made a while ago. It works, but I (of course) went and spent some $ on a new spindle for myself, and some roving from BoogieKnits. Love her shop! I can't wait to get them, so I can spin some more! (And hopefully get better at it)
Well, I have a scarf knit of ribbon to finish for a charity event on Saturday, so when Carrie and I get together tomorrow, that's what I'll be working on. I also have to add fringe to the 3 other ones that I knitted. I don't see myself knitting with that weird ribbon again. It's pretty, but not much fun to work with.
I'll have to try to remember to take pics before I give them away.
It is past my bedtime, but this was the only time I could get this computer. Liar! I have been doing some Webkinz. It is addicting! LD says I need to get my own, since I play hers all of the time. Hehe. Now you know what I have really been up to. Spinning and playing kids games. I know I'm not the only one, though.
Busy weekend ahead! There is the charity thing, I'll be face painting to raise $, and my sister and brother-in-law are coming up from downstate. I haven't seen them in a while, so that will be great. Hope everyone has a great weekend!! :D

Monday, August 06, 2007


I have finally sorted through the fiber fest pics that I took, and that Carrie took. She has some on her blog, too. I took a lot of pics of the fashion show, but they aren't that great.

Here I am trying on a gorgeous hand knit coat. I loved it, but they sure did clean up the fashion show knits after that. Hehehe

I met Jae, and S. from To Knit Perchance To Dream. I didn't put your name, because I'm sure I'd have gotten it wrong! She got a pic of us, but I didn't! I did get some of Jae, though. Actually, that's not really true, there is one of me, Carrie, and S., but I look ridiculous!! Carrie's smiling all cute, but I'm talking and making some weird face, so you don't get to see that one. Sorry!

I only bought a tiny bit of stuff. Last week, I went over to Carrie's and she was spinning with her new fibers, and she sent me home with a spindle to borrow, and a bag of pretty, pretty black and white roving. Mmmmm. I'm not very good, yet, but I think I'm getting it!
I also started a shawl with the pink and purple yarn for the Little Diva. She has been spinning, too!
That wool rug, primitive rug hooking, wow! That's what I want to learn next! Gorgeous!!!!
Gotta run! Knit on, y'all!
p.s. Thanks for the nice comments. I swear when things slow down around here, I'll email all y'all. :)

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

fiber fest details soon

I'm still looking at and scrutinizing fiber fest pics. We had an awesome time, but now, I think I'll brag on myself a bit first. Look who was in the school paper! That's me! Teaching knitting! :)

Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm So Excited

'Cause we're going here tomorrow!
Really, that song is going through my head! "I'm so excited!"
I've been knitting some soap socks. More soap socks, I guess I should say. What I want to knit are socks, or really another lace shawl, but I can't decide on a sock pattern, and I don't have enough yarn for another shawl right now. So .... soap socks it is!
I went to the library the other day, and one of the librarians said "Hi, Arleta, how are you? Are you knitting away this Summer?" Hehe, yeah, they know me there. I told them I almost brought my lace shawl to show off, and they want to see it next time. "Bring it in!" Ok, I almost came home and ran right back there to show off, but I didn't. Next time, though, I'll bring it and show off a little.
This fiber festival is in August. It's a longer drive than this fest, and I believe we have a family thing going on that weekend. I would love to go, though!! This lady with her cool knit themed pottery will be there, I think.
I finally put the little hat and bootie set, and my shrug up on my other blog.
Also, Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the wonderful comments! I love them, and the knitblog friends I've made!!!
Well, I've gotta run do some stuff and get ready for tomorrow!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!! Knit on!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

All Done!

Shawlly! My very own first lace shawl, The Sagittaria Shawl, is done!
I know I should hurry and put her on my other blog, but another busy day is coming up. I have some other fo's that need to go there, too. I'm just going to have to make time to post my details there!

I have to make some time to do a proper pic of me modeling this shawl soon! Here we have the Little Diva being a "modeler", showing off Shawlly for me. She went a little wild with the tattoos. I know she applied more than 20! Hehe, at least they wash off. I only have 4!

I am most definitely wearing Shawlly to a wedding this fall, I think I'll be wearing her a whole lot more, though! I am in love with shawls! I was looking for another lace one to knit, as soon as I had her off the needles! I have lots of socks I want to knit, too, though. Time! I need more of it!

Today, we are hopefully going to finish the patio, and next weekend I hear there is a Fiber Fest in Michigan! I really want to go. Look who will be there with her awesome shawl, that she designed! We'll have to talk about it again Carrie, and maybe make some plans!!

I am so sorry for not answering emails, and properly thanking everyone for the wonderful comments. I keep hoping to get to it, but with knitting like a crazy person, reading like another crazy person, and kids ~ Well, you know.... Soon, hopefully, soon!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Warning ~ Crazy Post Ahead!

Whew! I thought when Summer finally came, I'd have more time to do stuff I want to do. Haha, yeah right! I've been so busy! I miss reading everyone's blogs! I haven't been able to post. I've hardly had time to knit!! I feel really bad that I haven't returned emails or answered all of the nice comments!! Forgive me, real life has taken over here at Arleta's Motley Wool.

I even forgot to talk about my one year blogiversary, which was on June 29th!! I had a plan, but out the window it went. Kids are running me ragged!!

Birthday parties, family reunions, picnics, and a great 4th pool party. All fun stuff, but then I have to make food, and visit, and eat, and play. My poor knitting gets pushed farther and farther back.

I have been working on my shawlly. I am on the next to the last chart. I could have had it finished, but I find myself slowing down (when I do have time to knit) I think I'm afraid to finish it, even though I really want to wear it!

Speaking of wearing great shawls, I got to wear Carrie's at the park the other day. I had on a sleeveless tee, and it was windy. Mmmmmm! Warm and pretty! I loved it. Thanks, Carrie, you sweetie!!

Ok, sorry about such a quick, crazy, disjointed post! I have pics of the loverly fireworks we watched over Lake Michigan on the 4th. Camera phones are so amazing! If I forget the camera, Hubby can whip out his phone, and there's proof that we once in a while leave the house!
Here is my patio (to be) I want it done!!! We have to remove the bricks, level 'er out, rebrick, and pour some quick set cement stuff around them. Please don't tell me if we're doing it wrong. I don't want to know! LOL
Pics of Shawlly, too. I love her! I need to go knit a bit, then ~ Ewwww Housework. Oh well, real life, here I come!
Knit on, Knitters!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th to the USA

Here are some fireworks for you!
Have a safe, happy holiday!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lookie ~ Lookie

Look what Rhoda nominated me for! She thinks I'm a Rockin' Girl! Isn't that cool! She's such a sweetie. =)
Since she put 5 Rockin' Girl Bloggers on her page, I'll do the same. Of course, if she hadn't already been chosen, I'd put her, but I love lots of bloggers, so here goes, in no particular order:
  1. Carrie, The Barefoot Cobbler. Her blog is a fun read. Busy knitter with 3 kids!
  2. Kadiddly, Backstage Stitches. Great read every post about her work, knitting, and life.
  3. Amy, Boogie Knits. Homeschooling momma knitter. Shop owner, too!!
  4. Bernie, Coming Up Blank. Crafty lady! She also started knit 1 blog 2 for us all!
  5. Deborah, Deborah's Daily Dilemmas, knits, cooks, mothers, and shares it all with us.

I'll have to find some time to go leave them some comments and let them know I put them on here! Time? Hehe, yeah right!

If I didn't put you on here, you know I love you all! I'm embarrassed to admit how many blog favorites I have on my blog lines!! And we all rock!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Shawl KAL ~ Woo-Hoo!

Liz made a cute button for the Shawl KAL, that Carrie has gotten us all on. Hehe. She'd better be careful, or she'll have to start another blog for it. LOL I am going to stick it in my sidebar, when I'm not so busy.

Well, here's shawlly again. I have stuck a little pic of my cheater's lifeline in. Carrie really seemed to like the idea yesterday at our little knitting group.

Here's what I did. I threaded one row of stitches, Not the stitch markers, though, (Ergh! Yes, I did.) onto one of my knitpicks cords. I made a note to myself on what row and what repeat I put the lifeline in, so if (Lord ~ NO!) I have to rip, I can just screw the needles onto that cord, and redo.

I am on the seventh repeat of chart two. I am going to do it 10 times, then onto chart three. I am so in love with this pattern. The shawl is about 21 inches bigger than the last pic I posted. I can't wait to get done and see it all blocked out.

Well, another one of those crazy, busy days! Gotta run.

Thank you all for the nice comments and thoughts you've sent. I love this community! All y'all are the greatest!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Here's Shawlly!

The shawl is on her way! I actually got my yarn on Monday. What a surprise. Knitpicks has always been so quick for me. I love it. I couldn't just order yarn for Shawlly, though, could I?
I got some sock yarn, too, and sock needles. LD had to have a bit of stash enhancement, also. She got the little roll of Get Away in Rafting. Hubby calls it Mystery Machine, because it looks like the van from Scooby Doo. Hehe. You can see the bracelet LD finger-knitted for me with it in one of the pics.
Wednesday, as I was knitting with Carrie, I had to rip and start over. All of the knitting that is done was done on Wednesday evening, though. I think I got to do about two rows yesterday. Urgh! Laundry and Housework. Yes, Rhoda, I forgot our rule, too. LOL
I have shared a pic of our patio to be. We are digging out the area in front of the garage and putting down cement and pretty bricks. We have to dig out the bricks we put down last summer, too. You can see the bricks piled up in front of my yarn tree. That's where I dry my yarn. I had to wash the gloss, because it smelled funny to me. I think it may have been the silk. That's what I'm telling myself any way! I washed it on Tuesday, and it was dry enough to take to knitting on Wednesday. I want to knit more! Hopefully, I'll have time to do it today. I just have to keep the rule in mind!
The tree in my shrug post is going to have a tire swing in it for LD. The boys have always played outside a lot more than she ever does, and I think that will help. I can sit on the patio and knit while she tire swings and we'll both get fresh air!
That's it for knitting right now. I usually don't get too depressing on here, but something very sad happened in our small town the other night. A young couple, that my oldest son knew, perished in a fire. I keep thinking about their families. The two of them were to be married in a couple of weeks. I'd like it if everyone could say a prayer, if you do that, or just send out some loving thoughts to them. I can't imagine the pain and heartache that must be flowing through those families. Hug your families and friends really tight, and let them know how much you love them.

Monday, June 18, 2007

While waiting for my yarn

My shawl yarn should be here this week. While waiting I dug out an old lacy project. This is my Branching Out scarf that I started a l-o-n-g time ago. I live in the house of UFOs. It is being knit with some of my kool aid dyed sock yarn.
Well, yesterday wasn't all sadness here, thinking about our Dads. We really had a very nice Father's Day. Hubby was awoken with presents and a wonderful bagel & egg sandwich, orange juice, and coffee made by his sweet little daughter. (with a little help from Mom) I think she's going to be a really good cook!
We spent a few hours at the beach, sunning, and playing in the sand and water. I took some really neat pictures on Hubby's new cell phone, and if I ever figure out how to get them onto the computer, I'll share them.
Here's a little bit about my Dad.
He was born on the 4th of July 1928. I believe that the picture I posted yesterday was from around 1945 when he was only about 17 years old! By the time I was born in 1973, he was 45! I am the youngest of 7 kids. The picture is a bit deceiving since it's old and in sepia tone, but he was pretty dark complected, being part Native American Indian. I apparently got the French, German, and Scotch Irish genes with the green eyes and lighter skin. At least I tan easily and stay that way for a while. :) He was color blind, and would argue with you about what color something was. LOL That's where MM got his color blindness from. Family ~ it's what it's all about, isn't it?
I want to say thank you to everyone for the nice comments about my shrug, and my Father's Day post. I love this community. It feels like family to me!
Now I have a Little Diva impatiently waiting for me to come play Polly Pocket Dolls with her. Hope everyone has a great week!