Friday, July 28, 2006

It's the weekend--Almost!

I love the weekend! The Don doesn't have to work. I can knit, or try to learn to spin. I can go shopping and get a camera battery!! Yay!
But, no new pics of knitting or spinning until I get one. It's a good thing you can't see my spinning attempts. Why does it look so easy? I feel like I should be able to just do it! Here are Stacey's spinning pics. She emailed me that she's not doing well. Don't believe it! Look, she has yarn! I have fuzzy, twisty weird stuff.

So, here are a couple of pics of some speed dyeing and knitting and felting! I got the yarn with a gift card after Christmas, dyed it with kool-aid on January 7th , knitted the fuzzy feet pattern from knitty with a few adjustments on January 9th,
and I was wearing them on January 11th. I remember it was so hard to wait for the wool to dry after I dyed it. I love the way the ball looked all rolled up. The yarn was Patons. (and some fuzzy stuff- I can't remember) I just doubled it, dyed it, and knitted it up!

I had my last kids knit club, group thing yesterday. There will be more classes after school starts.

Looking at these pictures makes me want to dye more yarn. I love the colors, and the way they go together, and stripe, and blend! Pretty! I have a couple of ideas I want to try. As soon as I sell some, I can get some more, and do it all over again!! I guess I'd better get on that selling part!

Thanks for reading my knit-babble!! Gotta go do some work, and then I'm going to master that spindle and show Stacey some yarn!! Hehe!

I almost forgot!! Have a great weekend!!


Whimsical Knitting said...

Those socks are so cute!!!

Larjmarj said...

Too Cute! Love those socks. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Now those are some funky socks! Knit on!!

Momo said...

Those turned out really nice, a fun pair of slippers!

Thanks for dropping by my blog! :-)

dragon knitter said...

thanks for your comment about my list. it was fun, indeed, and ilearned a few things bout some friends, too. now if i could get anyone else to do it.

those fuzzy feet are amazing! i loveyour hand-dyed yarn. stunning, indeed. i've been suntea dyeing cuz it's too hot to boil wool (my kitchen is on the west side with no shade all afternoon. makes for great gardens, but hot kitchens).

and you know about your lumpy, uneven, weird spun yarn? you'll wish you could replicate it a year from now. it's called "novelty yarn."