Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Another Motley Post

WooHoo! I got to go meet some friends for knitting this morning. One of them said "I look forward to this all week. If I have to work on a Wednesday, I'm so bummed." Yep! Yep! I know! I get to just sit there and knit and listen and talk. I love it!

I finished this soap last night and thought "Oh no, I need a project for knitting with friends" (Carrie, we need a name for our little group). So, when I got there I casted on another soap for my shop. This pink and brown one is for me, though. I'm not sure if the pink is wool, or wool ease (which won't felt) So, I will use it and see if it felts and if it does I'll be able to use the pink for soaps that are for sale.

The last close up pic is of a soap that I knitted that we've been using. It's all felty and the soap lasts forever! My kids wash their hands more, too, because it's cool soap. See, no more stitches.

Speaking of kids, when your 8 yr. old asks you to wind up her knotted, tangled, white, fuzzy acrylic yarn; don't wear black jeans and a black sweatshirt when you do it. I tried to take a picture of my white fuzziness, but it just wouldn't show it well enough.

I also finished the baby genius burp cloths. They are so cute, but I hope the new mommy uses them, and loves them! I also hope the hats aren't too small. Hopefully she'll get to wear them for a while, and hopefully she'll love her blankie.

Here's what I'll be starting tomorrow, though. I picked this pattern, and I'll be using my latest hand-dyed wool. Looking at the pictures of it when it was a tangles mess, it should be called swamp thing. LOL.

I'll talk about the UFO along, too, because I have chosen what the first finished UFO of February will be. Tomorrow I'll share all. (You know tomorrow means next time I find time to post, right?) hehe

So, do you ever have problems with your paragraphs not having spaces between them when you post? As I type, there are spaces, when I preview, no spaces. That's what's up with the colorful paragraphs. I can't seem to think of another way to separate them.

Well, I guess I'd better think of things other than yarn and knitting for a little bit, then I have to go get the kids. We're going to the post office to mail out squares for the blanket that I spoke of earlier. Maybe I'll get some yarn in the mail. Wouldn't that be cool? As if I ever think of anything but yarn! Hahaha!

**Well, looks like my paragraphs sorted themselves out this time. hehe**

Monday, January 29, 2007

Four Square

Hey, everybody! Thanks for the great comments on my giftie post. I still can't believe I got such nice surprise gifts.

Well, I knitted up four squares for what I think is a good cause. They are all ready to mail out, and I have the address, so they'll be going soon. I know they are just squares of yarn, but they are soft, and they were knitted with great thoughts of healing and of love for another woman who is in pain. I wish I could help everyone, everywhere. Wouldn't being a philanthropist be great? Just giving away help and money to those who need it? I'd love that.

I don't know how the pictures are going to look on here. It was so hard to get the texture to show up. They are 7 inch square each. I thought I had the gauge right, but I had to add some crochet to the edges. My gauging skills suck. As do my pic. taking skills. Oh well, I try.

I used to be a perfectionist, but my kids have cured me of that. It's hard to be perfect when you're human, and when I try too hard, I end up yelling all of the time .... and that's no fun! LOL

I am almost done with the baby genius burp cloths, too. I'm on the last one. There are also four of them. So, I've made the baby that's coming: a purple blankie, a mint green hat, a bright pink hat, a blue, yellow, pink, and green burp cloth. I should make something that's orange, and the kid will be all set. hehe

Well, I wonder what I'll start on next .... I have WIPS and UFOs, and a list of things that I want to knit. I have also joined a KAL for February. There is a really neat button that I'll put up here soon. (Lazy!) Of course, I'll be talking about UFOs, and doing the f. f. or f. (finish, fix, or frog)

I don't think I'll do the dishes until later. Haha, we finally got an oven, and the water heater is messing up. Hopefully all it needs is a part (whatchamacallit heating thingie) which Hubby is going to replace after work. I want the little bit of hot water for a shower. The dishes will still be there. Unfortunately. I could do the laundry, since we wash in cold, but I probably won't do that until tomorrow.

So .. I guess that means I need to go vacuum and knit. :)

Have a great Monday, all y'all!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Surprise Gifts for me!

Another quick post. Thanks for reading all of my crazy blabbering!

Wow! Look at these! Yesterday, my friend Carrie brought this bag to me! Her mom made it for me. Isn't that awesome? Ein (our weirdo dog) seems to love it. She won't leave it alone. It has pockets for needles on the inside and outside. It'll be just right for carrying a few projects when I go places. Instead of the huge bags I usually carry.
One of the third grade teachers at LD's school and I talk a lot about knitting. She was actually one of my teachers when I was in school. She is the teacher who lets the kids knit while she reads out loud, and one day a week they can stay in from recess to knit. So many boys and girls are learning great things because of her. Well, she just finished her first sweater, and I was admiring it, and she told me she had something for me, if I wanted it.
A sweater kit! It's cotton and gorgeous. This will be my first sweater. I told her, in about three years when I finish it, I'll come show her. LOL. I am finishing some other things first, but I'm pretty excited to knit this.
I kept saying, 'Are you sure?' and she's like 'I'll never knit it, it should be used.' Wowee!
I need to run, I have tons of stuff to do before getting the kids. Have a great weekend, everybody!
p.s. blogger is dumb, and it better not mess up my blog! :)

They Made Me!

Blogger made me switch! They wouldn't let me moderate my comments unless I updated! I have new Blogger, but I'm a little upset that they forced me. I hope my blog is ok! Watch out, Rhoda, you're next! LOL!

I have a real post .... when I find time. I got two nice knitting gifts yesterday! Surprise ones!! I'll tell you about them soon .... with pics .... promise!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Time to think.

Thank you for all of the comments. hehe. I really do love my oven. Yes, I am a geek, and proud of it! LOL! The kids and I made Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies yesterday, after school. If you love chocolate, try these. Wow! They are chocolatey! No, they are not good for you, but oh well, sorry! I got the recipe off of Major Knitter's knit blog. Then, we doubled it, it made 4 dozen big cookies!

See, larjmarj, I make a mess baking, too. This doesn't even show the chocolate dough that flew all over while mixing, or the dirty dishes everywhere.

Then, the dog, who walks around with her nose in the air sniffing if there is any chocolate around, stole a cookie! We had to put them on the top of the microwave, because she kept trying to snatch cookies off of the table! She has never tried to snatch other food. I guess she doesn't care that dogs aren't supposed to have chocolate.

I also did some kool aid dyeing. We have a different microwave than the one we had when I used to do a lot of dyeing, and it is much quicker and I made a boo-boo, and felted my yarn a little! SP said "Wow, how'd you make dreads with your yarn?" He was impressed, but I was feeling pretty dumb. I boiled my yarn! I pulled it all apart and saved it. It is a little fuzzy, but I don't care. It's my yarn, and I am knitting a green hat for the February Green Hat Knit-a-long at Get Stitchy!

Since I did some Kool-Aid Dyeing, I need to post the pics over at Get Stitchy for the January Kool-Aid Dye-a-long. I have become such a joiner!

Well, I am going to knit one more square and find out where to send them. Then, I have to finish the baby genius burp cloths, because I think the baby shower will be in February. I have to decide what UFO I'm going to work on in February, too. I will have those UFOs all gone by the end of 2007, or maybe even before. Finish, fix, or frog!

Once again, no title has come to me. Hmm. Time to think.

Knit On! No Tink!

Monday, January 22, 2007

I can bake!

Or I could bake, if I had time, ambition, etcetera. hehe We got our oven/range! Yay! It's not easy cooking for five on the stove top and a large toaster oven. I doctored the photos so that you don't feel bad for me with my ugly, old kitchen!

The first thing I did was make a cake. We had big pizzas last night and we're going to make cookies ASAP.

I need to come up with some great recipes now! I want to bake yummy stuff!

Well, I have to go get my teeth cleaned. I hate the dentist. The only thing I like about it is that everyone loves my knitting, and they always take time to check it out.

I've been knitting some squares for Jen to make into an afghan. I had a skein of Caron Simply Soft in a nice soothing blue, and I think this will be the best use for it. Sad things happen everyday. Nothing will fix the hurt, but hopefully this will help some.

Guess I'd better go get ready to let those gloved, masked people dig around in my mouth. Yuck! They just called, as I was typing this to see if I can come in an hour early. Sorry ~ no way! I made this appointment 6 months ago. Plus, I need to shower and have some breakfast first!

Thanks to everybody for the nice comments you leave! I need to go read some blogs. I'm having withdrawals. Yesterday, though, I was hanging out here and here. I have a real problem with yarn, and talking about yarn, and reading about yarn, and ...... LOL

Friday, January 19, 2007

Feeling Better

Thank you for all of the well wishes. I've been resting, and drinking tea, and last night I knitted. My getting sick even got Cindy's mom to delurk. LOL! She is so sweet! If I didn't send you an email to say thanks, I'm saying it right now. I think all the comments helped! Now the sore throat needs to leave and I'll be a-ok!

I didn't knit Tuesday, or Wednesday ~ at all! Last night I finally felt like I had some energy, so I knitted up two soapsocks for my SIL and BIL. I'll have to mail them out to them. They wanted a certain kind of soap, and they're smaller than the soaps I usually use. Then, I casted on for a variegated orange (handdyed by me) and brown one. (No pic, sorry)
I have about six more soaps to knit, and then I need to update my etsy shop.

I forgot I wanted to tell all y'all about this thing that happened when we were at the mall.
SP and MM were telling us how this girl came up to SP and said "You're gorgeous!"
So, The Don, my hubby says "And then her dog tried to bite you.."
and we're all like "What dog?"
and he says "Her seeing eye dog." Yeah, he thinks he's a comedian. No offense to anyone who needs a seeing eye dog, The Don just has a weird sense of humor.
Girls and Women hit on SP a lot ~ It is Scary! He's just a baby! He's not even 17 yet! At least this time the girl said it, and then ran away! I think she was like 14, or something. Way too young!

My kids have a half day of school today, so even though I just dropped them off, I have to go right back and get them. I am so glad it's Friday, though. Hopefully, I'll have some time to see what everyone blogged about this week, while I slept. Thank God for Hubby. He cooked dinner and did it all, while I zombied out on the couch all week! I think it's my turn to cook tonight!

Have a great weekend that is full of wooly knitted goodness!

p.s. See my new countdown thingy? I can't wait for summer!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


No knitting group for me today. If anyone wants me, I'll be huddled on the couch with lots of blankies, and the big warm robe Cindy's mom gave me, holding onto my knitting, 'cuz I'm just too achy to knit. Thank you, Cindy's mom that robe saved me last night, I was having such bad chills!

Monday, January 15, 2007

I Hate Thinking Of Titles :)

Hey, thanks for all the comments on SP, and Playing the Mom card. LOL! He's not even mad at me anymore. Four more weeks is a lot better than what they were predicting before surgery!

I had quite a knitting weekend. We had to go to the big city for some shopping. The mall, and any other stores, besides the grocery store, are almost 40 miles off. I got to knit in the car! Yay! MIL drove, and the six of us had a fun time. Two of the kids needed new shoes. How do they grow so fast?

Lucky MM, when school started he wanted slip ons that have the band the Sex Pistols on them. His Granny likes to help out and buy some school stuff. Since shoes are so expensive, we're happy to let her! She wouldn't buy the ones he wanted, because they said sex on them. LOL. Well, they were on sale, and the only pair they had left were his size, so I bought them. (Relax, everybody, it's a band!)

I am afraid he's probably going through another growth spurt, though, because he's been even more hungry than usual. That's pretty hungry!
Whenever he does that, he shoots up a half of foot, or so!

I should rename this blog Arleta's Little Projects. It seems like everything I've been knitting is small. Baby Genius Cloths, Soap Socks, Baby hats. I have two pair of socks on the needles that I have the urge to work on, too.

I love the little baby hat. It is so cute! I don't know if I'm putting the ears on it. Lazy me! I think little kitty-cat ears would be really cute. I might even knit a bigger one. It's a fun pattern. The pictures show it on one of LD's baby dolls.

I love the way the cotton is zig-zagging and pooling on the baby burp cloths. I want to make a couple more of them. I have some yellow and blue, so that would make the purple pinwheel blankie, a mint green hat, a pink hat, and one pink, one green, one blue, and one yellow Baby Genius Burp Cloths. I love a variety!

The orange dishcloth, and felted soap are for my best-friend's birthday. Now, I just have to come up with a really cute way to wrap them. I'm going to take her out to dinner sometime next week. We're going to go to a place where we worked when we were teenagers. It has been sold, and I think it'll be fun to see all of the changes it has gone through since then. Hopefully, this won't be the day she checks my blog. Trust me, the way things usually go for me this will be that day!

Well, that was what I did this weekend. Now, I have to go do all of the laundry, and dishes that I ignored. Then, (or maybe instead ~ LOL) I'm going to go knit!

Hope you had a knit-filled weekend, too!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Hey there. I heard it is (or maybe last week was) delurking week. Well, it is here right now. I stole this pic from tiennie knits. So, delurk already! :)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Play The Mom Card!

First of all, thank you, nice people for the comments on LD's panta, and my last few posts. You're all so nice!

Ok, so I played the mom card today. I don't do it that often. I mean, I let the kids draw on their walls, I said no the the permanent markers, though. I let SP have cool colors in his hair. I even dyed it for him! It'll grow out. The kids have two jobs. Do their best at school, and be good people. (polite, no drugs, etc) But, today, I did it. I put my foot down. Sorry, kid. Mommy's still the boss.

SP went back to the surgeon today for his cast removal and check up. The surgeon decided, after studying the new x-rays, that SP could have a walking cast. Yay! No more crutches. Well, as the Dr. is talking to us, SP says "I get one of the removable ones, right?" Dr. W. starts to say yes, but then he looked at me, shaking my head, "No". He changed what he was saying real quick! hehe

SP is not very happy with me. Which turns him into a pouty two year old. When the nurse asked him what color cast he wanted, he said it didn't matter. She said "How about orange?" Thinking he'd say no, but he said whatever, doesn't matter. Jeeshe! So, I answered for him and he has a black cast with orange stripes. Pretty cool.

We had a fun time on the way there, joking and talking about what he wants to do in the next few years. He'll be a senior next year! Yikes! He gets over being mad at me quickly, though. I wanted to say sure, give him what he wants, but I want him safe, and sound. Wrapping his foot in fiber glass for the next four weeks sounds good to me. I told him, he's lucky that I can't wrap him, and his brother, and sister in bubble wrap! Just to keep them safe, ya know.

Oh, yeah, I did knit in the waiting room. They've been so quick to call us in, though, that I don't get much done. I knitted while they took his x-rays, too. See, this is a knit blog.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Here are the pics blogger wouldn't show before!

This is what I did on Saturday. Of course, I'm on to different things now. A different soap, and well, that's all. hehe.

See the first pic, that's where the panta has been since November. Well, it is done now, but I don't think it's as wide as I'd like it to be. LD seems to like it, but she still has to wear a hat outside. Oh well, live and learn. Label left over yarn, or you won't know what you're using!

The Baby Genius Cloth is farther along. That soap in the pic is done and the new one is light blue with a brown design. Nice, even if I do say so myself.

I haven't had a lot of knitting time since last week. Kids sure can keep ya busy.

Thank you all for the comments on my A-B-C post.
Do you remember the hand jive thing...
A-B-C Together-
Up together-
Down together-
Back together-
Front together-
One More Time--.
I've been trying to teach LD those things. She doesn't seem too interested yet. We use to slap hands together on the playground, and on bus trips. Fun days, man!
This was going to be really quick. It's past my bedtime! I just got tagged again. hehe. I am like the popular kids. Rhoda tagged me, cuz I'm her favorite, even if she says it's because I've been tagging her over and over. Hehehe. Thank you and I'm playing along!
Okay, so:
The Page 123 Meme
1. Grab the book closest to you.
2. Open to page 123, look down to the 5th sentence.
3. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog.
4. Include the title and the author's name.
5. Tag 3 People.
I kept driving. "Where are you going?" Lionel asked. "There should be a travel agency around here somewhere," I said. ~~ Terry McMillan from the book Waiting To Exhale
I'm not tagging anyone. :) I've been hitting people with tags left and right, and I don't want to ruffle any feathers. hehe
Well, the computer is right by my bookcase. Let me tell you, it is full and overflowing! It needs painted or something! I love Terry McMillan. Now, if I just had more time to read.
It's late. I have kids to wake up and take to school first thing in the morning, and then I'm meeting Carrie to go knit! Yay!
Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow, and has lots of knitting time!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

A-B-C Together.....

Zippianna tagged me for the abc meme. It's really weird how popular I feel when I get tagged. hehe. But, then I'm almost afraid that people I'll tag won't like it. Weird!

A-B-C Meme
A- Available or single? Nope. I've been married since 1992. I heart my Hubby!

B- Best Friend? Lisa. Lisa is my bestest-best friend, more like a sister. We met in 5th grade. She makes me laugh like no one else in the entire world can.

C- Cake or Pie? Ooh, that's a hard one. Cake, but my Hubby gets the icing.

D- Drink of Choice?
I drink a lot of coffee! A lot! More than I should, I'm sure.

E- Essential Item? Hubby would say yarn. hehe. The other day he said "You must like yarn a lot." Um.. Yeah! It was funny.

F- Favorite Color? Orange. Look around here, it's pretty easy to see. :)

G- Gummi Bears or Worms? Mmmm. I think they're both about the same to me. I like them.

H- Hometown? Small town, usually boring, but safe, if you can survive the gossip mill!

I- Indulgence? Eating out. I love restaurants. (not so good for weight loss, though)

J- January or February? That's a really hard one, Feb. is Jordan's b-day. Jan. is Lisa's. But I'd much rather it were July. I like it hot.

K- Kids and names? 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl: Jordan, Malcolm, and Arleta. She's the 3rd in a line of sassy girls named Arleta. LOL!

L- Life is incomplete without? My family.

M- Marriage Date? August 22.

N- Number of Siblings? 3 brothers, and 2 sisters. They are all older than I am. My nieces and nephews are closer to my age. My mom was 41 when she had me!

O- Oranges or apples? Oranges. They're orange and yummy. Apples are ok, but they are more available here, so oranges seem special to me.

P- Phobias/Fears? Something happening to someone I love.

Q- Favorite Quote? I have so many. It's hard to choose just one. Check out this quote spot. It does have pop ups, though.

R- Reason to Smile? My kids make me smile. When they are getting along and being good, anyway.

S- Season? Summer. I love summer, and sunshine, and the beach!

T- Tag three people! Ok, How about Charles, Rhoda, and Christina. If you've done this one, or want to pass, don't feel bad. I'll be ok with it! I'd really like to see Carrie's answers, too. If you feel like playing along, Carrie. hint*hint. I did only tag 5 of 6 in the weird meme, so it evens out.

U- Unknown Fact About Me? I just did that 5 things one, and that was hard.....Um.....I shouldn't watch scary stuff alone. Especially at night, but I do it anyways, then I stay awake listening to every little noise with a pounding heart!

V- Vegetable you hate? I used to hate peas, but I've found out that fresh, or even frozen ones are ok. I hate split pea soup, though. Ugh!

W- Worst habit? I bite my nails. Bad. Right down til they hurt. Yuck.

X- X-Rays you've had? My back, for scoliosis. (Did I spell that right?) My spine is all curvy and twisted. (There's an unknown fact about me!) Teeth, of course.

Y- Your favorite food? I love cheese, and chocolate, and fruit, and salads. Ooh, Seafood, and ... I guess you could just say any food. Hehe

Z- Zodiac? Libra. The scales of justice, that must be why I'm so concerned with fairness, but I can never make up my mind!

OK! Here's what I knitted this weekend, after the undecorating was done. I finished LD's Panta that I started in November. If I'm not careful I'll go through my UFOs before the year is up. LOL!

I knitted another soap sock and part of a baby genius spit up cloth from Mason-Dixon knitting.

All of that knitting was actually Saturday, I didn't do much on Sunday. I woke up with one of those headaches that make you wish you could rip your head right off. Hubby did the dishes then took LD to the park while I went back to bed. They went to the store and got supplies for turkey tacos (Yum!) then made dinner. See why I love my Hubby?

The park, in winter, in Michigan! It was in the 40s, with sunshine today. Are there really people who think global warming is made up? I know I'm pure evil, but I am loving this weather! The norm here at this time of year is below zero Fahrenheit! With snow that goes up to your armpits! I might exaggerate a little. Only a little, though.


Haha, Joke's on me. It's Monday the 8th now, and it snowed last night. I had to scrape ice off my car this morning! Yuck! Of course, it's melting now. The sun is out, thank goodness.

Well, my pictures won't show up, so I am going to go knit! Pictures tomorrow if blogger will play nice! Hope you get to sit and knit!
Just a quick little explanation of my edit on the last post.

I love my MIL and SIL. I was saying I was being selfish and bratty for caring so much about what happened to a gift I gave. Yes, I know when you give a gift, the person who receives it can do whatever they want with it. That's why I was saying I was being selfish. I was very happy and excited that they liked it so much. I hope that makes more sense. More later ~ I've been crazy busy!

I hope you enjoy what's left of your weekend!

p.s. Does anyone have any thoughts on the new blogger and switching over thing??

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Tag! I'm it.

Hi, everybody! Quick post. I have to get back to my knitting. If I am a serial commenter on your blog, and you're worried about me, don't be. :) I've just been snuggled on the sofa all weekend knitting like a knitaddict! I'll read some of my favorites soon. Do you see my insane list of faves? It's there on the sidebar. Thank God for Bloglines!

Ok, So I was tagged by Christina. I have to come up with 5 things about myself that others might not know. This was hard, but I feel like one of the chosen ones. :)

5 things about me others might not know

  1. I am afraid to change to the new blogger! Should I be? Somebody tell me if I should just switch. I like my blog. What if it gets all messed up? Leave me comments with what you think! Please.
  2. I can crochet. I used to do that all the time, but the knit-bug bit me.
  3. I used to collect angels. I just got so many for gifts, I had to stop. They started to freak me out a little!
  4. When I was a little girl, and my mom made me learn to knit, I hated it. Hated! I hated yarn, even ~gasp!~ wool. Don't blame me, I was just a baby. I didn't know any better!
  5. I believe in magic. Real magic, witches, fairies, all of it.

I think I'm supposed to tag 5 people, but I'm too lazy. Plus, what if they don't want to? So, what do you think will happen if I skip the tag? Will I be "it" forever? What is "it" anyway? If you want to do this one, leave me a comment saying so, so I can come find out things about you!

I also got tagged by Whimsical. She's been stuck in bed resting her owies on Doctors orders, so she didn't know I'd already done the weird things meme. Go read hers, though, and send her some well wishes. She did get to go on a vacation, so hopefully that means she'll be up and on the computer more often and soon! Charles just tagged me, too! I feel so popular!

Once again, thanks for the nice comments about my knitting. I got what must be the most meaningful compliment today. My MIL and SIL don't feel about handmade items the way I do. I think if someone spends time, and effort, and love making something it is special. They....don't. Well, last time I was at MIL's I peaked around looking for the soap in a sock I gave her. After I thought that maybe she cut the wool off and other selfish bratty things, I saw it in the shower. **EDIT** I meant I thought selfish, bratty thoughts, not that my MIL is selfish and bratty! OOPS! ** Heck yeah, I looked in there for it! **Because I can be selfish and Bratty!! LOL!** Then, today, she asked Hubby if I could make her another when the soap was gone! AND~BIL and SIL want some too! They must be good if they want them! Woo-Hoo!!

Hubby discovered knitcasts, and has been downloading different ones for me to try. So, I've been plugged in to the mp3 player, and knitting away!

Time to go finish something. Pictures of what I've been working on soon!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

One down....How many to go?

Ok! I got one UFO that sat for an entire month done! Look at the picture from yesterday, there is one in November that looks just the same. LOL. To answer Jeri's question about the pattern: Here is a link to the one I used. I did fiddle with it a bit and I added stitches to the cast on and to the thumb. They fit pretty well, but they look really long and narrow. Good thing my hands are long and narrow. Next time, I might even add a couple more stitches, and a little length in between the cuff and where the thumb starts. I used Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool that I dyed with kool-ade. Now I am going to choose one of the other (older) UFOs and get to work on it!

Speaking of UFOs, I got the little pic in my sidebar, so now I just have to figure out how to link the pic to Kat! Jeeze!

I also wanted to say to everyone thank you for the nice comments about the pinwheel baby blanket I knitted. And for the votes of confidence for the UFO finishing. *hugs* to you all!

I started the pinwheel in October. I could have finished it sooner, but it was such a great while visiting knitting project, that I saved it for while I was out and about. I used Bernat Baby Coordinates Sweet Stripes yarn, with the Coordinating solid color for the ruffle.

I also finished another soap in a sock. The orange kool-ade wool and black one. I am not complaining, but all I have left is the blue striped one and the one I just finished. I took them to knitting yesterday to show off to Carrie and she bought them. :) Isn't that great? Thanks Carrie!

So, when I left knitting, I went to the store and bought some more cotton yarn. LOL! Give me a couple a bucks and guess where you'll find me. I'm going to knit some Baby Genius Burp Cloths from Mason Dixon Knitting for the baby who gets the pinwheel.

Then, I started another soap sock that is the peacock color and some green blue koolade dyed (by me) wool. I am totally addicted to knitting these little sock soaps.

I was looking at my list of WIPs and UFOs, and I saw a lot of things that I've promised to LD. I think my next one will be one of the ones that are for her.

I'm sure I had more to say, but I have to run if I want to get anything (like some knitting) done before going to pick up those kids from school!

Happy knitting to all!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

UFO Resurrection 2007

Kat has come up with a great idea. It is the UFO Resurrection of 2007! I am going to join and get rid of these UFOs once and for all! I have a whole sofa full of more than 12, so I am set and ready.
A different Kat designed the button. I will try to add it to my sidebar with a link to the post where Kat explains it all. Wish me luck, I haven't tried that trick on my blog yet. (If you have any tips, I'll take them)

Here are the rules that I copied from Kat's post.

The Rules
1. Each month in 2007, find a UFO (unfinished object). This makes a total of twelve (12) for the year. You do not need to have a list of all twelve at the beginning of the year - you can go month by month if you'd like.

2. You have two options for that UFO:
a. Work on it. You don't have to finish it that month, if it's something big, but it must be added into your rotation of "active" projects. A token row or two does not count. ;-)
b. Frog it. If you don't want to work on it anymore, rip it out and move on.

3. Post on your blog each month (or comment if you don't have a blog)(at katwithak's blog I guess) about the project you're resurrecting.

4. Everyone who finishes will be entered into a prize drawing. And even if you don't win anything, you'll have twelve fewer languishing projects making you feel guilty!

So, here are some pictures of my UFOs and even a FO!

On my sofa I have many UFOs, I have listed them before. There are actually a couple more added, but I'll tell all y'all about them, month by month. There are more than 12. They actually fill the sofa. See me blushing?

The first one I am getting back to work on is my mitten. I've had one done since December 1st, I think. The other one was started the first day, and that was it! I'm going to finish it. Tomorrow or so, I bet. (hehe ~ We'll see won't we.)

Then, here are some pics of the soaps in socks I am making for my etsy shop. I am loving making these. They are fun, and I can try out patterns on a small scale. Three done, one close, and eight or so to go.

Bah- Bahm-Ba-Da! (That's me tooting my own horn)

Here is my pinwheel! The blankie is done. All the ends woven and everything. Except for measuring the finished size. The pinwheel blanket is my first FO of 2007. Sorry if the pics aren't great. The finished project is, I swear!

The last picture shows it with a little hat I knit for the baby, and the pattern and yarn for another little hat. Can a kid ever have enough hats?

I did say that I'd give a review of my KnitPicks Options, after I finished the blanket. So far, I love them. I haven't had any problems with the set, except that it should have more needles with it! (I need a 13 for a pattern. hehe) They should also have a little adapter so that you can connect the cords together. My friend Carrie has a needle set that does that. I love the flexibility of the cord especially! That's the best. I've been using them for my soaps, doing the magic loop with them. I love the magic loop, and this flexy cord is perfect for it.

I also wanted to say "Thank You!" to everyone who left such nice comments on my last few posts. My mom was so thrilled with all of the nice things everyone had to say about the puppets.

I am going to actively work on those UFOs, and WIPs. I've never joined any knit alongs because I'm always afraid I won't finish, or I'll let somebody down (if there were a trade involved or something), but this one is for me. I am going to do it! I'm going to be one of those people who have project numbers in the single digits! LOL!

Time to go do stuff, and then knit! Tomorrow the kids finally go back to school, and I'm hoping to get a little "me" (knitting) time.

Hope you all get some knitting time, too.
a little p.s. Congrats to g-girl on her 100th post! And go see her little niece, what a cutie!