Monday, April 28, 2008

"Holy Crow!!!!"

"Holy Crow!" To quote a good friend. I haven't posted in almost a month! I have been seriously overwhelmed with life, and when I get like this, I avoid everything, and just do what I have to do to get through the day. I seem to avoid the things I like to do the most, too, which is just weird. I haven't even responded to the nice comments everyone left on my last (long ago) post.

I haven't been avoiding knitting, though. I finished the scarf that I knit for a thank you gift, and then sent it away without taking a picture of it. I reminded myself plenty of times to get a pic first, but I did it anyway. It turned out really nice, too. I folded it in half, and seamed it. It made a really long reversible scarf that will be warm, warm, warm. That is a good thing for Michigan because I swear it never gets warm enough here.

Then, that sweet little baby that got these handknits here, is so cute I just had to knit her one more thing, so she got some bright orange booties knit from handdyed wool. Her mommy didn't care that they'd have to be hand washed, and they are awesome. Thank goodness I remembered to take a picture this time.

During Spring Break the kids and I dyed some yarn, and I started a pair of Killer Zap socks for LD. They are bright! MM chose the colors for that yarn, and for being red/green color blind the kid did good. lol. LD didn't like the way her yarn turned out, but I showed it off at knit group, and the earthy tones were complimented by other people there. I did some sock yarn, and the acid green and hot pink look really cool with the black. I will be having some cool looking socks from that skein when I find the right pattern.

Here are some new pics of my sweater, which is coming along. Too bad I didn't finish it before this week. Michigan is cold again! Surprise! I could be wearing it now.

The green and yellow thing in the pic set is a mistake rib entrelac baby blanket called Bliss, it was on MagKnits, but luckily I found the pattern somewhere else online. I can't seem to find it to link right now, but it's out there somewhere.

Lastly, we have some felted needle holders. I made up some samples for my knitting class that starts tomorrow. The kids will get to choose the wool colors they want, knit them up, felt them, and keep the needles they made the holders with. Unfortunately the class is only for four weeks. I really think that is way too short, but this is a quick project, that uses almost no yarn. The little black and blue bits of yarn next to the orange holder are all you need. I thought I was very clever to have a sample of each stage: knit, seamed, and shrunk. Then they were so quick I just had to make an orange one for myself. ;)

Well, I have rambled enough, I guess. I have dishes (yuck!) and a Killer Zap toe to kitchener. Then, you know I have to start the second sock right away. We don't want any SSS here!

Hope every one's doing well. I need to get around to the blogs and see what every one's knitting!