Monday, December 31, 2007

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Gifties

Well, this knit blog is becoming a brag blog. I was totally spoiled this Christmas!

The dark purply, black, gold; named Gothic Moon came from Terra Bella Spun. Isn't Gothic Moon an awesome name? It's merino, border leicester locks, mohair, and glitz. SOFT! I started spinning it, and have a tiny bit done.

The pinky, red came from Lone Star Arts. It's called Raspberry Sherbert, and it's merino. Soft, stuff, it's going to be so pretty.

The spindles came from Butterfly Girl Designs. I just had to have these ones, cuz they are dalmatian jasper. I had a dalmatian when I was growing up.

My MIL got me all of these. Wasn't that a wicked awesome gift? She's nice!

On the spindle is a bit of fiber that came from one of these sellers. I just stuck it on the spindle after opening gifts, and didn't even see where it came from, or what kind of fiber it was. hehe, I just needed to spin! The little keychain skein came from one of them, too, but since I just stuck it right on my keys, I don't know which seller. Patience, what's that?

Hubby got me a DS and two games, even though the new camera was supposed to be my Christmas gift. LD got me my own Webkin, so I can have my own account. His name is Wyatt. Cute little lion. hehe

I finished my socks! The day after Christmas, though. Oh well, I can wear them on New Year's Eve, at our last Christmas party. Hubby's sister and her hubby and kids, and hubby's step sister and brother and families will all be there. The kids did a name drawing, so they'll each get one more gift, and give one more gift. I have a pair of slippers to felt before then to go to the 15 yr old cousin with some sleep pants.

Unfortunately, my mom's slippers were too small. All the rest fit, and were a big hit. I just have to knit my mom a new pair. And remember to give my brother his hat.

I also have to knit Hubby's aunt a pair of socks. She hinted a while ago that she really wants some, and when she opened her gift, she was like "Where are my handknit socks?" Her birthday is the 30th, so they'll be a late bday gift.

The kids were way spoiled, too. So was Hubby. I found him a bunch of Red Sox stuff. Cups (stuffed with his fave candies), and a license plate, and a watch. He loves the Red Sox.

I hope everyone in blogland was spoiled, and happily surrounded by loving family, and knitting goodies, like I was! Hopefully, I can get to the blogs and read what everyone has to say about their holiday celebrations.

Time to go knit, and let LD check on her WebKin family. :)

Knit On!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's almost Christmas!

Happy Holidays! I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve! I hope I'm ready, and I haven't forgotten anything. Hubby is getting one IOU for a gift, since the thing I ordered him didn't come in. I think everyone else's gifts are here and wrapped. We'll just have to see if Santa shows up, and fills the stockings and leaves a gift for each kid.

I really want to wear my new socks tomorrow. I'm knitting them with some Tofutsies that Rhoda sent to me. Right now the gusset is cruising along on the second sock. I (of course) changed the pattern a bit. It's the Tidal Wave sock pattern, but I continued the patterning down the foot, instead of just on the leg. I always make such a short leg (3 pattern repeats instead of 5) that I wanted the pretty to go on longer. The bottom of the foot is stockinette, of course, but the top keeps going lacy until I get to the toe.

I love this yarn. It is a little splitty, but not enough to bug me. It's soft, and since it has some fiber from shrimp and crab shells, I can't resist! hehe

The wind is wild and crazy right now, and the lights flickered once, so I'm afraid the power will go out. I don't want to stop posting, though, now that I finally have my hands on the computer.

We had our last little knit-in of the year at the third grade class last Wednesday. The kids are so into knitting, it's great! LD handknit three gifts this year for her teacher, and two friends. I didn't take pictures before she gifted them, though. Ugh! What kind of proud Momma am I? I didn't get any pictures of the dishcloths and soap socks I gifted, either. Jeeshe!

Every Wednesday after lunch, the kids in the third grade can stay inside for recess, and knit. The teacher, her friend, and I are reaping another generation of knit-wits. After recess, the teacher reads out loud, and the kids can keep knitting, if they listen to the story. They just love it. One girl has knit a mitten, and started the second, and one little guy made himself a scarf. We'll continue after the new year, and we're going to have a spinning lesson. They are going to make spindles out of cds, and the wool is already here, ready and waiting. Fun stuff, lucky little kids!

I still have to felt the last pair of slippers I made as a gift, but they aren't going anywhere until New Year's Eve, so I have time. Other than that, I guess I'm ready for Christmas. I'd better be, anyway!!

Well, time to go work on those socks.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, and knit-tacular New Year!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Quick Post

I have some pictures to show off.

Well, here are some hats. The LD wearing her hat, pre and post shrinking, and I'm wearing my hat, pre and post. I also made my brother one, in bright colors, because that's what he wanted. I also doubled the yarn, and left the braids off. We'll see if he likes it, or if it's too girly for him. If it didn't turn out the way he'd hoped, there are a bunch of people who want it. My eyes looked really dorky so I blackened the lenses of my glasses. Gotta love photoshop. hehe

One more handmade gift. Another pair of Fiber Trend Clogs. Yes, I said I was done, I lied. :) I just have to shrink these ones, then I'm done. Everyone needs warm feet! I also have some pretty dishcloths from my friends, Carrie and Melanie. We did a dishcloth exchange, and I didn't take pictures before giving the ones I made away! There's some sock yarn I got with a gift certificate to the yarn shop. Thanks, Mel!! And a pile of yarn Rhoda sent me. Isn't she sweet? I already started a pair of socks for myself.
Like I said, quick post! Laundry, and sock knitting are calling.
I hope everyone is having a great holiday season! I can't believe Christmas is almost here!
Knit on!!!!

Friday, December 07, 2007

My ears get cold!

I'm back!

For a second, anyway. It has been crazy busy around here, but I did have time to knit Little Diva a new hat. She said her ears get cold on the playground.
Her teacher and I talk about knitting, and yarn everyday, so when she heard I was looking for an earflap pattern she pointed me toward the Knit One, Felt Too book. It has a really cool Peruvian Style Hat pattern that looked just right. And I had a bunch of bits of Paton's Merino that would work, so, I started it on Wednesday, (after knitting class - more on that later) and felted it last night. I'd show a pic of it all shrunk, but LD wore it to school today.
:) No cold ears on the playground anymore! I (of course) tweaked the pattern, cuz that's the way I do. On the chart, there is a section that looks like I's, so I changed them to A's. It's hard to see them, because I did them in dark green, on a dark purple background, but they're there!
Here are some pics of the hat pre-shrinking, I'll show some of it all shrunk up, soon.
I am nervously waiting for my new camera to arrive. I need it before the 12th! LD has her Christmas Program, and I have to take pics! I'm also running around like a freak, worrying that I am not ready for the Holidays. I need to go shopping! They're speeding up, and I'm not ready!
Sorry I haven't answered any emails, or commented on many blogs. So, thank you, everyone, for all of your wonderful comments. It's a madhouse around here, I'm just lucky that I got the computer long enough to post this. lol
Now, that hat pattern was so cool, that I cast-on one for myself, I know I should be doing the housework, but that yarn is calling!!!
Knit On!!