Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More old knitting WIPs

Here are some replies to the comments from the other day:

Roo-bee-fay: Yep. MI is nice. Especially in the summer! The school is the main reason we stay here. The kids get a lot of individual attention.

Whimsical: It was fun. I drew the letter on graph paper, then knitted from that like a chart. Thanks for the compliment!

Del: Thank you!! Yep, bummer. I might just put the yarn pics up, and worry about the bracelets later. I need to sell my sock yarn so I can get more!

Stacey: Thanks! I got the link. I am going to teach that spindle a lesson!! Real soon!

Jennifer: Thank you! That's really nice to hear from someone who makes such neat-o stuff like you do!

Alliesw: Yep! That is so true. So, what did you do with the baby socks?

Ok, so I really need to get batteries for my camera. At least I have old pictures from my past knitting, and dyeing adventures.

First, to the right here's a picture of me (yes, I am a dork). LD took this after Christmas 2005. I dyed the yarn, which I got for Christmas, then knitted and felted the hat. The rest of the wool went for a my so called scarf. It was LB Fisherman's wool. It felted up really well. Sadly, the scarf also felted close to the end of winter. I think I can get rid of the felted fringe, refringe it, and have a smaller, felted scarf.

See the fireplace behind me? It is really a bookcase that I covered with brown wrapping paper, and painted. I'll have to post a pic of it sometime, since it turned out so well.

These handbags are from Hello Yarn. The free patterns are on the left side of her website. Adrian knits the most awesome stuff. She has a bunch of really cool free patterns: like these skull bags, and skull socks and other stuff. Check it out, she's amazing!!

The green and orange yarn is dyed (by me) Patons wool , and the black is just black Patons wool. I love this pattern. These bags were so fun to knit. I feel like making more felted bags, but I have to finish something before starting any more projects!

Well, actually, I did start those fuzzy pink slippers last night. I might knit them for a gift, though, and gift knitting doesn't have the same rules. Right?

I've been trying to spin. I'm not so good, yet. Frustrated, actually. I've been working on my hedera when I get batteries!! I've been knitting on that bright red scarf, and looking at that pink/green handdyed sock yarn, but not starting those. Not yet, I promise!!

Tomorrow is the last kids knit club. I'll do more after school starts. The kids were talking about a sleep over some of them had, and one of them said "We were all knitting on the top bunk...." It's so cute! They were also talking about where they like to get their supplies for knitting, and how to get their parents to buy them yarn. The oldest ones are going into the 4th grade. Cutie, cuties!!

Well, life beckons! Gotta run. Knit On!!!!


Roo-Bee-Faye said...

That is definitely too cute about the girls knitting at their sleepover! Wish I had done that when I was young! I think Michigan is sounding nicer everyday. I think we will seriously be considering the state when we decide to move in another year or so. Either Michigan, Minnesota, or Wisconsin. I need more snow! More cold! More knitted items being utilized! Happy Knitting!

stacey said...

I love your scarf and hat and you dyed the yarn yourself?! I love the color blue. I dyed once. I can't wait to try that again!!

How'd your scarf get felted?