Tuesday, July 11, 2006

More Socks?

Hi, there! I found a pair of socks that I missed when I did my count. These are broad ripple from Knitty. I made the cuff shorter., because I like it like that. I knitted them in my own hand dyed merino wool. They made short little stripes of dark red, and turquisey blue. I didn't plan these stripes, they just happened. The other side of the socks are red where the blue, is and blue where the red is. I don't remember what size needle I used. I might have even used the size called for!! So, I guess my sock count is 21, now. Since I added these and my JW socks.

I am a terrible photographer! When I was small I thought I'd be a photographer, but I guess it's good that I didn't. So, here are the wristbands, or pulse warmers, if that's what you call them. I didn't use the yarn that was called for. I used....gasp...oh..my..gosh...acrylic. Yes, it's true I am a poor knitter who sometimes uses Red Heart! It's sport weight, and I used size 2 and 3 needles. They are for MM, and LD. They actually know the difference between this and good yarn, because if they use my good wool for finger knitting or tying something up, they hear about it! I keep some cheap stuff for the kids to use for crafts or whatever and if it'll work for something I want to do, then, so be it!

Thanks to amyartisan for her comment, aren't socks great? I need to find another pattern for this special yarn I've been saving. It's pink and green. Very springtime-like.

Mouse; you are so right about Johnny and Orlando, but I did think of one thing that is better: 3 hours of Captain Jack & Will Turner, and 2 hours of knitting time, plus a finished sock!!

Stacey; See the movie; it's yummy. (I can't seem to stop posting about the Pirate movie.) The kids at my knit class even talked about it today. There is a whole thing on Knitter's Review about it, and Johnny Depp. BTW; my branching out isn't quite as bright as it shows up on here, but it's close. I really like orange.

Better go get busy, or pick a new sock pattern and start new socks. Have a good one!!

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Whimsical Knitting said...

That's quite a few socks! What can I say...socknitting is just fun!!!