Saturday, September 30, 2006

Birthday Thanks and Baby Socks

First of all, I have to say thank you to everybody for the super birthday wishes! I got so many. I needed them, too. Thank you all!! I had a pretty good day. The house was clean (for a while), we won't talk about the kids. (Two of them had little meltdowns. Kids!) One relative (I won't say who) missed my birthday. So, the birthday wishes from everyone here, made me feel so much better! Thank you, thank you, thank you all!!!! I got gifts, and my MIL made me a cake! Time to brag a little. I got an mp3 player -- Knitcasts, here I come! I got the Shark steam cleaner. Whoo Hoo. (I told you I have an inner Monk) My friend, Carrie gave me a Yarn Harlot book. I've been wanting to read it, too. It's so funny. Then, I got yarn $$. $$, with the strict orders for it to be just for me, from one relative, then $$ from Cindy (cps) with orders for it to be just for yarn for myself! LOL. Guess I'd better pick which sweater I want to knit. Since I actually have some money to spend on me. That doesn't happen much around here!

Ok, so. Last night I went over to Cindy's, for a sock lesson. I brought the little baby hat that I'm knitting for the Dutchican Three. I should probably stop referring to Kristi's little boys as that, but it's so cute! We got all the yarn and needles, and everything out, and the other girls showed up. We talked (and my fingers went round n round on the tiny hat). We had a great time, but no knitting lesson. :( One of the other women there, has been wanting a knitting lesson from me for forever. Next time, everyone has to bring needles, and yarn!! LOL
Well, here's a picture of the two pair of little socks that are done. The middle picture has a quarter (US twenty-five cents). See how tiny they are. They stretch to about as big as the little blue socks, though. I didn't follow the directions, as usual. When will I learn? I did a little afterthought heel, instead of the short row heel. It's cute, but not so stretchy. Next time I'll listen to you, Boogie, I promise! So, I have two pair of baby socks, and Cindy gave me a beautiful hand knit baby blanket to send, and a pair of little blue mittens. I'm also knitting a little hat. I'll probably post this over at the warm those triplets up site, too.

The weekend (without kids since they are in Ohio with their Granny) is calling. Gotta go! I just have to say thanks again to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. You seriously don't know how much that meant to me. Hope everybody has a great, knit-filled weekend!!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fly-By Post

I'm going to be super fast today. I was not even going to come any where near this computer, I swear! (Too much to do)! I have a couple of things I have to share, though! First, yesterday, my friend (and cousin-in-law) cps called and wanted to run to the yarn shop. Yes! She is turning into a knitaddict, just like me and C. She got sock yarn and dpns, then we went and got some cotton, and LB Magic Stripes. She's ready for socks! WooHoo!! We are going to have to get together and knit socks on her day off. Yay!

Then, although I still have to put the heels in, (afterthought heel), I had to show off the eensy, teensy socks for the Dutchican Three. Aren't they the cutest? Where the tiny pink stripes are is where the heels will go. See the book under the e.t. socks???? I got a birthday present at school this morning! Thank you C!!!! Isn't that so awesome? Knitters are so absolutely wicked awesome!!!

Ok, sorry for all of the !! At least I'm not typing in all caps. It's a miracle I didn't get hit walking home from dropping LD off at school, because I was reading my new book as I walked home. Sorry no links, or answers to last posts comments. We have family coming over for cake tonight, and my bathroom is in a sorry state! I have more knitterly things to say, but if I want to knit and read blogs later, I'd better get a move on!


Edit: I got the house picked up! Hehe. Last night, my hubby said: "When I get home, I'll clean the bathroom, and do the touch ups." Well, the poor guy works his butt off all day, and even though, it's my birthday, I cleaned it all up. Yay!! Happy b-day to me!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

There's a virtual baby shower going on!

I thought I was going to be able to write one of those "I have secret knitting" posts. It's not a secret anymore, though. That's probably good. I can't keep secrets very well. hehe. So, there is a virtual baby shower going on. Kristi of Reddogknits is having three boys. All at the same time. So, knowing she loves and appreciates handknits, some blogging ladies decided she needs help covering them in handknitted baby stuff. Well, Kristi found out the first day, (We made her cry, I bet) so it's not a secret, and I can post pics of the baby knitting that I'm doing. So, here are a pair of little baby socks that I knitted a while ago. There was no baby to give them to, but now there are three who can fight over them. Then, I started a new baby sock, using Boogie's Baby Keep Your Socks on pattern. Not really a pic, since it was easier to throw the tiny sock on the scanner. I haven't used this pattern before, but so far I love it! Super quick! Scroll down on the page to see the Boogie Baby with her socks in action. She's so cute! On the top of her page she has a link to her free patterns. Creative woman!

I met my friend C this morning for knitting. We went over to M's house, and knitted and chatted. C and I have decided Tuesday mornings after dropping the bigger kids at school, will be out get together and knit time. Now I need to set up regular knitting time with cps, LD has been bugging me every night to go back, so she can play with the kids.

I'm sure there are a million other things that I could / should post about, but I want to get back to that baby knitting! Some day, after I play catch up around here, I think some of my knitting will be for the Michigan Preemie Project thing. Knitting baby things is great, and these will be for people who will love them.

P.S. thanks for the comments to my last post. I guess I really do knit more than just dishcloths. They really do make doing the dishes a bit more fun. Not that doing dishes is any kind of fun. I am thinking of how to change some dishcloth patterns into bibs. Sort of like the Mason-Dixon one, but a little different. I swear, I can knit with yarn that's not cotton! Really!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Guess what I've been knitting

Thanks everybody for the comments, and the offers of switching climates. Hehe. I would seriously love to live where it isn't so cold. I have never lived anywhere else, but I like new experiences. Oh, man, I'm a dork. I love contests. I'd never in my whole life done a scavenger hunt, so it was pretty fun. Thanks for the wishes of luck. I need them, I've won two things, in my whole life. Really, just two!! Ever!!
Yeah, I've been knitting. Guess what I've been knitting .... Dishcloths!
I got together with cps, and we chatted and knitted and watched some Ghost Whisperer while the kids played. She finished her second ever dishcloth. We were admiring it and wondering how on earth it got so much looser at the end. The last third of the dishcloth had twisted stitches. Great teacher I am, I didn't even notice. Oops. Sorry cps. Then, it was time to go and the next day, she ripped it out and fixed it up all by herself. Pretty cool!

Well, I didn't feel like getting my camera out, so I scanned the two dishcloths I did this weekend. I have quite a pile of dishcloths done. The green / blue / black 9 patch will probably go with any other green and blue ones I've done to my sister for Christmas. She loves blue and green, and she'll like the dishcloths. The garterlac one might be for LD. She asked for a new face cloth, or I might just go let her pick out her own cotton, and we can knit one together. She has a triangle face cloth that she knit herself, but I guess she needs a new one.

I picked up and knitted a black border on the 9 patch. I might crochet or knit one on the garterlac cloth, too. I really know how to spend some time, don't I? Yeah, I do have a jaywalker sock shouting for it's toe. I love knitting the toe. Decreasing and then kitchener stitch. What's not to love? Maybe I'm saving it for some special time. LOL. It's really just sitting there waiting for it's toe. Soon, I'll finish it and start it's mate.

What sweater? Hahaha, I am looking around, and I'll settle on a pattern, and some affordable yarn. Someday. I am a procrastaknitter.

Blogger is being a little bit of a pain for me today. Holey Moley! Guess I'll go clean up my knitting before I go get the kids. Knit on Knitters!!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Look what I have!

Look what I have! I finished the scavenger hunt!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Remember when I loved Ralph Macchio?

Tatjana at Crafty fox is having a contest, with yarn as the prize. I have to enter of course! I am a yarn lover! So, here's my entry.

Remember when I loved Ralph Macchio?

I did, too. Lisa remembers, I know she does. We watched The Karate Kid eight million times, and The Karate Kid II fifty million times. hehehehe. My mom had a crush on Pat Morito, so he's up there, too. The Ralph face on toast is so funny. I had the bottom picture as a poster on my wall. How embarrassing is that? I remember his shirt was hot pink and black. Weird!
Apparently, I will totally embarrass myself in the hopes for some yarn. Whimsical Knitting is also having a contest with yarn as the prize. I'm working hard on that one. I really should stop telling people that there are these contests. I'd probably have a better chance at winning if I shut up!
p.s. thanks for the comments everybody!- ginx, please send that heat here. I'm wearing jeans and a fleece, and I'd much rather wear shorts and a tshirt!
I added some edits in red in my last post. Fixed up some stuff. Do you think I'll have a knitting post next time? Good question, huh? Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Motley Post

Thanks for the comments. I love the pirate talk. LOL. The pirate and the ninja don't know I posted that pic, but I don't think they'll mind. They are so funny about my blog. SP's friend was here one day when I was posting, and she asked to see my blog. (Or maybe I said "Wanna see it? Wanna see it?") He had told her about it. LOL. Later, he told me she said I'm cool! That's pretty wicked, coming from a 16 yr. old!!

No knitting photos. Lazy me, I killed I don't even know how much time yesterday with this awesome, hilarious time sucker. It's a video, so I apologize if you have dial-up. It's not naughty or anything like that, just funny! I could watch those all day long. My hubby said, "Why is my face that color?" It's my fault, because I picked an awful picture of him, but the look on his face is hysterical. I am snorting because I'm laughing so hard. I sent my bestfriend Lisa a link, but I don't know if she's seen it yet. I think she'll email me as soon as she does. I saw this link on a knit blog, that I followed from another knit blog. Let me know if you know where I borrowed it from, 'cuz I can't remember. I do believe Marji is right (in the comments) I got this from her blog post yesterday. Thanks Marji!

Sweater. I guess I'll really have to knit one now. Just kidding. I've been wanting to do one for quite a while. I just need to find some $ for yarn, and pick out a pattern. I have a ton to choose from. Kellyhl is so right about knitting in the round. I forgot that requirement. Long sleeves, in the round, pull over. I like the bell sleeves, too. Who knows what I'll do. G-girl is thinking about a first sweater, too. Tatjana has offered to help me figure out what I want because she can't start any more sweaters. Is that because you have too many already knit? Or too many you are currently knitting?

Cps offered sewing help. She is the greatest quilter in the world. By the way: LD took the quilt you made her for her second b-day to school with her yesterday to show off. And, Mouse offered to send the 85 degree heat up here to IC Michigan. We will take it! Then, maybe I could knit a short sleeved sweater. hahaha

Oh yeah, what the heck is going on with the knitter's review? I can't get there. I am having serious withdrawals. I need to go see what everyone's posting and knitting and stuff. Bernie, I think you go to KR, are you having problems? If anyone knows what's going on tell me, please. *panic filled voice* Ok, deep breathing. Knitter's Review is awesome, and it must be fixed soon. Another deep breath, ok, I'm better.

Guess I'd better go get something done, since yesterday was spent messing around on this machine. Maybe some knitting stuff next time!!

Edit: It looks like knitter's review is back on track. I guess I'll go check it out. And cps reminded me that our friend C A quilts too, and says she is better than cps. I don't sew, but let me tell ya, looking at her quilts and stuff almost makes me want to. hehe

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I Missed ITLAP Day

Yesterday was International Talk Like A Pirate Day. I'm no good at talking like a pirate, but I have a Pirate picture to make up for it. It even has a ninja in it for good measure!
This was from 1998. MM is the Little Pirate Skeleton guy and SP is the ninja. I have an actual knitting post from yesterday. Scroll down, but aren't they the cutest?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Did you know My Weird Hubby named this blog?

Yep, The Weird Poet of MI, came up with Arleta's Motley Wool. In real life he's really quiet and laid back, online, apparently he is a very strange poet. Hmm. Weird guy!

Remember the cute baby pic of LD, I meant to tell del that she loves that pic, because it's her and she's in a frilly pink dress, and she's a baby. LD loves babies, she loves frilly pink stuff, and LD loves pics of herself! Well, del asked, so there!

So, LD thanks everyone for the hat compliments. (maybe I should change this blog to Arleta's and Arleta's Motley Wool) She is right this minute working on a golf club sock. I guess that is what you call those things.

Yeah, I think, as soon as I catch up on some things, I want to knit a sweater for myself. I think I want a pull over, definitely long sleeves. That's all I've got so far. g-girl says how about the Mariah. Hmm. I don't like to sew, (I can do it, cps, just not as well as you!) so no zipper, but it is a neat pattern. I think I'll go a little easier, though. I see g-girl is thinking about the Ivy knitalong. I like the Ivy pattern, it's a really pretty sweater. I still think I'm leaning toward a pull over, though. I just can't make up my mind, yet. I'm a Libra, I want it all, so I can't decide!!

Thanks to everyone for the nice words about the new Jaywalker Sock.
I did have a little time to knit on it today. I met Carrie this morning, and she worked on a sweater, and ran around (haha), while I worked on my sock. I got through the gusset, so I should get it finished really quickly, if the starving horde here, will let me find any time to knit. I swear the only time I do get to knit is when Carrie says "Let's go knit." When I'm here with the kids, they need me, when they aren't here, I see things I should be doing. By time everything's done, I'm tired!

So, this pic is of the Jaywalker sock taken with a plain stockinette stitch sock knit with the same yarn. Isn't the difference neat? Same yarn different pattern. Totally different look. I love the zig zags. They are sort of hard to see in the pic, but when the sock is all done, you'll see 'em. They are there in real life.

I started this post earlier this afternoon, then had to go run a few errands. Now, it's almost 9 and this old lady needs to make kids get ready for bed. When they are in bed I can finally go to sleep. It was so dreary here today, that I just felt yucky all day long. I need sunshine! Somebody send some sun up here to icy cold Michigan! Please!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

A Finished Object and A Work In Progress

Thanks for the comments. Yeah, I don't eat bon-bons and watch soaps, I knit and watch Charmed reruns. haha. What a tiring weekend. Aren't weekends supposed to be restful breaks? When I typed about my inner-monk I said 4 people, a dog, and a cat. I wasn't counting myself, but I guess I should have said 5 people, since about 70% of the mess is mine. Or maybe 60%.

I turned the heel on my newest jaywalker sock. I knitted a few rows on some slippers that may or may not turn out to be a Christmas gift, and I started another dishcloth. I think I'll make a list of all of my WIPs and UFOs and really work on them before starting the thousand other projects I want to do.

Here is another progress pic of the jaywalker! I swear, I feel like the most boring knitter sometimes. I really want to do a sweater for myself. I've never knitted a sweater, and I think it's time. I need some ideas, though. I also need to finish some things that are going first.

My little knitter made a hat for her baby doll, on her knitting loom. Isn't that cute! She has one started for herself on one of the bigger looms, in the green and rainbowish red heart (oh) that she got for her birthday. I woke up Saturday, to the sounds of LD sitting on the couch, knitting on her loom; saying "I'm hungry, Mom. I'm hungry, Mom." Which is the normal chant around here, but she was working on her loom!

It is so neat to see her pick up her knitting! She is very proud of the hat. She has plans to knit her cousin some golf club sock thingys for his 6th b-day. There is a pattern in the knitting loom booklet. I think I'll crochet (double-oh) a golf tee holder. It's neat, I made one for his dad, it looks just like a huge tea-bag for a cup of tea, but when you unfold it, it is full of golf tees.

So, the FO wasn't even mine! LD has knitted (on needles) half of a face cloth for herself. She decided to bind off when it was a triangle. She uses it, too. I think both of my boys started knitting something - ages ago, but never finished anything.

Well, time to go try to set this place back to rights after the weekend. I really don't know why, though, as soon as they get home, it'll be all undone again! Then, I am going to work on those WIPs, so I can show off my own FO.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Many Thanks!

Edit: check out my hubby's new post. He put a knitting reference in. hehe

The offers of oven usage are much appreciated. That darn thing! When we moved in here, there was a brand new oven. Yay! After about three years, it died. Dead, no good oven! The part for it was more than a new oven. How can that be? My hubby's aunt got a new oven, and gave us hers. It was old, but good, and it baked food! Then, a few months later--another dead, no good oven. We will be getting a new one. My hubby-- the funny one --does not like to spend money, but this is something we need. So, we will be getting one ASAP!

I totally kicked butt cleaning this insane asylum yesterday! We had family coming over for LD's bday, and they all already think all I do is knit all day long. LOL. Usually all of the things I did yesterday would have taken me all day long, but with hubby at work, and the kids at school, I was done in two hours. The cake was baked, and frosted (waiting for Her Majesty to come decorate it). The kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, and front hall were clean(enough).

Deep down inside of me is the Monk. Ya know the guy on TV who has OCD, and everything has to be clean and disinfected? Living here, though, with four people who collect stuff, (lots of stuff), and a dog, and a cat does not let me keep this place as neat and clean as I would like. I hate cleaning, but afterwards, when everything is shiny, I love it! I even asked for the shark steam cleaner for my bday. hehehe

Thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes. Lil' Diva has had a blast since Thursday. She got so many nice gifts from our family. Unfortunately $5 of her b-day money was lost somewhere. Longish story. Poor girl. Actually probably poor me, because I feel bad and I will end up replacing the 5 bucks. She got yarn, and a knifty knitter. Her Granny asked if I was shopping for her or myself, and I told her that I would never buy that kind of yarn for myself!! haha, just joking; of course; Sort of. LD does know the difference between yarn, good yarn, and great yarn. I'll teach her more as she grows into a real fiber addict. haha Right now, the colors are pretty important to her.

Also, thanks for the compliments on the stitch markers. I've made quite a few sets of them. I need to get really good pics of the sets, then I will add them to my etsy shop. Everyone who has seen them in "real life" seems to like them. I'll show them off here, as soon as I get some good pics. I haven't even gotten any good knitting time in lately, because I've been making stitch markers, and painting goo on the bottom of my slippers. I do not recommend the black dip the tool goo stuff, because if you slide your foot across a hard floor, you get a black mark. I'm going to find some clear stuff, I think.

Well, gotta go feed kids, pick up a kid, and drop another kid off at her house. Who on earth came up with the term Stay At Home Mom?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wasn't it yesterday?

Wasn't this yesterday?

Happy Birthday to my baby!!

How on earth did this much time pass so quickly?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Baking Tip and A Slipper Fix

Thanks to everyone who left me a comment. I am a commenter. I see things I like on other people's blogs, and I just type away!! I like getting comments, too. hehe

I got to go knit with my blog-less friend, Carrie, today. It was a lot of fun. Chatting with another grown up woman is just what I needed. Thanks, Carrie!!

So, the all important baking tip that everyone is on pins and needles waiting for is: Baking cupcakes (half a dozen at a time; in a toaster oven) is no fun! Don't do it, if you don't have to! Our oven is dead, and LD needs cupcakes for school tomorrow. She is very excited about frosting and decorating them after school today. She is going to be eight years old, tomorrow! Holey Moley, I really don't know where the years went.

Well, who said the dining room table was for eating? Mine is apparently for beading. At least, it is right now. (and yesterday) hehe. I've been making stitch markers for sock needles. I asked Carrie's opinion, and she seems to like them, or else she's just being nice. haha. Oh, my jaywalker sock is sitting there, too.
Here is the slipper fix. The first pic is my poor felted slipper bottom with patches all over it. Then, the pink and purple one belongs to LD. The last pic is the finished product.

If any one cares, here's what I did: I got a can of stuff that you dip your tool handles in, and it coats them with a plastic-rubbery substance. I got it at the hardware store. Then, I taped around the foot bottom, and painted the stuff on. I let them dry all day. I've been wearing them around the house for a couple of days, and they feel the same. (just no more skating in the kitchen) I see a couple of thin spots on my slippers, and I think I'll just paint a little more on those spots. The only problem there is that I'll have to take them off!

The cupcakes are done and waiting for frosting, but now there are more dishes to wash. Oh well, so goes my life. I also have to fold the clean laundry. The kids can take their piles and put them away when they get home. I didn't do it yesterday because those stitch markers are just too fun to make. I have to do it today, though. I dumped the baskets on my bed to make sure I don't put it off again!

Someday, I'll get to all of those knitting projects I want to do!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Family Friends and Stitch Markers

Yesterday really made me think about the people I love. My kids, (of course!!) my hubby, my bestfriend, and all of my family and friends are my life. My hubby started a blog. I am a blog pusher! I keep trying to get my knitty friend, Carrie to start one, and my hubby, too. Well, he caved. If you want to check it out, go ahead. He does have a weird sense of humor, though. hehe. I haven't read his last post, but I think he said it has to do with music.

Here are a couple of pictures of my bestfriend and me, in Florida last spring. It was the first trip we'd ever taken together away from our kids. Hubby did a very good job for the whole week. I'd never been away for so long, but it flew by. I told her yesterday that we need to do it again!! Her mom and stepdad took care of us like princesses. We payed for our tickets there, and that was it. They cooked for us, or took us out every night. It was just like when we were kids. We've been bestfriends for (ok she'll kick my arse if I'm wrong) I think....21 years? I'm close, I know it, I just can't do any math right now. hahahaha. She read my blog, and said I'm an old lady, and I crack her up. She's an old lady, too, but I think old age must have made her forget that fact!

Well, well, well, Blogger is being nice! It let me put another picture in this post!! I tried my hand at making some stitch markers. They are really small, for sock needles. I gave them to Carrie for her birthday. Then, I sat down and made some more. I think I'll send one out with each skein of sock yarn I sell on my etsy shop. I might even sell some separately. I've been using one on the jaywalker sock I'm knitting; instead of the little coil-less safety pin that I usually use. It works just as well, and looks a lot better.

Tomorrow, or whenever I post next, I'll show some pictures of how I fixed my felted slippers. I kept getting holes in them. I would have to darn them, over and over. I know why they call that darning!! So, I bought some gunk that goes on tool handles, and fixed them right up. They feel the same on my feet, but, no more slipping around in the kitchen. The bottoms are not slippery any more. Oh, well, hopefully no more darning!

Housework calls! Darn It!

Monday, September 11, 2006


Here is a list of people who are honoring and remembering all of the people who lost their lives five years ago today. I hope it's ok to link to this list. I think everyone who has the time should check it out.
Edited to add: They have suspended url of the site I linked to for some reason. Sorry.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


I was re-reading my last post, and I can't believe I forgot one of my favorite jobs! I painted antique reproduction game boards at a little shop called The Painted Pony. I loved that work. How could I forget? It was so fun, and artistical!!

Hey, Whimsical, thanks for the compliment on my third jaywalker. I said second in my last post, but it's not the second sock, it's the first sock of the second pair. So, really it's the third Jaywalker sock. I guess I really am forgetful lately.
Mindy, I can't wait to read your meme. I loved Charmed. I am a geek! Supernatural is ok, too, but I forget to watch sometimes.
Sharon, thank you for the compliment on my yarn. Dyeing is so much fun for me. I would love to come to Australia someday. It is one of the places that just fascinate me for some reason.

I have to go get on with my weekend. I have to go buy a birthday present for my Little Diva. She has a birthday next week, then mine is two weeks later. Fun! Have a great one, all!

Friday, September 08, 2006

A me meme - knitters!

Comments! Thanks to all. Larjmarj says I'm a pro! Thank you! I like etsy so far. I just started and haven't sold anything, yet, so we'll see. g-girl, I read that info on the knitter's review, but they always seem to know what's going on, so I'll buy as much LB Magic Stripes as I can!

A Things About Me Meme

Things you may not have known about me. In no particular order.

Four jobs I have had in my life:

  • candy counter/cashier at the Garden Theater
  • cashier at the Cherry Bowl Drive in
  • maid/cottage cleaner at the Frankfort Condos, and at Chimney Corners (I hate cleaning)
  • Mom to Jordan, Malcolm, and Lil' Arleta

Four Movies I have watched over and over:

  • Sixteen Candles (I heart Jake Ryan!)
  • Dirty Dancing (Patrick)
  • Chocolat (Johnny)
  • A Knight's Tale (Heath)

Four of my favorite tv shows:

  • Charmed (it's over--wah!)
  • Ghost Whisperer
  • CSI (Las Vegas)
  • Three Moons Over Milford

Four places I have been on vacation:

  • Florida
  • Colorado
  • Ohio
  • The U.P.

Four of my favorite foods:

  • Chocolate (it is food)
  • Coffee (yes-it counts)
  • Roasted Vegies
  • Seafood (Lobster, Crab, Shrimp, all of it--Yum!)

Four places I would rather be right now:

  • The Beach (in July)
  • On vacation on a beach (in July)
  • On vacation anywhere (in July)
  • I think I'd like to be in Summer!

Four things I need to do:

  • Laundry (yuck)
  • the breakfast dishes (yuck)
  • roll the leviathan yarn for etsy. (yay)
  • knit on my Jaywalker sock (yay)

If you do this meme, let me know so I can come learn about you ok?

For all of you who read and were patient; here is a pic of my second jaywalker sock!! Lion Brand Magic Stripe sock yarn in a fun, funky color. I don't know where the ball band is, so that's what color we're calling it!

Time to go work and then ---- knit!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

My newest hand painted yarn

Thanks for the nice comments! I did bike a little farther yesterday. Today, though, it's yucky looking out there. I hope it doesn't rain! MM and the other 8th graders are on a field trip. An outdoor field trip.

Well, here are a couple of pics of my newest hand painted yarn. I call it hand painted because I do "paint" the kool ade right onto it. I don't immerse the wool into the dye. I guess that's the difference between hand dyed and hand painted. It turned out really pretty. Different shades of purples, blues, and greens. SP told me I should call it leviathan. I guess I can, if I can figure out how to spell it. haha. Handy spell check! It does remind me of the deepest sea. It's a little darker in real life than in these pics.

I will be putting it in my etsy shop. It is worsted weight Virgin wool. 8 ounces, about 465 yards. This yarn makes some great felted items. I need to remember to mention that in the description. I have some acid dyes, that I'm dying (haha) to try, but I need another slow cooker, or some pans specifically for acid dyeing, first.

I think, before I do any house work, I'll go scan some other blogs. I've got over 60 on bloglines, and more that I check often, and need to add to bloglines. That is such a time saver. I used to check if anyone posted by going to each of my favorite blogs, and it took forever! I love that I can go to one place and find out if there is a new post.

I have a little meme thing that I meant to post, but I guess I had more pressing knitterly things to talk about. Maybe tomorrow. It's one that is things about me.

Time to go read blogs and knit. Then, on to the housework. (Yuck!)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The kids are at school and I have yarn

Thanks, all, for the nice comments about my socks. I will definitely use the sewn bind off next time I do toe up socks. It used less yarn than the normal knit bind off, too. Those poor socks probably weren't any good, because anyone with a foot big enough for them, wouldn't have been able to get them on. Now, they are just right!!

I saw a pet meme on Red dog knits. It was cute, but I'm lazy, so I'll do mine in pictures. Here is Billie Holiday, and Princess Ein. She is really not very princess-like, or even very lady like, but LD was playing dress up yesterday, and apparently the dog wanted to play, too. She liked the crown and left it on for a long time. When she saw the camera, she posed. Pretty funny. Ein is part Corgi (short legs) and part black lab. She looks like a lab with half sized legs.

Billie is a little snooty. She puts up with the dog, but that's about it. I'm her favorite! She is a short haired tortoise shell. We've had Billie for 5 years, and Ein since January 31st. We got them both from the same shelter. Billie was given up because the previous owners didn't have time for her, and Ein was found wandering around. She obviously was not treated very well. She's afraid of a lot of stuff.

My kids are at school!! We got up on time and everything. After I dropped LD off, I tried to kill myself on my bike. I've been riding all summer, and I've lost 4 pounds! But, today, I decided to go at a grownup speed instead of a 7yr old's speed, and holey cow! I thought I'd die. For real! I only went a few miles, but I went fast and hard, and I think my bike tires need air. I definitely got my heart rate up there.

Now, I'm going to go do the breakfast dishes, so that I have room to dye my yarn. Then, I think I'll even have some time to knit before I go get the kids from school. Whoo hoooo!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hand knit socks -- Redone

Well, I got my friend Carrie to leave a comment. haha. She's really funny. Mouse, you should try your camera's software. It might have something good. I almost didn't load this on, because I have the stuff from the last two digital cameras on here, and I figured it would be about the same. Glad I did, though. Tatjana, I probably would like your mom's kitchen. I go through phases, where I think I'd want different decorating styles. Right now, I'd take any kind of style. It's a mess in here! Marce, what a nice comment. I feel like I hardly ever get anything finished. Probably because I start new things all of the time.

These socks in this picture are for my best friend, Lisa. I finished them in June. I hadn't given them to her, yet, because I didn't like the cuff. It was way too tight. I had already bound them off and woven in the ends, so I had to find the ends and unweave them. Then, stitch by stitch; because I didn't want to drop any stitches, I undid the bind off. The yarn was all crickly. Then, I took a needle and did the sewn bind off. It is much stretchier. Why on earth didn't I do it in the first place? Oh, yeah, I started it at home, and finished it in the car. Now I feel like I can give them to her.

Then, I started another dishcloth, and a new Jaywalker sock. I got some Lion Brand Magic Stripes yarn, and cast on today. I read that the Magic Stripes is being discontinued. I really like that yarn. It's affordable, and I like the colors, too. I got the yarn on sale for five dollars. I love a good deal!! Oh, yeah, in the pics up there you can see my other Magic Stripes socks under the Bestfriend socks. I was resting the Bestfriend sock on my foot to take the picture. I heart my handknit socks!! The Bestfriend socks are my hand dyed yarn. I can never seem to get orange or reds to turn out right when I try to take a picture. I also got another skein of worsted wool to dye. I can't wait until I have time to do it.

So, picnic/barbecue and surprise birthday party for the MIL, tomorrow. I really should be in bed. I'm scared that on Tuesday we'll oversleep. I keep telling the boys to go brush their teeth, and go to bed. It's weird having teenagers. They are trying to bribe me with shoulder rubs. It could almost work, they are pretty good at it. Time for us all to sleep, though. So, I have to be tough. LOL.

September is a big birthday month for us. We have b-days in our family on the 8th, 14th, 19th, 21st, 27th, and two on the 28th! Well, I'll be spending tomorrow visiting and knitting. Hope you have a good day, all!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Photo Secrets, and more dishcloths!

Ok, I'll tell my secret. I can load six pictures as if they are one. My HP camera had some software that can make album pages. I like the look of them. Different colors, and from 1 to 6 pics per page. I wish there were more colors, though. There are only a few. Then, you can also add text under each pic. So, here are my nine patch cloths. I think I'm done with that pattern for a little bit. It is a fun, quick knit for me. Maybe I need one more. I love the colors of these ones. Some day, I want my kitchen all black and white with bright red or orange accents. Crisp. I stuck a couple of pics of my last handpainted skein in there, too. You know, 'cuz I can. I should have saved this one a little bigger so you could see more detail, though. Live and learn, right? I have a message for a certain lurker, too. Come out and leave a comment! And start your own blog so we all can read it, already! You know who you are. LOL! Sorry, I couldn't resist. I know you have a good sense of humor. (I'm pretty sure, anyway.) So, are you going to leave a comment? Start a blog???? I know you're not shy.

I have a busy weekend coming up. I wish we could just chill and enjoy the next few days before school starts. Which is in 4 days. LD keeps chanting it. The boys don't want to hear it, though. We've been playing checkers, and Uno, and she's been being a waitress and "serving" me coffee (for $10 per cup!) all day. Oh, she just informed me, I am also paying for the use of the cafe's computer. Well, holey cow! That's still too rich for me. LOL!

I was looking at the Jaywalker sock gallery, and I saw a pair, and thought they were mine! I had to go to Ericajo's blog, and check it out. We have almost matching socks. I think that's pretty cool.

I just got another comment about the garterlac cloths right now, while I was typing away. I love that pattern. I might just have to start another one. I want to do the Yarn Girl, and the Born to Knit ones, too. I already have the yarn, and I still think knitting dishcloths is like housework, because I really need them for doing dishes! haha

I guess I'd better get started on the weekend. Hope everyone has a great one!