Monday, July 24, 2006

I'm a knitter, not a photographer

Thanks for the nice comments about my kitty pi. That is a great pattern. Billie likes it anyway. The wool I knitted it with was dyed by me, of course.

Well, I am going to post my yarn, and some beaded bracelets I made on etsy, but not until I get new batteries for my camera. The yarn needs new pictures, what I've already taken look like poo. I haven't taken any pictures of my bracelets. I turned the stupid camera on to take pics for my shop, all excited, and the darn thing wouldn't stay on. That's how dead the batteries are. I'm ready now! Why isn't the camera?

Since I can't take any new pics, I'll show you all, a couple of old ones. This is a small bag I designed for The Don.

Left = pre felted
Right = post felted

He has a nice bocce ball set, that we take along to family reunions, ect. It has a nice heavy duty bag to carry everything except a note pad, pencil, and measuring tape, for score keeping. So this keeps all of those things safe. It is left over hand dyed yarn from Billie's kitty pi. It's one of the first things I'd ever knit with a motif on it, and it pulled in a little after felting. He likes it, though!

We (of course) left the whole bocce set home when we went to the family reunion on Saturday. We had to drive to Kalkaska, MI. I've only driven through there before, but last year and this year his family had a get-together there, at this little camp ground that has this tiny little lake. I got quite a bit done on my hedera sock on the way there. I wish I could show you a picture. Then, I helped (if you call it that) my friend C, who is learning to knit with her scarf. C's hubby is my hubby's cousin.

I'll show you my WIPs again as soon as I get batteries. I'll also post to etsy. I'm knitting kind of slowly these days, because I'm busy with that spindle. I want to learn, I feel like I should be really good at it, but so far.... not so good. Thanks for reading! Knit on Knitters!


Roo-Bee-Faye said...

Looking forward to the photos! I don't even have a digital camera so my site is really lackluster at this point. I envy your dead battery problem! It just takes so long to take a photo with film, develop, finally get the photo scanned into the computer, and then when you can finally post about the photo, the moment has passed.

Sounds like you had a nice weekend in Michigan! My friend is moving to Ann Arbor to go to graduate school and she keeps, jokingly, telling me to move there, too. She says it is a really great place to raise kids....really?

Whimsical Knitting said...

Sounds like the family reunion was fun! Can't wait to see your hedera socks! I love the bag and I love the letter...where did you find this alphabet?

del said...

Cute bag! I know what a bummer it is when the batteries go dead just as you're ready to go.

stacey said...

Felted cursive...rock on girl!!

I emailed you that site for spinning. It's coming, slowly but surely for me too. Don't give up!! Must win! Must overcome! I'm going to give my spindle what for tonight...I hope. :)

Jennifer said...

I really like the bold black with the contrast stripes and the handyed colors- beautiful!

alliesw said...

Just think--how many people can say they have a hand knit bocce ball bag?! Just one of the great things about having a knitter in the family!

AR said...

Roo-bee-fay: Yep. MI is nice. Especially in the summer! The school is the main reason we stay here.

Whimsical: It was fun. I drew the letter on graph paper, then knitted from that like a chart. Thanks for the compliment!

Del: Thank you!! Yep, bummer. I might just put the yarn pics up, and worry about the bracelets later.

Stacey: Thanks! I got the link. I am going to teach that spindle a lesson!! Real soon!

Jennifer: Thanks! That's really nice to hear from someone who makes such neat-o stuff like you do!

Alliesw: Yep! That is so true. So, what did you do with the baby socks?