Friday, July 07, 2006

Can a tombstone be funny?

'What" will your obituary say?' at

After complaining about my weight yesterday the result of this quiz is kind of funny. I wanted an easy bake oven when I was little. I remember being mad because my mom got me a Holly Hobby oven. It worked the same and I did bake little cakes in it a couple of times. It was just such a hassle when I could just go help in the real kitchen.

We just got back from another bike ride. My MIL came with us. It was fun. Not much wild life this time, though. The animals were probably hiding out from the hot sun until later. We also got tennis rackets, and we hit the ball around when noone is looking, because we really stink at it.

So, off to the drive-in tonight. We are going to see Pirates and Cars. It's a real drive-in theater where you have the speakers that hook on the side of your car window, and everything. You can also tune into a radio station now, and hear the movie. That cuts down on the bugs flying into your car. It'll be fun, if the kids can be good. I'll bring my knitting and work on that darn sock, until it gets too dark, anyway.

I went and started a new project. It's the Zombie pattern by Jennifer T. I'm making them for the MusicMan. He likes wristbands, and if I don't start something small, I'll start more socks. I'm going to start some anyway, but there are just so many patterns to choose from.

I knit SkaterPunk hats a lot. I did a wicked cabled beanie. I basically took a picture of a hat he liked, and changed the parts he didn't like, then rewrote the whole pattern. He lost it somewhere. It's a little tough to think someone has a one of a kind hat that I made just for him. He bought the yarn he liked, and it turned out really well. He's just going to have to wait until I feel like making him a new one, now. Hope that teaches him!

Well, better go see about a shower. Then I'll get my knitting ready to go to the movies!! Have a great weekend!

Edit: Here's how new I am to this. It says I posted this last night, but that's when I took that quiz and saved the code. I wrote the rest at about 2:30 pm Saturday. Michigan time!! I hope I "get" all of this stuff someday!


Mouse said...

Ooh.. there aren't many "real" drive in movies left - I can't wait to go see Pirates on Monday.

Marce said...

keep at it and you will, just like knitting!!

A dreive in movie sounds WAY cool. I love throw back stuff, and what a great family outing.

alliesw said...

Well, at this point, I think my tombstone will say--"She might have had her issues, but boy, she made a lot of socks!" I still believe, you can never make too many socks........