Thursday, July 06, 2006

Works in Progress

Thanks to everyone who left comments about my socks. I feel like I need to knit more.Ya know? I had a great time yesterday. I didn't ask to take any pictures, though. So, here is a pic of some of the things I'm working on. There are my Jaywalker socks, a scarf for a friend of my MIL, a shawl with some weird yarn, and a branching out scarf from knitty. I knitted a little on my heel flap and started turning the heel, and did a couple of rows on the red scarf, yesterday. I might rip out the branching out, it's my handdyed sock yarn, and I might use it for (surprise!) more socks.

Yesterday, I met up with my friend C and her mom. While we knitted, LD taught one of C's girls to fingerknit. Then we went next door to M's house, and chatted while all of the kids played. It was fun. I love getting out of this place. Sometimes I feel locked in or something. There's just so much to do around here. It's starting to look a little (a lot) lived in, if you know what I mean. It's summer and I don't feel like doing housework!

LD and I went to the summer rec. program. No fish for her today. I had three students, and a very little sister of two of the students. She drew with paper and markers while we knitted. For about a minute anyway. We sat out in the grass by the dock the fisherkids were at. The sun was out and it wasn't too breezy. I was going to show one of the other adults how to knit today, but she was a little busy running after the little sister who came along today. I've been telling her I'll teach her for a couple of years, when I taught one of her daughters to knit.

It's getting loud in here. The kids are sick of being inside and we have to go enjoy the sunshine before it's gone. This is Michigan, after all, we don't get this kind of great weather very often! Everyone have a great day. I think we're heading out on our bikes.


Whimsical Knitting said...

Oh, bike riding is such fun! Enjoy!
I am loving watching your wips! I would do the same thing with branching out...LOL...gotta make socks, you know...LOL! Although..your branching out is very, very lovely! KUDOS to you on teaching others to knit!

Marce said...

What a great blog. I love to see that a mom can still make time to knit such wonderful (and beautfully dyed) items. I especially like the color you've chosen for your Branching Out scarf.

Keep at it! Looks great.

stacey said...

I found your branching out scarf Arleta! Looks so familiar...LOL!!