Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!

Thanks for all of the comments about my face painting, and the fake newspaper. Here are some more pictures of my work. These pics on the left are from last year. The kids were all members of the band KISS. Lil' AR is a little bit obsessed with Gene Simmons. She did not get that from me!

The pics on the right are from this morning. The boys can wear face paint to school, but Lil' AR has to wait until 2 o'clock for the parade they put on. So, we got up early and painted Alice Cooper. Nope, not my influence, either. Then, once again Malcolm is StarChild from KISS. Later on for Trick or Treating, he is going to be Jason from Friday the 13th. It's funny, because we live by Crystal Lake!

Malcolm's hair is quite a bit longer this year, but Jordan has shorter hair now. He dyed it black. (I like it blonde), and we were going to do the black hairspray on Malcolm's hair, but that stuff rubs off on everything. Lil' AR let him wear her KISS shirt today.

I'd better go do the dishes, and then paint my face. I have to get back to the school to help the 2nd graders with their costumes.

I'm hoping that I'll find some time to check out everybody's blogs today. More pics tomorrow (I hope)!

Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm Big News!

I made this at a really neat site. I think I got that site from this blog. Later!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I swear it's not real.

Ok, so I'm posting a closeup of the little pirate's scar. This is after the party, so the red cheek is from being hot and tired. I've never painted a scar, and I think I did a pretty good job. It sort of looks like an infected cut. Yucky! She loved it. It looked really cool with the long skeleton earrings she had on with her costume.
Back to the weekend!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Halloween Party!

Thanks for all of the comments and support with the pinwheel blankie. I fixed it. It's back where it was before the dropped stitches. I didn't have to catch them, and stop them from dropping further, because they were added only a few rounds before and stopped at those rounds.

I did it the hard way, and tinked back to the spot before they were added and started knitting again. It worked. I know there are easier ways, but apparently, I do everything the hard way! I think I'll get some red raspberry leaf tea, like Mama Bear suggested and relax a little. I need it after tinking so many rounds. hahaha

LD and I went to her Halloween Party at school last night. It was fun. I love to dress up, ..well..paint my face, anyway, and razz the wimpy parents who didn't wear costumes. The kids played games, and did crafts that were holiday related. Then, we had snacks that the parents brought. I had very healthy fruit and some pretzels. I skipped the sugary treats and ice cream. So did Cindy, who was dressed as a really cool Cleopatra. Of course LD made up for it by having a rice crispie treat and ice cream with sprinkles (and of course candy, candy, candy). haha

Look at my Lil' Pirate! Arrrr! She wasn't the only pirate there, but she might have been the most creative one. She made up her own outfit with stuff we already had. Then, she had to have a scar painted on her face. She thinks I can paint anything. I've never done a scar, but it really turned out well. It looked more like an infected gaping wound, but it had the effect she wanted.

I got rave reviews of my face painting. This is a pic from after the party, so I'm a little smudgy.

The boys have their faces all planned for Halloween. MM is going to be a KISS band member again. SP wants to be Alice Cooper. Their dad has them into some weird music! LOL! I have to say, they definitely have the hair for those costumes. I guess we'll just have to get up extra early on Tuesday, so I can paint their faces.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. I intend to sleep in.
As usual, housework is calling! Actually, I am going to read some blogs, and then go do evil housework, then I am going to knit, knit, knit!
Have a great one!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pinwheel Blankie

Thanks for your comments on my last post. I'll probably stick with blogger for the time being. I know I need to be a little more patient! I'm too busy and/or lazy to switch stuff up right now, anyway. Needless to say, whatever I do, it's gotta be free.

Thanks for the comments on the pinwheel blanket, too. So, here are some more pics of it. The first try is the one with the white middle. I had some ladders from when I was using dpns. I ripped it and started again, this time, I started with the purple. I really don't know what the self-striping yarn will do when the rounds get really big. Whatever it does, I hope it looks good. So, then, I still have the stupid ladders. I pulled tight, and everything. I don't know how to not get them. The only thing I can think of is using two circs, but I only have one in the right size right now.

Look here, at this picture. I saw a little mistake, and when I tried to fix it, it became a huge mistake with two dropped stitches. I can fix dropped stitches, but not in the yarn over section. Sometimes I wonder if I really know what the heck I'm doing! I don't want to rip it again. I could tink back the few rows and go from there. Ughhh!

It's probably just this time of the month, if you know what I mean. I am grouchy, and bloated, and all the little tiny things that could be ignored seem like the end of the world. I should really just lock myself in my room for a week or so. I want this blankie to be just right! If I have to keep starting over the kid will be in kindergarten before it's done. Maybe I should have just used the cotton-ease I already had. I knit the little hat in it, though, and all of the dishcloths with regular cotton, and I think I may be a little cottoned out right now.

I guess we'll all see what I'll do. I don't even know right now! LOL!

Well, I have at least four big loads of laundry and a pile of dishes calling my name. Nasty housework.

Just Keep Knitting....Just Keep Knitting

Monday, October 23, 2006

Blogger's a Big Dummy and a Knitting Picture

Someday, I'll find a real title! haha

Stupid Blogger ate my whole post! Now, I know why everyone is changing, but I don't have time right now, so I'm staying here. For now. Do you hear me Blogger? For Now! If anyone has suggestions for free web host whatchamacallems leave me a comment. I'm really mad at Blogger, The Big Dummys! And now it looks like it's snowing/sleeting yucky whatever!

Ok, now, good stuff only. Thanks for all of the nice comments, everybody. I took some more pics of the old railroad building and this huge water tower that is near it. I'll try to post them sometime. (if blooger will let me)

So, here is a pic of some of the stuff that I'm working on. No, I haven't finished my socks or anything else I may have going. It's my knitting and I'll have startitis if I want to! Here is a dishcloth that will be a Christmas present. It has a picture knitted into it, I hope the person it's for doesn't figure it out, though. If I said what the pic is, she'd know, and she might read this! Then, there is a little hat knitted out of cotton ease, and the start of my pinwheel blanket. They are both for LS's baby . (That is Lisa's Sister's baby).

Speaking of gifts, I went to mail the stuff out for The Dutchican Three, and I forgot that the post office closed at noon on Saturday. I guess I'll do it today or tomorrow. Geeze! Someday I'll get organized and stuff. haha, yeah, right!

The last kid in the whole high school without a cell phone finally got one this weekend. We took our 16yr old over to the cell phone store and got him all fixed up. I got tired of wondering where he was and of him having to borrow a phone to check in. Now, I need one. I know I must be the last mom without one. I guess you could say I'm the Last American (CellPhone) Virgin. hehe What do you think that'll do to my hits?

Oh, yeah, I'm down another 4 lbs. I was a great big number in May, and in September I was down 5, and now I lost another 4. Whoo-Hoo! I am eating right, and healthy. I am working out (some). It's rubbing off on the family, too. I will fit in my real clothes soon!! Yay!

Well, better go do some work. My kids can certainly trash a house in a weekend. The funny thing is two of them weren't even here Saturday night. I guess the mess is all from last night. That's really not that funny. Not when I'm the one doing the cleaning.

Now, this better work! Thanks for reading -- knit on, knitters!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I can't think of a catchy title

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments. I either don't look quite as scary as I think, or you all are really nice! Or you all lie, but I don't believe that one, at all!!

I finished the panta for my friend Cindy, but in the excitement of getting another project done, I rushed it over to her before taking a picture. Oops! It's been so crazy busy around here, I've been rushing around like a lunatic! Oh well, I guess that's just how life goes. It's better than doing nothing, being bored, right?

So, the things I'm working on haven't changed enough for new pics. I have the second jaywalker, a baby hat, the awesome scarf, another baby hat planned, a gift dishcloth just started, and I don't even know what else! As soon as I'm done here, I'm going to do a little knitting before the housework. That's right, I'm knitting first!

I have this really neat picture I felt like sharing, though. It's of a really old building that is being torn down. The old rotted (maybe burned) wood part is being knocked down and taken away, I don't know what they'll do with the stone part. It's so beautiful. It's also a lot bigger than the pic makes it look. I don't think they'll leave it or fix it, though. I want to run over and take some more pictures before it's gone forever.

Also, in other knit news, I can finally say the who is having a baby. Yay! My bestfriend, Lisa's sister is! I couldn't say anything, because my friend Carrie is one of L-sis's bestfriends, and she reads this blog (Hi, Carrie!). Lisa's sister wanted to be the one to tell Carrie. Luckily, Carrie didn't even imagine it would be L-sis.

I want to knit a blanket, and a couple of little hats, and who knows what else. The blanket I really want to knit is the pinwheel blanket. I think the blanket is by Genia Planck. I'm afraid it will take me forever, though. Life keeps slowing down my knitting!!

So, I am going to go knit, and think about my sweater, and the blanket. I have to decide the blanket way before the sweater. Knit on, everybody!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Home Again!

Hi, everybody! Thanks for the nice comments from my last post. I had a very nice trip downstate. About 4 and a half hours of uninterrupted knitting time! On the way there and on the way back! Whoo-Hoo!! Thanks for driving Cindy! hehe. I finished this Panta earwarmer. I guess it's a headband, but I did mine out of some handdyed wool, left over from a purse I knit forever ago. It'll keep my ears warm in the Michigan weather! Now, keep in mind, I took this picture early this morning in my jammies with NO makeup on and my hair not even brushed, so be nice!

Man, I look tired! Cindy's family took such good care of me this weekend. I was totally spoiled and I should look a little more rested. Payment for being driven the whole way is a Panta earwarmer for Cindy. I can do that! (She even bought the yarn!) I started it on the way home, and I'll finish it soon! What a quick knit!

I got Cindy all addicted to knitting. Hehe, you should see her sock. She was even knitting at the dinner table, well, under the dinner table. Oh, oops, I think that was a secret. Haha! My jaywalker got a tiny bit longer, and I did a few rows on the Marji scarf.

My kids don't have school today, so I've gotta go play some games, and stuff. I'm trying to catch up on all of the blog postings everyone did. I was only gone a few days, I don't know how I got so far behind!

Just keep knitting!! LOL!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'm back - the canoe trip didn't kill me

Thanks for all of the comments on the canoe trip. It was fun, it was definitely exercise, but it wasn't too bad. LD will have those memories forever. She wrote about it in her journal at school, and drew a picture of the three of us going down the river. So cute! If I can get the mom with all of the pictures to give or send me one, I'll post it. I'll just show me, and LD not the other kids. Let me tell ya, it's a good thing we went Monday, because the weather has turned really nasty. There is white stuff in the deep grass and stuck to the leaves that are on the ground. I hate white stuff on the ground!

Knitting Picture!

Once again I prove I am not a great photographer! I have another jaywalker done, and one more started. Then, the mint green/light blue thing is a baby hat. Cotton Ease. It will (hopefully) fit a full term size baby or a little bigger. I didn't photo the scarf. It looks about the same as it did before. I will put a finished pic up when it's done, though. It is so nice! A picture does not show the soft sparkleyness of it!!

The kids get out of school early today and tomorrow. Then, no school on Monday. They are glad. Who doesn't love some time off school? I'm going on an overnight trip with a friend of mine this weekend. No kids or hubbys. Yay! I'll have some knitting time, too, 'cuz she's driving. Double Yay!!

I promised LD some new socks out of LB Magic Stripes. She went to put one of her fave pairs on, and they're too small. I have the yarn, but would somebody send me some extra time?

Blogger was being so bad earlier. I couldn't get to the home page, or my blog, or any blogger blog. Sheeshe!! At least it's working now. LOL.

I have to run and get those kids from school already! Have a great weekend everybody!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Is this a knit blog?

No knitting pictures, I'm sorry!

I've been canoeing all day with the second graders. I'm beat! It's October in Michigan, but we didn't freeze to death. I did have to get into the river, but at least I only got wet up to my knees.

Two second graders plus me in a canoe was a really fun idea. (That was sarcasm) The girls that were with me have the experience of going down the river sideways, and backwards. We also got stuck in a downed tree and a couple of sandbars. And a big biker dude said I have more cahonies than he does!!

We did paddle across the lake without mishap. Thank God, and all that is Holy!! People were scaring me about the lake. I made it across the lake!!

We saw heron, salmon, turtles, and seagulls. We also got to see the wild life worker people harvesting the salmon. It was pretty cool.

LD is a good paddler, but at the half wayish point the kids switched, and the second girl did not want to paddle, except when I'd tell her not to paddle. She also had a hard time with left and right. Oh well, we're home and warm, and dry (now)!

Knitting Stuff Tomorrow!! (I hope)

Friday, October 06, 2006


Quick post.
Life is very busy right now!
Thanks for all of the comments on my baby stuff and fancy yarn! I started knitting the scarf pattern that Marji sent with the awesome yarn. I had to show off pictures. Sorry they're so crappy. I'm a knitter, not a photographer. hehe. I say that a lot, don't I?

I have to get some stuff done, so I can go knit some more! I think about what yarn and sweater pattern I really want as I do everything. I need to figure that out, and just go do it!!

Gotta run! Hope everyone has a great weekend! (hope I find some time to read some blogs)

Quick Edit: Check out Linda's Blog if you'd like to help with some charity knitting!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Gray Michigan and Motley Knitting

Another gray rainy day in Michigan. Yesterday was actually very nice. We even went to the park after dinner. My hubby and I walked laps, while I knitted and LD played. I lost a stitch marker, though. I kept thinking I'd stop when I got to the stitch marker, but I never found it, so I looked on my needles, and no more stitch marker. Come to think of it, I've lost dpns at that park before, too.

Thanks for the comments on my super-duper gift from Marji. I am really surprised by the kindness of knitters, sometimes. That yarn is seriously the most fancy, soft stuff that I have ever fondled. Yarny goodness!! I did start casting on for the scarf. 250 stitches. If I could keep going, instead of stopping every few seconds to feel the yarn, I could probably get it done. hehehe.

Baby Dutchican Three stuff!! I knitted three hats, two pair of socks, and one pair of booties. My blogless friend Cindy gave me the most adorable baby blanket, and a pair of wee mittens. There is a picture of the blanket and mittens with the stuff I made at the Warm up the Dutchicans site. Go check it out. That blanket is so cute, I might try to copy it for a pregnant friend of mine, who needs to tell other people that she is expecting so that I can talk about it!! (I did tell my hubby, I tell him everything. It's so hard to keep a secret. Tell already, Lady!!) I need to email somebody, and find out where to send all of this cute baby warmth.
Well, yesterday, I met Carrie for knitting. Mary came over and did some work (eww), but at least she had company while she was working. So, Carrie had to refresh my memory on using two circulars. I'd done it a little before, but then I was using my fave dpns, and I forgot how to do the two circ. thing. As I was leaving, I said that I had to go home and do laundry. Laundry! Yeah, right. I came home and finished the two little tiny hats, and cast on for the scarf that Marji sent me. So, now I really need to go do the laundry, or my kids won't have anything clean to wear to school.

I still don't know what yarn and pattern to spend my b-day money on. I really don't have this problem very often. Usually, I know just what I want, but I don't have any money.

I didn't even read very many blogs yesterday. If I go do laundry and dishes, maybe I'll have a little time to read. Sheeshe! I need a maid so that I can read blogs, and knit, and post on blogs. haha. I'd even just take a dishwasher.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Look at this gorgeous fancy yarn!

Marji from Fiber Arts Afloat sent me a package!! Shiny, soft purple and pink fancy yarn. I swear I haven't ever used yarn this fancy before, ever!! Two are Kid Mohair. I'm so excited!! Pardon those darn exclamation points. This super cute yarn came with a scarf pattern, wrapped in the cutest little lizard paper. Cute, cute, cute!!

I'm still knitting baby things for The Dutchican Three. I have 2 pair baby socks, one pair of baby booties, and 3 hats planned, started, or finished. My friend Cindy also gave me an adorable handknit blankie, and baby mittens to send with my stuff. I also just found out about a different little Michigan baby coming soon, but it's a secret, so I have to wait to talk about who's baby it is until other people hear about it. I know a secret .... I know a secret. And No way is it my secret! We have three kids and three is enough for us!

Tomorrow, I'm going to go knit with my friend Carrie. She finished a scarf she wants to show off, and she just cast on for a sweater. I really need to find time to help my friend Cindy start her socks, too. Life just keeps getting in the way of all of the knitting I want to do.

Gotta go deal with life, and knit some hats. hehe