Friday, June 30, 2006

A Sad Knitting Story and The Beach

Yesterday, I said the reason my poor Grumperina Jaywalkers aren't done is because I knit for everyone else first. Well, that is partly true. Here's the other reason: the picture on the left is from this last winter, when I started knitting them. See the sock turning back into a ball of yarn? Yep, I am a bad knitter who doesn't swatch! I just knitted along like a fool, then tried them on and they were too tight! Honestly!! So, there they are today, bigger, next to some baby socks I knitted. They match, and maybe my new socks will too. If they don't; I won't really care that much.

LD and I went to the beach today. That is not big news around here. If it's nice out that's where I want to be. I'll have to get a picture of one of our beaches. Michigan's only saving grace is the beach at summer. Here is a big news item around here; while we were gone, MM did the dishes! By hand, since we don't have a dishwasher. He wants money to go to the movies. Smart boy, he knows Momma hates doing dishes.

I also talked about the teaching of the knitterly arts to the young. (That sounds fancy, doesn't it?) I LOVE to teach people to knit. I've hooked more new yarny addicts than you can count. During the school year we have an after school program for like 5 weeks twice a year, and of course I teach knitting. There are a lot of other classes, too. This last spring, almost one whole third grade class could knit. The teacher let them knit during the time she read out loud, if they still paid attention. Most of them knew how to knit when they took my class. The teacher taught them, or their mom's did. I bet I've taught over 20 kids how to knit.

The school my kids go to is a good size, I think. There are about 40 students per grade, 20 per class. Give or take, you know. Some of the teachers my kids have now, were my teachers when I was in school. Weird, huh?

Well, off to cook for the starving ones in this house. Guess I better go buy food, first!
I'll probably be back after the weekend, if I can make myself stay away, it's new and fun so all I want to do is post!!
Happy Knitting!!


Anonymous said...

LOL, swatch, what's a swatch?? Nah, I've learned my lesson! But when I've worked with a yarn before & know how it knits up, I tend to skip swatching. Famous last words, I'm sure...

alliesw said...

I admire you for frogging...when I wind up with socks too small, I usually just wind up giving them to someone with smaller feet! Love your blog!

Whimsical Knitting said...

Love your socks...both big and little!
Kudos to you for teaching others to knit.

Adriane said...

Nice blog! Thanks for checking out mine and good luck with yours. Looks like we're both pretty new to this whole blogging thing & for the most part I'm having a blast (just wish I could figure out how to get things on my side bar without any help!)


Roo-Bee-Faye said...

I love the little baby socks! Who were they for? I am enjoying reading your blog, keep it up! And thanks for visiting mine! Oh, by the way, I am originally from northern Wisconsin and I love the UP of Michigan, but I've never been to the LP. Are they alike? I mean in natural surroundings?

Heather said...

I just bought this yarn from KnitPicks to make Jaywalkers (yay sale)! Now that I've seen yours I'm really excited! Very nice!