Friday, July 07, 2006

Next Time I'll Take My Camera!

No picture today. A little knitting stuff at the end of post.

We had a great bike ride, yesterday.
See, I was always a really skinny kid. "Skin, and Bones, and Bandaids." That's what my dad called me. I was a tom-boy sometimes, too. So, I'm 32, I quit smoking 3 years ago, and I gained a lot of weight. I'm not huge, but sometimes I feel like it. That's what the bike rides, and walks, and stuff are hopefully going to help. I don't like to be chubby. People used to say "You're too skinny! Eat a burger." Noone says that any more. (oh, poor me)

The kids and I saw a fire. It was along side the bike trail next to the road. We saw the firetrucks come and put it out. We're pretty sure it was started by someone tossing lit fireworks out of their car! We talked to other bike riders while we were all waiting on the trail for the firefighters to do their job. Geeze! People can be so stupid!! My kids heard a lecture about safety and respect for all living creatures. There is a lot of wild life around here, and there are houses along the other side of the road. Thankfully someone spotted it quickly and called for help.

Next time: I WILL REMEMBER MY CAMERA!! Yesterday was the second time we saw deer on our bike ride. We were riding along on our way home and LD stopped (right in front of me). "There are deer!" We saw a doe and two fawns that still had their spots. So cute, and beautiful!! They just stared at us while we stared at them and talked about nature, and how lucky we were to see them. Then they walked off into the woods.

The first time, a couple of days ago, we saw a doe, and I think it was the same one. I bet the babies were hiding near-by. LD first spotted that one, too. We also saw a great heron, (great blue heron?) and a swan. Not to mention the seagulls and red-winged black birds. I might be a big geek, but isn't nature amazing?

We rolled into the driveway right before The Don. (That's my hubby) He said "You already went for a bike ride?" Poor guy. We're going to wait for him to get home before the bike ride today. His mom is going to leave her bike here and go with us sometimes, too. Lots of fun!

Did you come here to hear about knitting? My hands are itching to start more socks! I made a big mistake on my j.w. socks, and I'm thinking about leaving it. Only another knitter who had their face close to my feet would even notice. If I was gifting these socks, I would definately fix it, but they are mine. I don't think it will bother me. They are so close to done. I actually did some house work this morning, so after this post I'm going to knit, knit, knit until I have to feed the starving horde that lives here. Then, maybe I'll finish these poor socks.

Here are a couple of funny things I said last week. I'll share 'em before I go knit:
  • I was brushing MMs (long curly) hair, and he was moving around, so I said "Be still and let me finish knitting your hair!"
  • I was trying to say Knock on wood, and I said Knit on wood.
  • I actually typed knit up there where it says knock at first!

Is that why my family likes to call me a knit-addict?

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