Monday, July 17, 2006

Two Socks and a Slipper

First off, thanks, del of cozy's place for reminding me where that neat-o list came from. Ginx's blog is where I borrowed it. Adrian did one too. At first, I thought Stacey did one, but oops!! It was someone else. I like reading stuff like that. Seeing what other people have done, and remembering stuff I have done.

Here are my hedera cuffs, AGAIN! I'm yelling at my knitting, not you. The cuffs, and toes, and heels will be yellow with orange spots, (from some hand-dyed I messed up), and the leg, and foot will be hand-dyed orange left over from my best friend socks. I reswatched and I'm using size 2 needles. I have to use bigger needles alot. I don't care. If it turns out, I'm happy. The pink and green yarn is still on a time out. Haha.

This other picture is from a funny little kit my hubby found in Target. I was chatting with an old friend, that I haven't seen in forever, and he was cruising the clearance aisle. It's a knit your own fuzzy pink slippers kit. The yarn is polyester, but it's soft. The needles are junky, but it was on sale for $3.74!! It came with a Learn How To Knit DVD. I think I'll give it to my friend, C. (Not the one I met for knitting on the 5th. A different friend, C.) She and her daughter are learning to knit. I'm going to knit the slippers, and either keep them, or gift them to a relative that I know will like them. I haven't decided yet. We'll see how they turn out first. If they aren't good, I won't gift them. I think they'll be neat, though.

I knit a lot for myself. I refuse to feel guilty for it, though. The people who appreciate my handy-crafts do get hand made gifts from me. I have knitted, or made other gifts by hand for certain people who won't get something hand made from me, again. I'll buy them gifts if I have to.

Do you knit mostly for yourself, your kids, others??? Just wondering.
I knit for:
  • myself
  • my kids (a lot)
  • my hubby (a little)
  • his mom, and my mom
  • my best friend and her kids
  • any new baby I hear of. Hehe.

I wonder who all y'all knit for. Let me know; I'm nosy!! Haha!!

Well, gotta go do some stuff, so I can sit down and knit those socks!! Or swatch for the rpm ones from knitty. Just keep knitting..Just keep knitting..


del said...

Don't feel guilty knitting for yourself! It's your hard work, after all. I knit for the kids, DH, family members who appreciate it & myself. I guess it's because I see so many things I want to do, but not everything is suitable for me, so I end up giving a lot away. Frankly, I think it'd be nice to be more selfish!

Whimsical Knitting said...

I love that kit..what a sweet hubby!
Well, I knit for those that I know will really appreciate it! And, I knit for me...I'm about to start knitting aLOT for me!
I knit for: Lonnie, my kids, my sister, mil, some friends...and, me!
Can't wait to see your socks!
I'm about to do the cool list on my blog, too...for the life of me, I can't remember who emailed it to me (hanging head).