Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Hi! I have got to find some time to go lurk and maybe even comment on my favorite blogs! It's been forever! Thanks for the comments about missing me, Rhoda, Jeanne, LarjMarj, Del, Becka, and Mama Bear! Sorry I've been a bad blogger and blogfan, too!!

So, I finally got a battery for my camera, and I thought "Yay! I can take pictures of the gifts I've knitted for Christmas!" Yeah, I already wrapped them. Ummmmm ~ I will have to remember to get pics when they are opened. I do have some birthday gifts I've knitted that haven't been wrapped yet, though.

Alright train of thought.....I had to take a little break and go build a tent out of sheets and chairs all over the living room. Gotta keep that 10 yr old busy......

Pictures! I have some socks that I hand dyed and hand knit for my hubby's aunt, a pink bunny for a niece, and the tan bunny for my nephew. The inner ears on both bunnies are spun from real bunny wool. So soft! I also finished a throw for us to cuddle up with. I think I started knitting it two years ago, at least!

I want to read blogs and post and all of that, when did life get so crazy busy?? Oh, yeah, when I had kids!

Hope all of your Holiday Knits are done! Mine are, I finished yesterday, as Lil AR and I were wrapping.

Oh, the joys of holiday giving!