Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Longer Post This Time

Thanks for all of the comments. I'm glad everyone seems to like what I'm working on right now. I finally got brave and put the yarn I dyed onto my Etsy shop. You have my special permission to go and check it out. Lazy me, I didn't take new pics, but they look ok. Now, I just need to take pics of my bracelets and put them on there, too. I had to put the yarn on etsy, because I started with 10 skeins of sock yarn for the shop, but....well....I posted 7. The other ones got used, for gifts, and maybe a little for me, too.

You wouldn't believe how fast this photo loaded. Haha, I was just talking to my hubby about flicker or photobucket. I'm going to look into one of those. All ya'll keep saying they're better than blogger for the pics, so, I guess I could listen to you more experienced, wiser people. I seem to have better luck at night with Blogger. It could be that I'm not surrounded by screaming children who run around like crazy animals. I can concentrate a lot better when it's not deafening in here.

Here are a couple of garterlac dishcloths, and one ninepatch dishrag. I crocheted around the edges of the garterlacs, and I'm going to do it to the ninepatch, too.
The little change purse with it's too big zipper is in there. Then, there is the photo with more cotton! I do have more dishcloths planned. The plain colors are for a Born to Knit and a Yarn Girl one, at least. Whimsical wrote those and a bunch of other neato patterns.
So, LD had her best best friend over today. She was here for a little longer than expected. Then, tonight, we had a meet the teacher thing at the elementary school. It was really fun to see everyone that we haven't seen all summer. (and not so fun seeing some other people) We met the 2nd grade teacher she'll have, and the new music teacher. I'm so glad school's starting, but also a little sad, because we have to get back on a schedule. This has been the most lazy, do-whatever-we-want summer that we've had in a while. Fun, but now we are in trouble. We have to get used to getting to bed earlier, and getting up earlier! Especially the boys. They got away with way too much this summer. Staying up late, and watching movies and playing video games. No more. School starts in 5 days, or something. Next Tuesday, the 5th. Wow!

I wanted to let you know I am now a member of the knitter's review blogring. Check out the link, if you want to check out some blogs you might not have seen before. It's right above the Michigan Knits blogring on the left of the screen. Well, I have to go see what other bloggers have written and go to bed!

Knit on!


tatjana said...

I'm really liking those garterlacs, but I don't know what I'd do with them cuz I'm really more of a sponge girl. Maybe I can think of something else to use the pattern for.

Whimsical Knitting said...

Hey Girl, I am, needless to say, thrilled and honored that you chose some of my patterns! I'm not in the KR ring, but am in the Knit1blogtoo that craftbernie set up, it's very cool, too.
Now, how on earth did you do that cool picture?! It looks matted...inquiring minds want to know!!
OH yeah, I love, love photobucket. I have a pro acct. there and a free one at flickr.

g-girl said...

oooh, i'm liking the ninepatch! I just saw that pattern last night. I can't wait to try it myself. question: what program are you using to load up so many pics @ once?

ErickaJo said...

I love that green garterlac. That'd be a good way to get started on entrelac, I think. I love what it does to yarn that makes great color changes. :D

Splindarella said...

I agree, the garterlac dishcloths look great. I've been wanting to try one, and your photos have given me added inspiration. :)