Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What I did yesterday.

Ok, guys, apparently I look young!! Woohoo! No one has mistaken me for Jordan's sister in a long time. I love the look on people's faces when they hear I have two teenagers. Let me tell ya, I am not advising anyone to have a baby when they are 16. I know how lucky I am that I got to finish high school, and I'm not homeless, or something. The best thing my mom ever did for me was to make me go back to school, and to watch baby SkaterPunk so that I could. What's kind-of funny is that he is older now, than I was when he was born. I let my kids know that no grandbabies are allowed until I'm at least 50. Of course, SP said, "Do you know I'll be 34 then?" haha. Good!

Yay! Blogger finally let me put my picture in! This is what I did yesterday (in between loads of laundry). Three kids = lots of laundry. I also finished another garterlac dishcloth, and started a ninepatch dishrag. I can't seem to find a link to it now, though. Darn it!

I took some fat, gushy worsted weight wool, and poured rainbow colors of Kool-aid all over it. It was sorta hard to make myself do it randomly. I have a bunch of striped sock yarn, and even when I hand dye non-striping yarn, I find myself making patterns with the colors. This time, though, I was very random, and it looks pretty cool, if I do say so myself!

I might stick it in my Etsy shop for a while, and if it doesn't sell, then I'll make myself knit something with it. Haha, yeah, I'll force myself to. I know this wool felts pretty well, so we'll see what I do with it.

I was outside today, in my jammies, taking pics of yarn. My neighbors love me. hehe. They really do. Luckily for us, they are really old, one of them is past 90, so they don't know how loud and annoying we really are.

I'm so lazy, I have 8 or 9 skeins of sock yarn ready to go, all I have to do is list them on Etsy. I need to do it, so that when they sell I can buy new yarn. Why don't I just get off my butt and do it, then? Good question!

Guess I'll go do something productive. Like go read and blab on knitter's review!


AR said...

Well, everybody, Blogger's being really weird today. Hope my blog is coming through alright. Jeeze!

Mindy said...

It's coming through just fine although I was having problems with it myself.

BTW love the hair.

Gewel said...

Most excellent! :)

Mouse said...

After being on blogger for over 2 years, my only saving grace for my sanity is to NOT host my photos with Blogger. I have used Photobucket (its free..) for the entire time I've been on blogger and don't have nearly the problems that others do. Just a helpful sanity saver.. lol!

alliesw said...

Amazing how hard it is to be random--even if one is sort of a random person! Love the colors in that yarn!

Marce said...

Hello AR!!
I was having trouble getting here early but glad that I can now comment. Love, love, love the knits you've posted lately. And the new "do" is divine dahling :)

You've inspired me to try that Kool Aid dyeing sooner than later.

tatjana said...

Just a heads up in case you haven't heard, Blogger is moving to the new Blogger beta so things are being a bit funky. You can read about it here http://buzz.blogger.com/2006/08/beta-update.html FYI - Flickr is awesome for posting pics. Easy, and there a lots of fun groups too :) And I luvums your yarn, yay random colour!

Amy Boogie said...

Well, you do look young. I was born in 1973 too. So I'll be 33 the end of the year.

Flickr is a great place for photo hosting. I host some through blogger (because it's free) and some through my website. I also have a Flickr account.

del said...

The yarn came out so nice! Love the colors!

Momo said...

Great Yarn, Ar!