Monday, August 14, 2006

Tired Mommy = A meme

Oh my Gosh! Long day. My hubby and I took all 3 kids to Traverse City, and did all the school shopping in one day! Crazy, I know, but it is done!

I got this meme from either All she wants to do is knit, or to knit perchance to dream. I can't remember who I snagged it from!! (and I'm too lazy to figure it out!)

1. First Name? Arleta

2. Were you named after anyone? My mom, Arleta. I named my LittleDiva that, too!

3. Last time you cried? At the relay for life, during the slide show, when I saw the "in memory of" pic of my FIL on his motorcycle.

4. Do you like your handwriting? It's ok, if I take my time.

5. What is your favorite lunch meat? Roast Beef. MMM.

6. Do you have kids? Three of 'em. Two boys and a girl. Jordan=SP 16, Malcolm=MM 13, and Lil' Arleta=LD 7yrs old.

7. Would you be friends with you if you were someone else? Yep, I'm very cool.

8. Do you keep a journal? Only if you count this blog.

9. Do you tend toward sarcasm? Nooooo. (sarcastically)

10. Do you still have your tonsils? Yes.

11. Would you bungee jump? Yeah, it looks like fun.

12. What’s your favorite cereal? Golden Grahams.

13. Do you untie your shoes before you take them off? Only if I can't get them off without untying them.

14. Are you strong? No, not really. If that means physically. Mentally yes!

15. What is your favorite ice cream? I don't really like icecream. Chocolate if I have any at all.

16. Shoe size? 9.5 or 10 US Women's.

17. What do you like least about yourself? I am super unorganized, and I want to be organized, and not lazy.

18. Who do you miss the most? My dad, I'm a Daddy's Girl. He's been gone for 9 yrs.

19. Do you want this sent back to you? We could change that to "Do you want to know if someone else is doing this meme", and the answer would be "yes" I like reading other people's memes.

20. What color pants and shoes are you wearing right now? grey shorts, and no shoes.

21. Last thing you ate? burger and fries. Now I'm eating a little chocolate with peanut butter.

22. What are you listening to right now? My two boys and the oldest's girlfriend talking, and my hubby in the kitchen.

23. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? To choose just one isn't my style. I can never decide. I love all colors!

24. Favorite smell? fresh fruity smells.

25. Last person you talked to on the phone? probably someone trying to fix my stupid paperwork problem.

26. First thing you notice about someone of the opposite sex? Cute face, eyes, lips, nose, chin

27. Do you like the person who sent this to you? I do like both of the blogs this may have come from. I'm too lazy to go see who did it first.

28. Favorite drink? coffee

29. Favorite sport? Not very sporty

30. Eye color? green. sometimes blue

31. Hat size? I think my hats are all one size fits all, except he hand knit ones.

32. Do you wear contacts? Yes. I love them.

33. Favorite food? Chocolate. Cheese, and fruit, too.

34. Scary movie or happy ending? Both!

35. Last movie you saw at a movie theater? Aunt Bully. I slept through Superman. (Drive in)

36. What color shirt are you wearing? Dark grey.

37. Summer or winter? Summer. I'm a beach baby!

38. Hugs or kisses? Both, usually. I'm not super touchy-feely sometimes, though.

39. Favorite dessert? Cherry pie, or chocolate anything.

40. Who is most likely to respond? Good question! Whoever wants to copy and do this meme. Let me know if you do, so I can read it!

41. Least likely to respond? I guess whoever already did this, or doesn't like memes.

42. What books are you reading? Grand Ambition by Lisa Michaels, and whatever else I grab, I'm in a reading funk to go along with my knitting mojo being off!

43. What’s on your mousepad? A university name

44. What did you watch on TV last night? That three moons show, and celebrity fit club.

45. Favorite sounds? birds, my kids laughing.

46. Rolling Stones or Beatles? Either, neither are my faves.

47. The furthest you’ve been from home? Colorado or Florida. I live in Michigan, which is father? Too lazy to go check.

48. What’s your special talent? I whistle pretty well, I play flute.

49. Where were you born? Same small town I still live in, Michigan, USA

50. Who sent this to you? Noone did. I grabbed it off someone else's blog, now you do the same!!

So, if you read this far, just let me say I don't have a winner or prize (yet) for my lil' contest, but I will soon. I also wanted to say thanks for the comments about my felted bags. They really are fun to knit. The dyeing part is also a grand obsession of mine now, too!

Happy knitting! Later....after some rest and after that darn paper work problem is solved!


Anonymous said...

All school supplies in ONE day?? Brave man!

Anonymous said...

OOOOPS, I overlooked where it said "hubby & I"...sorry! Because I know my DH wouldn't take all 3 of our kids anywhere without me along, LOL.

AR said...

My hubby would take all 3 kids, if he had to. He hates shopping because of the $ spent. He did ok yesterday, though. No panic attacks. haha. He didn't even really cringe at the registers of the stores!

Whimsical Knitting said...

I'm wearing gray shorts and top, too! I also love Golden Grahams; my fave sound is laughter,...we had some other things in common too, but I don't remember!
Oh, the Yarn Girl pattern is on my blog!

Zippianna said...

Love that MEME..

3 kids, all the supplies in one day. There's a parent's medal for that you know. It's given out somewhere. Maybe I'll google it and get back to you. ;)

Zippianna said...

Love that MEME..

3 kids, all the supplies in one day. There's a parent's medal for that you know. It's given out somewhere. Maybe I'll google it and get back to you. ;)