Thursday, August 24, 2006

Let's Talk about Knits, Babee.

Hey guys, Thanks for the comments. You bet I'll post a pic of my hair when it's done. I actually did a little yesterday, but it barely shows up, so I'll have to bleach the streaks in, and then dye them pink. I just need to get one of those caps with the holes in it, and I'm all set. I'll just use some of hubby's hair bleach. He is a (bottle) blond. It's just hair, it'll grow out. Well, mine will, hubby's is another story.

So, here's my knitting from yesterday. I'm still doing dishcloths, but I tried this Lion Brand Landscapes yarn. It's half wool; half acrylic, and it says on the label that it felts in the washer and dryer. Sorry my pics are so bad. It's all my fault, the camera is awesome, but the photographer kind of stinks.

The first pic is while I was knitting, the second is before I felted it. I forgot to measure it, though! The last pic is after I felted it in the sink with hot boiling water, and one sink of cold ice water. It's a good thing that I didn't just throw it into the laundry like I was going to, because the dye in this yarn ran like crazy! The water turned a really dark green. Pretty color, but I would have been really mad if it had run on my laundry.

It did shrink some I think it was close to 6-7 inches before I felted it. You can, of course, see the acrylic stitches, but the wool part of the yarn melded all together nicely. Does that make sense? The yarn was weird, almost like it was barely spun, or something.

The finished coinpurse will have a zipper, and it measures about 4 and 3/4 inches square. I wish I had remembered to measure it before felting, but I was just so excited to start, that I threw it in the sink, and went at it.

I really need to start practicing with my new camera. It takes great pictures for everyone else. I want to be a great photographer. Darn it! I'd even like to be a good photographer. Then I could do Eye Candy Friday, like on Purly Whites. I think it's a great idea. It would get me some practice, too.

I sent Marj a package yesterday. I hope she likes it.

Well, a motley post, huh? I have teenagers running all over the house making noise, so I guess I'll go knit some more on my dishcloth. At least that won't take a lot of concentration!!

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