Thursday, August 03, 2006

Why yes, I do love summer!!

First of all. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments the other day!! I think I'll take Marji's advice and get some stormy pics of the lake some time. It's really something then!

My knitting is suffering from the heat. I just don't feel like knitting the projects I have going. I have been knitting cotton dishcloths. When I told my friend that, she told me another friend is knitting some for a charity. So, I'm going to donate a few, too. Not very exciting, I know. I guess this is what everyone on the Knitter's Review Forums call a slump. Whatever. This is my hobby, and my blog I guess I can do what I want!!

The picture above is from the Sleeping Bear Dunes. It's the view from close to the top. I am pretty sure the lakes in the background are Little and Big Glen Lake. On the other side of the dunes is Lake Michigan. I do love Michigan in the summer, but I am not a big winter kind of person. Michigan is a big kind of winter place, though! Cold and snowy!!

This other dunes picture is the view from the opposite way. I mean: it is me looking up toward the top of the dunes at LD and The Don. It is really hard to climb up, (for me anyway), but the views are unbelievable!!!!

One more non-knitting related picture. Bear with me, I am so bored right now. This is a sunset over Lake Michigan. Our town has this awesome gateway thing spanning the road coming into town. The gateway in the picture is a miniature one someone made. I thought that sunset was so cool, that I'd share it.
Ok, then. Knitting next time. I promise! Even if I have to make something up!!


del said...

Feh, we all go thru slumps--most of us, anyway. And that's OK! Knitting should be enjoyable & the moment it starts to feel like a chore to me, I take a break. Nothing wrong with that.

Momo said...

I call it losing my knitting mojo. It seems to happen everyonce in a while. Actually, who am I kidding? There was a period where I didn't knit for years! I'm kinda stuck in one myself right now.

The sunset picture is just amazing. The colors are glorious.

Check this out:

You might enjoy it since you're knitting dishclothes anyway!

Marji said...

just keep taking pics and you don't need to knit a stitch in this heat to keep people coming back. After the big dune climb, have you ever hiked the trail all the way to the lake? And yup, those are Big Glen and Little Glen facing east from the top of the Dune.

tatjana said...

Not to worry, I like outdoorsy pics just as much as knit ones! And I think most of us have at least short slumps in the summer with the heat - I know I can't wait til I can knit on the train again without getting icky sweat hands :P

schrodinger said...

Slump or no, at least you're keeping me happy with very pretty pictures.