Monday, August 21, 2006

Diamond Dave, Donnie, and a Dishcloth

Thank you to everyone for the sweet comments about my wedding anniversary. Thanks, Larj Marj for saying I look like Laura San Giacomo. She's beautiful! It's funny how white I look in that picture! I sure don't remember being that white, especially in the summer. I don't exactly worship the sun, but I get pretty dark in the summer. Dad's genes and all that.

My honey and I went out of town on Friday, and came home Sunday. Man, I wish I'd have had my camera working. My dishcloth would have liked to have had his picture taken at the David Lee Roth concert. It was so much fun. He really put on a great show! We had (cheap) lawn seats, that were actually pretty good, but then when the warm up band was done, and the rich people seats weren't full, we got to move up and sit (who sits at a concert?) in real seats. The warm up band was Ashes to Soma, or Ashes of Soma. Either way, they were good. Here's how eclectic our music tastes are: For my B-day last year, hubby took me to Naughty by Nature. Rap. Yeah, I listen to it all!! N.byN. was the kind of music my friends and I listened to in jr. and sr. high. My best friend was there, too, and Lisa and I were right up in front of the stage at that one!!

So, we stayed at a hotel. It was so wonderful to be able to sleep without the dog cramping my legs at the foot of the bed, and then to get up and not have to wait on other people(kids). They were at their Granny's for the weekend. On Saturday, hubby and I were going to go to the mall. But, we ended up at this little historical village. It's called Olde World Canterbury Village. Full of antique stained glass windows, and wooden doors, and artifacts. There's a castle (restaurant) and a store called Always Christmas. There are little shops that were buildings of the original farm. They are going to have a festival there with spinners. Yarn--yummy! They have an empty store that could be a yarn shop. There could be a spinning wheel demo, and they could sell the spun stuff, and have knitting going on. Oh, and dyeing the wool in the old way, like with natural dyes!! That would be so cool.

I tried to put up an awful pic of my awesome garterlac dishcloth right here. I guess Blogger is being dumb now. The pic of DLR worked, now I can't add my knitting pic! I've tried a bunch of times! I'll try again tomorrow. Well, if you've gotten this far, you know there is something to look forward to!!

I love this pattern. I finished one on our trip this weekend, and started another one. It was fun knitting in the car. My hubby, Donnie and I talked and listened to music, and he even pointed out other knitters in other cars. I used Sugar 'N Cream in Rosewood. I'd call it Neapolitan. It looks like the ice cream to me. That's one of the things I like about this cotton yarn: the colors. I have so many different colored dishcloths. I'm doing one right now in Summer Splash, it's bright bright green, blue, and yellow. I keep thinking of knitting a bunch of these squares in the garterlac pattern, and joining them together for a blanket. That would be cute!

Well, time to go do some housework. I think knitting dishcloths could count for housework, you know, you need them to do dishes. Right?


Whimsical Knitting said...

Belated happy anniversary to you!!! cool is that?!
I love, love the washcloth pattern and even though I'm exceedingly tired of knitting with Sugar N Cream after last week's knitting...I've got to pull some more out and knit a cloth or 2 with that pattern, thanks for sharing!

Momo said...

Can't wait to see your dishcloth! The ones that yuo linked to were lovely.

I've always had a softspot for DLR. Sounds like a great weekend. Wish I could get out like that everyonce in a while. ;-)

Zippianna said...

Happy Happy Belated Anniversary. You are an adorable couple, btw. It sounds like a very sweet way to spend that special day.

The dishcloth you are making is really something. Wowow. It's the first one I've seen ( *admits she hasn't seen that many in colors) that I like enough to make.

del said...

Lucky you; the weekend sounded great!

Terri D. said...

Diamond Dave--what fun! Did he do Jump? More importantly, can he still touch his knee with his forehead??