Friday, August 25, 2006

Just Call Me Pinkie!

I really hate pictures of myself. I look sooooooo old and tired and pale in these. Darn new camera sure can capture those wrinkles! Maybe I just need a nap. Whimsical: it's so cool that your son does your tats. You could save quite a bit of $ that way. Of course, if you average out how many years you'll have the tattoo, it really isn't that expensive, right? I am the queen of rationalizing. Rationalization? Whatever!

I hope this post works, blogger seems to be acting up again. I am having a crappy day. The kids are being horrible. They seem to get this way every year right before school starts. Maybe it's nerves. I don't know, but I hate it. I was also snubbed by some people who live here in Snobsville. I hate feeling like it's 5th grade all over again, and the other kids are all being invited somewhere fun, and the inviter says "Sorry, Arleta, I could only ask 8 people, and you're the 9th." Blah! Jerks!

Sorry for that whine. My feelings are hurt, and apparently I'm old, tired, and pale! I think I need to go find some soft gushy yarn to knit with, or just wrap myself in!

Hope you guys are all having a better day than I am! The weekend better shape up into something nice, too! Or else!

p.s. I almost forgot: I was tagged for a meme, I'll do it and post sometime soon!!


stacey said...

Hey Arleta, Just dropping by to say hi! Pink really becomes you...

I can't stand snobs either and I come in contact with a choice few everyday (work with them). It helps to remember that snobs really have to feel super low about themselves in order to even have the need to make others feel beneath them. Helps me get by! :)

Mouse said...

When I went for registration for my son's school I felt the same way.. it was straight back to high school and being the "freak" in with all the popular kids. UGH.
Your hair looks cute.. it always seems that if you WANT bright color that it fades but if you make a mistake - you get the brightest color around!

tatjana said...

ok, first off, you SO do not look old, tired n pale. You actually look all fun n happy n excited about yer new hair, which is beyond fabulous. I've always wanted to do pink, but I would have to bleach the heck out of my hair, so I'll just live through you k? ;)

Terri D. said...

Look at Arleta, rockin' the candy pink hair! Those snobs you ran up against are just jealous.

del said...

Your hair is too cute! I wish I was that brave. And you don't look old & tired & pale. Sorry about the snobs...ugh.

Amy Boogie said...

Great hair. And you look way younger than I do, I think we're the same age.

It's that time of year for kids to go nuts. Just think they'll be in school soon.

Star said...

I love the hair!

I live in snobsville too. Boo. If I only had room for 8 and you showed up I'd make everyone squeeze to fit in a ninth! You're welcome in my clubhouse anytime. :)

Marji said...

{{{{Hugs GF}}}}. I know it hurts. Small towns, big towns, they all have their share of people whose hearts are small and whose minds are small.
Meanwhile, LOL, you do not look OLD! geeze. bet you get taken for your sons sister more often than his mom. Come to think of it, I have a brother 16 yrs younger than me. hmmm.
and see, you are young enough to do pink hair without being ridiculous. your sons GF's mom, she isn't. That's maybe part of her reticense too, that loss of possiblilities as we get older.
so enjoy your hair and enjoy your youth!
oh, email me your mailing addy too.

g-girl said...

I like the shade of pink in pic #3..your hair should've been that shade of pink! it looks great though. I had red highlights a couple years ago and my first grade students loved it!