Friday, September 01, 2006

Photo Secrets, and more dishcloths!

Ok, I'll tell my secret. I can load six pictures as if they are one. My HP camera had some software that can make album pages. I like the look of them. Different colors, and from 1 to 6 pics per page. I wish there were more colors, though. There are only a few. Then, you can also add text under each pic. So, here are my nine patch cloths. I think I'm done with that pattern for a little bit. It is a fun, quick knit for me. Maybe I need one more. I love the colors of these ones. Some day, I want my kitchen all black and white with bright red or orange accents. Crisp. I stuck a couple of pics of my last handpainted skein in there, too. You know, 'cuz I can. I should have saved this one a little bigger so you could see more detail, though. Live and learn, right? I have a message for a certain lurker, too. Come out and leave a comment! And start your own blog so we all can read it, already! You know who you are. LOL! Sorry, I couldn't resist. I know you have a good sense of humor. (I'm pretty sure, anyway.) So, are you going to leave a comment? Start a blog???? I know you're not shy.

I have a busy weekend coming up. I wish we could just chill and enjoy the next few days before school starts. Which is in 4 days. LD keeps chanting it. The boys don't want to hear it, though. We've been playing checkers, and Uno, and she's been being a waitress and "serving" me coffee (for $10 per cup!) all day. Oh, she just informed me, I am also paying for the use of the cafe's computer. Well, holey cow! That's still too rich for me. LOL!

I was looking at the Jaywalker sock gallery, and I saw a pair, and thought they were mine! I had to go to Ericajo's blog, and check it out. We have almost matching socks. I think that's pretty cool.

I just got another comment about the garterlac cloths right now, while I was typing away. I love that pattern. I might just have to start another one. I want to do the Yarn Girl, and the Born to Knit ones, too. I already have the yarn, and I still think knitting dishcloths is like housework, because I really need them for doing dishes! haha

I guess I'd better get started on the weekend. Hope everyone has a great one!


Carrie said...

Hey, I'm leaving a comment! Though I'm sure I'm not the 'lurker' you were speaking of. Excellent blog! You've changed the way I spend my mornings. You and I have the same thoughts about many things, which I was so surprised and pleased to find out. Keep posting, and I'll keep reading (not lurking)!

Mouse said...

You know.. I never bothered to load up the software that came with my camera.. I could be sitting on a goldmine of cool picture templates and have no idea! I was going to ask how you did those layouts for your pictures.. but that answered my question!

tatjana said...

Oh, you would have loved my mother's kitchen. *Everything* was either black or white from the floor tiles to the dishes, with a few red accents tosssed in. I couldn't stand it though, but I'm all about honey coloured wood everything :)

Marce said...

Wow, you have been one productive knitter AR! The yarn you've done up is so pretty too! Nice work!

Whimsical Knitting said...

Thanks, I thought it was your photo software. I have fantastic photo software, I just need to play with it and get busy using it!

Momo said...

Those ninepatches are really cool, Ar! I feel so lazy. I haven't knitted a stitch in 2 weeks!

g-girl said...'s your photo software that does that? I wonder if mine will too. I'll have to look into it when I'm not pretending to be @ work! love the nine patches too!