Monday, August 07, 2006

It's Monday--Already?!

Thanks for the comments. Everyone seems to like the MI pictures. The sunset one was taken by my MIL. The colors that night were amazing! As to Marji's question: Yes, we have climbed all of the way to Lake Michigan. It is quite a trek! Then, there is Pierce Stocking Drive, and the Cottonwood Trail, and of course, Old Indian Trail. We do them all. You'd think we'd be in better shape!

What a lazy weekend. We didn't do much at all. I finished three dishcloths for a charity event coming up next weekend. Cleaned out the car, while the couch covers and the dog bed washed. That was about it. So, today, I have a ton of catching up to do. Five people in the house makes for a lot of laundry and dishes. LD just washed the cups, plates, and bowls. She's blasting my 80's cd. It's so cute to see her sing along to The Gogos and The Bangles and Heart. I could go on & on.

I counted my comments, and I have 96. I think that is just amazing. I know there are bloggers who have that many in less than a week, but I'm just a babbling knitter, who can't believe people actually want to read what I go on about. I'm thinking of a contest, or something, having to do with the nice comments I get from y'all. I'm going to figure it out, and I'll let everyone know what I've decided this week.

Knitting content! Knitting content!

Of course every knit blogger, and their mom, and sister, and uncle, and cousin has probably made at least one of these. If they haven't, then they have heard of it. These are some crappy (sorry) pictures of a Clapotis I knitted. It is made of -gasp- Red Heart acrylic. I liked the colors, and the price, so there! I also made one out of Knit Picks Shimmer, held double. That one is more of a scarf size, and it is so soft. I don't seem to have a picture of it, though, and my camera still doesn't have a battery.

I think I'm going to knit one more cloth, then I really need to get back to my hedera sock. I have the urge to do it, but I just keep picking up easier projects. Who knows why, I sure don't.

My friend is going to make up a basket, or some baskets with hand knit cloths by me, and another knitting friend. She will add dishsoap and whatever in the basket, too. They will go to the silent auction to raise money for the Relay for Life event. I will be there painting faces, too.
It's in Elberta, MI on August 12-13, I think. I'd better find out for sure!!

Well, time to get that laundry and nasty housework done. Hope you had a great weekend, and have a great week. Later....


Larjmarj said...

I think the clapotis looks great, I don't blame you for using the red heart acrylic! Far be it from me to be a yarn snob, especially with gas prices the way they are, we have to find some way to support our habit.

schrodinger said...

I have a confession to make.

I have *never* made the Clapotis EVER. Why? dunno, just never got around to it, OR, maybe I'm just a rebel knitter...

Yours looks nice though.

Mindy said...

The clapotis is beautiful! Who cares what it is made out of. I like to think of acrylic as the easy to care for/can use anywhere kind of yarn.

Momo said...

Love the clapotis! My blankets that my GM knit me from redheart are still around and doing great. That stuff lasts.

Cool idea with the baskets.

Sometimes we all need easier projects. That's why I haven't been working on my Pomatomus socks. ;-)

stacey said...

I've never knit the Clapotis. But everybody else seems to have done it. I don't even know what the pattern is. And I only just learned how to pronounce it from the Cast On podcast!

Btw, yours looks great!!

Whimsical Knitting said...

Your clappie is looking GOOD!!!!
I am on a washcloth kick, too...loving knitting them with Blue Sky daughter was just here and tried to leave with all 3 of my flower prototype cloths!!! Now, I have to get busy knitting some for her...gotta get more blue sky cotton!

del said...

You had a busy weekend! I must be one of the few who have yet to make the Clapotis...I just can't do long projects right now. Yours looks great!

Roo-Bee-Faye said...

I think you got a sneaky commenter that may need to be nixed!

I have missed reading your blog lately! Sorry! I can totally agree with the laundry pile-up. When I wait a couple days and neglect the pile, by the time I get around to it, it seems like Mount Everest is exploding out of the hamper!