Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday ~ Monday!

Ok, Melanie! I'm posting! It's actually nice to hear that people are missing my exciting life, and want to see what's going on. lol Just kidding. There are things happening, that's why I haven't posted lately.

Here is the lovely view of what the street behind my house has been looking like. Urgh! Construction work. The really sad thing is the front street wasn't looking much better. We couldn't walk to school without tromping through deep holes dug in the street, and construction guys from who knows where.

I have a little proof that I've been knitting, too. Dishcloths. Thanks for the pattern, Carrie and Melanie. :) I'm not going to show the cute little baby hat, though, since it needs a trip to the frog pond. Somehow, I moved the cord while I was doing the magic loop, and the increase rows moved.

Here's what happened last Monday. I dropped LD off at school, and when I got home there were a bunch of construction guys at the end of my driveway. I had to drive through the yard to get into the driveway, and they were close enough to talk to me. They watched me park, and dig through the car for stuff, and walk into the house. Not one of them said a word. So, the next time I came out, the road was gone! My mini van was stuck in the driveway! Thanks for the warning, guys! When Hubby got home from work, he got the van out, but it scraped on the bottom of the van on the driveway. It's ok, though.

So, we parked it out front, then the next day, I got up, and there are no parking signs all up and down the street. Great! I parked at that darn green building behind our house, and walked. So, I go get my kids, and their cousins from school, and in my driveway, there is a huge truck. I mean, HUGE! When they moved it, they tore two branches out of the tree, which didn't make LD very happy. Then, the guys working out there knocked down a wire that is hooked to our house. They came and asked if they could fix it. Um...yeah! You'd better!

It is time for the construction to be over! I seriously needed a girls' night out. Luckily for me, a friend decided it was time for her annual b*tch fest. We had a blast, just don't listen to Carrie about me and the dance floor, I am totally G-rated. Hehe, most of the time! And, don't let her fool you, she brought some amazing home made Salsa with those chips! You can listen to what she said about how I looked. Thanks, sweetie! ;) We all looked great, especially Carrie, and what's more important is that we had a wonderful time!! I should go check out that band's site and see if they have any pics of us gorgeous women. I saw one of them snapping a camera. *blush*

Ok, enough b*tchin!

I have another senior pic to show off. I love this one in black and white. What an artsy guy! I also told him and his GF that I was posting pics of them, since I had to drive him to see her at college. No this isn't the same girl from before, they are still friends, but he has another love. What a doll she is, too! They've been friends for quite a while, but while she was in Sweden as an exchange student kind of thing, they started chatting on line, and pretty soon, I had to ask if they were more than friends.

This lovely girl knits! I gave her a spindle and some wool the night before she went to school, and on her next visit home she had a scarf with her hand spun wool in it. I need to get a picture, it's as cute as she is.

I have about 300 senior pics to go through, so I can find my faves, and his faves, and the Hubby's faves, and the grands' faves, and have some printed out. It just seems like such a ginormous job. I seriously need to get some great yarn and knit a thank you to the photographer, too!

I should get to work on this neglected house, but Crazy Aunt Flo has come for an early visit, and she's in a bad mood! I just feel like reading and knitting all day. I just might, too!

This was quite a long post. No wonder I don't have time to do the stuff I should! I'm too busy doing the fun stuff. Gotta run, I have a good book and some frogging calling my name!

Hope everyone has a great week!!


del said...

Don't you just love construction?? I feel your pain as our road has been torn up for months & months (no end in sight).

More snazzy senior pics, how cool!

Christina said...

Oh! Your son and his girlfriend look so cute together! :)

Kelli said...

Urgh, construction here too. They've been putting up new electrical poles on the road I take to work for three weeks. Very irritating.

Julie said...

I love the black and white photo. His girlfriend is a real cutie.

tiennie said...

Great pics!

What a pain in the arse all that construction is!

Valerie said...

Ugh.. Construction. I always said we should change out USA symbol to the street cone. You see more of those than the flag anyway. -=giggle=-

Those pictures are wonderful. They are such a cute couple!

g-girl said...

ohhh, i love the pics of SP and his gf!! so cute! how awesome that she knits! That b&w pic is cool too!

Susie said...

Are you coming to West Branch next Saturday? We'll pet llamas!

Click the link in my name. This is also an official tag!

Carrie said...

Hey, that was a great post! You had fodder there for four blog entries =) I'm glad to see a picture of the girlfriend. You talk about her a fair amount, and I had no idea she had red hair. Visuals, ya know?

Don't the roads look great?

Sherry W said...

How do they take a road?!?

Scattered Gemini said...

Ya know, you'd think that if the construction people were going to be tearing up streets, the powers that ordered the construction would be nice enough to give you a bit of warning. Grrrr. How annoying!

Those dishcloths are so darned cute!

Mama Bear said...

I can't believe they left you stranded like that! Hope the construction is finished soon.

The girlfriend spins and knits? She will have to join your girls nights out :)

Enjoyed catching up!

Kadiddly said...

Haha! I also had someone stop me in the parking lot at the college the other day and ask if I was really on staff. They saw me park in a staff slot and said I looked too young to actually be allowed to park there!

That's what Ma'am said about the age-poking, too - be grateful for it now! The weird thing is that I very rarely ever get carded, even though people claim to think I'm younger. Strange!

Red Dog Knits - Kristi and Otis said...

Happy Birthday!