Monday, August 06, 2007


I have finally sorted through the fiber fest pics that I took, and that Carrie took. She has some on her blog, too. I took a lot of pics of the fashion show, but they aren't that great.

Here I am trying on a gorgeous hand knit coat. I loved it, but they sure did clean up the fashion show knits after that. Hehehe

I met Jae, and S. from To Knit Perchance To Dream. I didn't put your name, because I'm sure I'd have gotten it wrong! She got a pic of us, but I didn't! I did get some of Jae, though. Actually, that's not really true, there is one of me, Carrie, and S., but I look ridiculous!! Carrie's smiling all cute, but I'm talking and making some weird face, so you don't get to see that one. Sorry!

I only bought a tiny bit of stuff. Last week, I went over to Carrie's and she was spinning with her new fibers, and she sent me home with a spindle to borrow, and a bag of pretty, pretty black and white roving. Mmmmm. I'm not very good, yet, but I think I'm getting it!
I also started a shawl with the pink and purple yarn for the Little Diva. She has been spinning, too!
That wool rug, primitive rug hooking, wow! That's what I want to learn next! Gorgeous!!!!
Gotta run! Knit on, y'all!
p.s. Thanks for the nice comments. I swear when things slow down around here, I'll email all y'all. :)


Christina said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!

That dragon shawls is cool!

Valerie said...

That's awesome! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun and I love the pictures. Can I borrow your little one so she can teach me how to spin ? -=giggle=- I confess I haven't really been practicing much with it. I'll get the hang of if it eventually. -=giggle=-

g-girl said...

wow..that dragone shawl is amazing. And the sock machine?? Where can I get one of those? lol. wow, you met s from to knit perchance to dream??? she makes awesome colorways!! have fun spinning. :)

del said...

Great pics! It looks like you all had a fun time.

Wool Winder said...

Combine friends and fiber and the result is fun!

Carrie said...

Bring all evidence of spinning tomorrow =) I'm so glad you're enjoying it! I'm completely addicted. Think of how far ahead in crafts Little Diva is going to be, because you've started her on the road so young. Lucky girl.

Julie said...

Looks like a great time!

Janice said...

Looks like great fun!! I've heard of those sock machines.. but haven't seen one in action. Not sure I want to :-) (May discourage my new found love of sock knitting!)

Meg said...

I was at Castle Farms, too! What a great fiber fest!