Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Guys

Here are my guys. SP and the Hubby posing for a senior picture. I had to put a pic of my other guy, MM, on here, too. I finally found my green hat. I couldn't find it all Summer. The last time I'd seen it was in March, and when I got out a jacket, since the weather was turning cold, there it was in the sleeve! You can't see his dark brown eyes in the pic, but they look just like his daddy's. :)
I owe two people a meme, and I promise I'll do it someday! Really!!
Today, Little Diva and I went to a pumpkin carving extravaganza that Carrie and her hubby organized. What fun! The local famous pumpkin carving guy was there, and he gave a demonstration before we all got started on the pumpkins. He carves a bunch of the huge 800-1000 pound pumpkins every year. Very cool!
Then my best-best friend and her sister and I went out for lunch. (Yeah, at like 4 pm) hehe Sorry, Carrie, but I saw the baby, and she's so cute! And getting big. Penny told me not to be teasing Aunt Carrie, but I just can't help it.
See, Carrie's best-best friend is my best-best friend's sister. We are quite a lucky group. I was thinking about how special our friendships are after lunch. Penny and Lisa have lived in many places, but the relationships they made with Carrie and me are special. I really feel like they are more like sisters to me than friends. Whenever I count my blessings, they are right high up there on the list. I could get all mushy about it, but I'm just too full, and tired right now. lol
I have been knitting on the second pinwheel blanket, and some dishcloths. So exciting, right? I've been spinning that gorgeous superwash Carrie got me for my birthday, too. It looks so neat. Now, where is that darn camera? I think I'm about ready to spend my birthday $, too. I want wool!
Speaking of wool, I have some exciting news. Besides teaching the knit classes to the kids, I will be teaching all of the third graders to spin! They will be making their own cd spindles, and the teacher is ordering wool. It's going to be fun!! I can't wait to start. It's going to be pretty soon, I think.
I've got to plan out my time better, though. Hubby has gone back to school to get some art learning, so the computer is in use a lot! I don't mind, though. This is going to be great for him, and in the long run for all of us. Maybe there will be lots of $ for more wool! hehe
Well, as usual, I sat down here planning to write an entertaining, but organized post, and rambled. Oh well, when I find that extra time I'm always dreaming of, I'll do something great!
I'm off to spin!!
Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


del said...

Cool pics! And I'm so glad you found your hat. The same thing happens to'll be lost for 5 months & then magically reappear!

I bet the 3rd graders love learning to spin. Have fun!

Julie said...

Great pictures of your handsome men!

Carrie said...

Are you going to teach the teacher of the class first, so you have some help?? All those kids being taught at once. Yikes, you're brave! Glad you had fun carving pumpkins, and you could have let on that you were meeting for lunch. I came home and sewed, for goodness' sake! =) See you in a bit...

Romi said...

Great pics! :)

Larjmarj said...

Are you sure MM didn't have your hat this whole time? He looks very suspicious..............

g-girl said...

love the pics! how exciting that you're going to teach a class how to spin! I want to learn how to spin!

Jeri said...

Yea for spinning!!
How about some spinning pics when you find the darn camera?