Friday, December 07, 2007

My ears get cold!

I'm back!

For a second, anyway. It has been crazy busy around here, but I did have time to knit Little Diva a new hat. She said her ears get cold on the playground.
Her teacher and I talk about knitting, and yarn everyday, so when she heard I was looking for an earflap pattern she pointed me toward the Knit One, Felt Too book. It has a really cool Peruvian Style Hat pattern that looked just right. And I had a bunch of bits of Paton's Merino that would work, so, I started it on Wednesday, (after knitting class - more on that later) and felted it last night. I'd show a pic of it all shrunk, but LD wore it to school today.
:) No cold ears on the playground anymore! I (of course) tweaked the pattern, cuz that's the way I do. On the chart, there is a section that looks like I's, so I changed them to A's. It's hard to see them, because I did them in dark green, on a dark purple background, but they're there!
Here are some pics of the hat pre-shrinking, I'll show some of it all shrunk up, soon.
I am nervously waiting for my new camera to arrive. I need it before the 12th! LD has her Christmas Program, and I have to take pics! I'm also running around like a freak, worrying that I am not ready for the Holidays. I need to go shopping! They're speeding up, and I'm not ready!
Sorry I haven't answered any emails, or commented on many blogs. So, thank you, everyone, for all of your wonderful comments. It's a madhouse around here, I'm just lucky that I got the computer long enough to post this. lol
Now, that hat pattern was so cool, that I cast-on one for myself, I know I should be doing the housework, but that yarn is calling!!!
Knit On!!


Amy Boogie said...

Screw housework - the hat is cute cute!

jae said...

I agree with Amy. With a pattern like that, ignoring housework is easily justified.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, screw housework!

I am so not ready for Christmas either; I was just thinking that I have never been this far behind before. I need to make a list and check it twice :-)

Janice said...

Housework can wait. Cold ears need to be tended to!! That hat is great! I'll have to check out that pattern!

Carrie said...

Beautiful hat! Your colorstranding looks great. If you can make hats like that, someone should come and clean your house for you (not me) hehe

Anonymous said...

I know, I can't believe it's almost Christmas already. I hope your camera came in time!

schrodinger said...

Funny, when I first saw the pics on bloglines I thought you had gauge issues - LOL! Bet the hat looks fantastic post-felting. Good luck with the mad house and happy holidays to you.