Thursday, February 01, 2007

February Alongs

I feel very boring lately. Not bored .... boring. Hope that's not true, but I need some sunshine and it's supposed to get into the single digits, or below zero for the next week! Urgh! It all makes me want to hibernate.

Well, it is the first of February, and I have a February KAL that I joined. I started the Topi. I started it over and over and finally got it! It's about 4" in diameter right now.

Here are some pics. That is my Swamp Thing Yarn that I dyed for the January DAL. hehe Of course there is another SoapSock sitting there, too. I've been having one of them OTN all of the time. I swear, I'm going to put them on my shop as soon as I get a minute!

The other thing for this month is the UFO 2007 Along, that I'm part of. I am working on LD's Broadripple Socks that I started in October or November. Yes, I am too lazy to go see when.

The spot where I picked up stitches for the gusset is awful! It's a mess, but LD likes it and wants it done. I should go back and redo it, but I don't know if I will. It's left over yarn, and if I just get my rear in gear, they'll be done and that's all she really wants anyway. Then, maybe I should finish the last Jaywalker sock that I started even before these socks.

Dinner's in the slow cooker, and the smell is driving me crazy! It smells so good. A roast with onions, celery, carrots, and potatoes. Mmmmm.

Well, time to go figure out if I want to rip out that gusset and redo (like I should), or maybe I'll just knit on that hat for a while.

Thanks for all of the nice comments from my last few posts. If I have your email, I've probably sent you a thanks or some kind of reply, if not, then thank you! :)


Sarah said...

Love your green yarn!

Wool Winder said...

The hat looks great! It's a cute pattern.

Anonymous said...

Your Swamp Thing yarn came out very nice!

I love the colors in the socks - makes me think of Spring.

g-girl said...

i love the swamp thing yarn too!! it looks cool. :) the hat seems to be coming along. ld's sock will get done eventually--don't let that perfectionism attack!!

GaiaGal said...

Me too! The Green is really so fresh and lively!

Hey Ar, soooo are you counting the days until Summer or what? ;D

I have a super easy pork roast recipe for the crock...

Pork Roast any size
1c. BBQ Sauce of your liking
1 can cream of mushroom soup.

That's it. Put it all in and set the sucker to low all day.

I know it sounds like a weird combo, originally i thought so too, but now it's one of my faves. It makes a wonderful, tangy gravy that's fantastic on mashed!


Carrie said...

You're not boring! And can I come over for dinner? We had pizza... good, tho! I love your green hat, and do either on the socks. After all, if the youngun is happy with them, why stress about it?

Mama Bear said...

The knit with friends sounds lovely. I haven't made my knitting group since before Christmas and my girls and I haven't had a knit night out since before then.

The baby items look great! I look forward to seeing the green take shape.

Christina said...

I know I've already said it, but that green yarn is so BEAUTIFUL! I love that color. I'm going to have to try dying my own yarn.

You're not boring. How can someone who knits so many soap covers be considered boring? Hahaha! (Kidding!)

This winter has been rough on us all! I'm really looking forward to spring!