Friday, February 23, 2007


February 24, 1990

My Baby is 17!
I'm not really sure how that happened. His b-day is actually tomorrow, but we'll be busy.
Look at those pics! Man, he has changed!!

My best friend's sister had her baby early this morning. On the new baby girl's grandpa's birthday. She really couldn't have helped being born on someone in the family's birthday if she had to be born in February. Most of the days this month are full. :)

Well, I'd cry just from the emotions of the years passing, but the heater fix-it guy just left with almost 180.00 of my dollars. We have heat again. At least it was only 180. Right? Could have been worse! Why does it go out at night, after the plumbing/heating guys are closed?? It got down to 54 degrees in here. That really is not too bad. I was afraid we'd freeze, but if it were 54 outside, I'd be having a party and running around with no coat.

Have a great weekend, y'all! We have b-day parties, and basketball games with knitting lessons thrown in! And a new baby and mommy to go visit. Yay!


GaiaGal said...

Hey, hey! Happy Birthday to the boy!! WooHoo!!!

Ya know, i lived in this apartment in Massachussets where the heat insisted on going out on a Friday night, every time it went out. By Monday morning i was unshowered and quite frozen! Cuz, ya know...there's no apt Managment to be seen on weekends. Thank goodness for flannel sheets and comforters and for electric mattress pads. Mmmmm!!!


tiennie said...

Happy Happy Birthday to your not so little guy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, 17!! I have quite a ways to go. Glad you guys are nice & warm (inside)!

Mindy said...

Happy Birthday to your baby!

I would freeze at that temp. We have been without heat at work and I run two electric heaters in my office (usually even with the heat on)

g-girl said...

I didn't know you guys were w/o heat! at least it wasn't too cold-54 isn't bad (yes, I really said that! lol). Tell SP Happy Birthday. I love his lil baseball pic! so cute. :)

schrodinger said...

Wow! 17! Here's wishing him a very happy birthday.

So glad you got your heating fixed 54 is bloody cold. When our apartment heat was dropping down to 59 earlier in the winter, I was miserable.

Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday! Amazing how quickly they grow up isn't it? Glad you got your heat fixed and yes - it always happens at night (or on the weekends!)

jae said...

Happy birthday to your guy!!

Good thing you knit and had plenty of hats, scarves, and sweaters to keep you warm before the heat could be fixed.

Valerie said...

Yeah For The Birthday! And Yeah For your son's excellent choice in Band T-Shirts too. =P

I am glad you got your heating fixed. There is nothing worse in this world than being cold in my opinion.

Carrie said...

Wow. 17 years. How can that even be possible??? Have fun with the cake-y celebrations!

Deborah said...

another feb. baby! yeah! i'm sure you'll guys had a blast!

Amy Boogie said...

Happy happy birthday your skater punk.

Sucks about the heat. I would do the same thing. 54 in Maine is shorts weather. unless it's 54 inside then you need to bundle up and shiver :)

Janice said...

They grow up fast, don't they???
Glad you are warm again! No heat is no fun!! Hope you had a fun weekend!!

tatjana said...

Woohoo! Happy Belated! Hope you all had a good time celebrating, isn't it amazing how fast they grow?? I'm trying to think of what to get for my niece, who'll be 16 in 2 weeks. :O Don't feel so bad about paying that much for the repairman, we had one charge almost that much a few months ago just to replace an itty bitty something in our dishwasher! I nearly died! Good thing the boy paid, cuz he earns more ;)

Sherry W said...

Happy Birthday to him!
Your son looks like the kids I hung out with (many years ago) when I was in high school!

I keep the therostat at 55-60 most of the time. My heating bill was still almost $300!