Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Another Motley Post

WooHoo! I got to go meet some friends for knitting this morning. One of them said "I look forward to this all week. If I have to work on a Wednesday, I'm so bummed." Yep! Yep! I know! I get to just sit there and knit and listen and talk. I love it!

I finished this soap last night and thought "Oh no, I need a project for knitting with friends" (Carrie, we need a name for our little group). So, when I got there I casted on another soap for my shop. This pink and brown one is for me, though. I'm not sure if the pink is wool, or wool ease (which won't felt) So, I will use it and see if it felts and if it does I'll be able to use the pink for soaps that are for sale.

The last close up pic is of a soap that I knitted that we've been using. It's all felty and the soap lasts forever! My kids wash their hands more, too, because it's cool soap. See, no more stitches.

Speaking of kids, when your 8 yr. old asks you to wind up her knotted, tangled, white, fuzzy acrylic yarn; don't wear black jeans and a black sweatshirt when you do it. I tried to take a picture of my white fuzziness, but it just wouldn't show it well enough.

I also finished the baby genius burp cloths. They are so cute, but I hope the new mommy uses them, and loves them! I also hope the hats aren't too small. Hopefully she'll get to wear them for a while, and hopefully she'll love her blankie.

Here's what I'll be starting tomorrow, though. I picked this pattern, and I'll be using my latest hand-dyed wool. Looking at the pictures of it when it was a tangles mess, it should be called swamp thing. LOL.

I'll talk about the UFO along, too, because I have chosen what the first finished UFO of February will be. Tomorrow I'll share all. (You know tomorrow means next time I find time to post, right?) hehe

So, do you ever have problems with your paragraphs not having spaces between them when you post? As I type, there are spaces, when I preview, no spaces. That's what's up with the colorful paragraphs. I can't seem to think of another way to separate them.

Well, I guess I'd better think of things other than yarn and knitting for a little bit, then I have to go get the kids. We're going to the post office to mail out squares for the blanket that I spoke of earlier. Maybe I'll get some yarn in the mail. Wouldn't that be cool? As if I ever think of anything but yarn! Hahaha!

**Well, looks like my paragraphs sorted themselves out this time. hehe**


Kadiddly said...

Okay, you've convinced me. I have GOT to try one of those soapy things - what a great way to practice colorwork! And yours are SO cute!

I bet the mom(s?) is(are?) going to love all the burp cloths and blankies and hats. You're such a good friend to take the time to make them for new arrivals!

Julie said...

You definitely need a name for your group!

I'm sure the burp cloths, blankie and hats are going to be well loved (especially that gorgeous blankie) :)

Great pattern choice for your Green hat.

GaiaGal said...

I have that space trouble all the time when i'm writing and preview what i have so far. I usually just add in an extra "enter" between lines or you could probably go to the window where you can see the html code and put in a line break which is < br >, but with no spaces.


Christina said...

I can't wait to see how the green hat goes!

g-girl said...

I think I'd wash my hands more often too if I had cool soap! The stuff for the baby looks great. I especially love the hats-that hot pink one rocks! I checked out the hat pattern you've selected for the green hat-along and I can't wait to see how it turns out! :) And yes, you need a name for your group!

Nora said...

Love the blanket!

I know what you mean about the paragraphs - typical blogger!

del said...

When I have that space problem, I open another window & do another new post, then copy what I've typed already into the new post. The old post gets deleted & the new post ends up fine.

Love those soap holders & baby stuff! Too cute!

Janice said...

I LOVE the pattern you chose for your hat. Going to have to add that to my 'to knit' list. My daughter would love it!! All of your knitting looks wonderful as always!! I need one of them soaps....

Sarah said...

ohhh I've wanted to do felted soap for a while, anyway to make soap look cute, right? ;)

ErickaJo said...

I would have posted this yesterday, but Blooger spent most of that day being a disappointment to all who love it. And a lot of those who don't.

I. Love. That. Yarn. The one that the burp clothes are made out of. Is that your hand dyed/spun as well? If not, please share. I don't recall ever seeing a yarn that knits up like that.

shortoldlady said...

Your baby items are gorgeous! Would you identify the patterns?? Thanks bunches!!

Craftybernie said...


That 'no spaces between paragraph thing' can be a real pain. Especially when you hit return in the 'compose' mode yet when you view it on your blog once posted, you end up with 2 or 3 hard returns or spaces.

It is easily fixed by looking at the HTML page of your post.

If you have any formatting of any kind, be it colour, change of size, alignment etc... it will insert a tag at either side of your paragraph.

When you hit return, it inserts the tags again for the next paragraph. And so on. Then when you add photos it screws (ahem) it up even more.

I tend to type my text first, inserting the paragraphs etc as I go along. Then I format it (change size, colour, alignment etc.). Finally I upload the photos and fit them in around the text.

I find this the best way of doing it for me. But each to their own.

Loving your sock soaps still! And the baby stuff... soooo cute.

You think you have trouble keeping up with bloglines? I'm struggling to read the blogs I enjoy. What month am I reading now....February? in May?!? Gee whirlikers!