Thursday, February 22, 2007

Surprise knitting: Soap Socks

Oh, wait, that's no surprise!
Well, I haven't been getting much knitting done. I did dye some wool. Mmmm. Love the dyeing. If you click to make the pic bigger you can see the colors better, and my little stitch marker on the soap sock in progress.
That's what I've been knitting: Soap Socks. Surprise! Hehe. I have one soap left. Then, I need to go to the store and get more soap. I think there are 13 on my shop, and one in progress. The greenish soap sock all by itself in the top pic, and on the top of the pile of the bottom pic is for Rhoda. That one's the only one not for sale. :)
I have been knitting on my scarf from Marji, and on my blue sofa throw for the family. I have plans to start lots of things, too. Those things aren't even WIPs anymore, they are definitely UFOs.
I have been so busy! I miss reading everyone's blogs all day long. hehe. And the Knitter's Review and Get Stitchy! I've been going to the neighbors' business and doing some data entry in their computer a couple hours, a couple times a week. Who would think that would make me lose so much computer time? Urgh! Oh well, at least it gets me out of the house for a couple hours while the kids are at school.
My paragraphs are still all weird! I guess every other one will always just be a different color.
Thanks for all of the comments on my last post. I think I may be a commentslut. Oooohhhh!!! Can you believe that I typed that?
On Sundays Hubby plays basketball with a bunch of other old guys, and we go watch. Of course, I sit there knitting and visiting with the other wives. Well, one lady asked me to teach her to knit this weekend! Yay! I think I love to teach knitting as much as I love to knit. So, Sunday it's knitting lesson time.
Well, the little girl and I need to go to the school again and get the boys from their club meeting! Time sure does fly! Gotta Run! Keep Knitting!!


Kadiddly said...

What kind of soap do you use in your soap socks? I always see your pics and think they look so cute and colorful and fun to make!

Carrie said...

Something is happening with your blog entries so each paragraph is a different color? Seriously, I thought you were doing that cool thing on purpose =) Commentslut - heheh - too funny!

Momo said...

Love the new color of yarn. It'll make a great soap sock :-)

GaiaGal said...

Ar, you just keep knitting up those cool little soap'n socks and don't apologize for it, especially if it all makes you smile! ;)


Julie said...

All this time I thought you were deliberately making every other paragraph red.

You are really going to town on thos soap socks!

I'm a commentslut, too :-)

g-girl said...

i wonder why you're having such a hard time with your paragraphs! :P color is always good though. :) your new handdyed stuff looks great. :) oooh, and I can't wait to use my soap sock! ;)

Minh said...

Soap socks, what a clever idea!

macsoapy said...

Hallo Arleta, greetings from Germany. I published the Soap Socks at my blog. I like the idea very much. Great work!!!!
I also used 3 pictures of the socks. If you don't like it I will delete the pics.
Hope to see new soap socks soon.