Monday, February 19, 2007


Well, I promised a funny story, but it's just funny weird, not funny "haha".

So, there was a square dance for all the girl scouts. The dance was at a school in the next little town over. Our school is pretty small. There are only about 40 kids per grade, 20 kids per class, give or take. The school they were at is also small but goes into a big high school. Our high school kids probably went to kindergarten with almost every kid in their graduating class.

While they were in the hall they saw a locker with a sign that said "This locker belongs to Arleta". Most people would be like "cool", but this isn't like seeing a name like Lisa, or Sue, or Julie. (My best-friend, and my sister's names). Arleta isn't very common, especially in Michigan!
I want to know who named their kid that! I know it's weird, but I keep trying to think of someone I might know who could find out for me. LOL. Makes me sound a little psycho, but I swear I'm not! If the parents of the other Arleta are my age, I probably knew them, or knew of them in school if they lived in this county.
When I named SP, there were no other Jordan's that I knew of. Now, I hear it all of the time! There were only really old guys named Malcolm when I named MM, but it's becoming popular again. I really thought absolutely for sure though, that Arleta would stay "our" name. It's also my mother's name.
If y'all didn't think I was crazy before ...... LOL
I went to the baby shower, and gave my bestfriend's sister the things I made for her. Everyone was like "You made all of that?" See me blush? LOL. I also gave a couple of soap socks wrapped in a garterlac cloth for a prize for one of the games. Those were a big hit! The shower turned out great. All the cute pink and purple clothes. It had better really be a girl!
The kids are home from school today for midwinter break. MM has knocked me off the high scores of Guitar Hero II, darn kid!
I thought, I'll have a chance to read some blogs, but bloglines is down! I guess I'll read them off the sidebar of my blog. I've been reading (lurking!) every chance I get, but I love to leave comments. I hope all the people I comment to don't go "AR again! She's a comment-addict." Yes, I am. I love to get comments, too. Thanks for all of the ones you've left for me.
I sold a couple of soaps at my etsy shop! Thanks to the buyers, too!! :)
bloglines is working fine now! Yay!


Larjmarj said...

I am also named after my mother and have to wonder what she was thinking. I HATED my name when I was little but now....I guess it fits. I've often wondered why people cant have a temporary name and then pick out another when they're say...30. Congrats on the Etsy sales, mine have been rather sluggish lately.

tiennie said...

I know what you mean about having unusual names. I grew up with no other kids with my name EXCEPT for my sisters!

schrodinger said...

Glad that your handknits were a big hit at the baby shower. Congrats on selling some of your soaps.

crissy said...

love the name thing isnt that something else how that happens.
ok my story on names is this. my oldest son didnt pay any attention at all to what my middle name is so when his youngest daughter now 9 came along he phones me up and said mom i named her after you her middle name is the same as yours. i said cool so you named her kay? he said WHAT? kay who is that? i said that is my middle name he said no i named her annie i thought your middle name was ann i said no son it isnt. he said were did i get the name annie from then? i said i names my guitar that LOL many years ago LOL so i have a grand daughter who is named after my guitar my youngest son now owns LOL

Jane said...

No - I never say - Oh it's Arleta again - I always say - how nice of Arleta to read my blog and leave a comment!
And I think it's great to have a name that everyone knows just by your first name - you know?

GaiaGal said...

Congrats on the sales! Cripes, i ddin't even know Mrs. Larj had an Etsy shop! Sheesh! I need to get around more.

Speaking of which. I don't even know how bloglines works? I visit blogs from my links and find new ones via links on the blogs i visit and so on. LOL!

Just to freak you out, if i were to have a child, i'd name her Arleta! ;D


Christina said...

That little girl stole your name! If I were you, I'd take it back! LOL! Hahahaha! Arleta is a very unique name!

Sounds like the baby shower was fun! Homemade gifts are the best! (And those knits were beautiful!)

I love when you visit my blog, Arleta! The visitors, the merrier!

del said...

Same thing with my dd's name. When she was born, I didn't know anyone with that name; now, I hear it quite frequently!

Glad to hear your handknits were so appreciated!

KnitterBunny said...

My family has quite the list of interesting names. Let's start with Great-Grandma, her name was Ina Geneva, her daughter was Ina Carleen, whose daughter was Valynnda Karon, and finally me, with Kelli Kristine. (I'm the least interesting, too. lol)

I would be shocked to see any of these names other than in my family's history, so I understand wanting to find the other "Arleta."

Mindy said...

I always wanted a more unusual name when I was a kid. But weirdly enough I gave my boys common names (although I tried to liven up their middle names, without success for the second boy).

g-girl said...

that's so weird that there's another arleta! maybe you do know the parents and they secretly loved your name while growing up and vowed to name their child after you because it was such a unique name! :) congrats on the sales! I went to look @ the ones you posted in your shop..I had no idea there was such a thing as feltable need to fill me in!

Julie said...

I love getting your comments; keep them coming!

When I named my daughter, I didn't know another single Samantha, nor had I heard of any other Samantha's. The very next week after she was born, there were 2 Samantha's in the birth announcements! Now it's a really common name. Really kinda pissed me off. She changed the spelling of her nickname years ago to Samm, so at least that's pretty much hers alone :)

Brown Berry said...

Well, giving and receiving, that's what makes this crazy blogosphere go 'round ;). Great story, and I can appreciate wanting to know who else has such a unique name.

Valerie said...

I love that you comment, it's nice to know that someone reads the rants I write. The soaps are really neat... I keep coming back to them which means you're probably destined to receieve some of my money. =P

As for the name thing, my mom decided to name me Valerie as it wasn't really popular at the time. Now I see dozens of them and of course I have worked with a bunch of them as well. That always gets confusing.

Momo said...

It's really weird for me working at a place the has another Miriam (although she spells her name differently), so I know what you mean.

I love getting your comments, AR. :-)

Nora said...

I love your name too - very unusual down here...

Romi said...

So did you leave little Arleta a note? How cool. :)