Friday, December 15, 2006

Something new

I don't think I promised not to start another project. I may have sort-of, kinda said that I was going to finish something first. Oh, wait, I finished felted soaps. Haha, so it was ok to start a new project.

Plus, it was gift yarn, and I know g-girl would want me to knit something and enjoy it as soon as possible!
This is a Fake Isle Hat by Amy. I just had to start it today! I love it. I am at the part where you just start the patterning. I am in some serious love with this Paton's SWS. Isn't it gorgeous? I hope the brown Paton's Merino was a good choice to go with it. I almost chose this awesome turquoise, but the brown called to me.

That is the crazy pinwheel behind it. I am doing the ruffle, if you look close, you can see it. I have changed the yarn to all purple, instead of the purple and white. Love it, too!! It's pretty close to being finished!

I am behind on blog reading! I am behind on answering emails, and I haven't wrapped a single Christmas gift! No, that's not true, I did put one in a cute little box that looked like Chinese take out, and gave it to Carrie. If I owe you an email, or a card, or anything else, I swear it's coming. Just be patient, cuz I'm a little slow lately. hehe

Thanks for all the nice comments on LD's drawings, and on the wonderful things g-girl sent! Oh, she didn't make the bag, she got it at Target, and it's super cute! If I am an obsessive commenter on your blog, don't worry, I'm ok, I just either haven't been over :( (I will soon!) Or if you switched to beta, I might have tried to comment. I've been having a really bad time with commenting on beta blogger blogs.

I gotta go! I'm late! Thank God it's Friday and I can just knit for a while, later.

Happy Hanukkah to all who will start their celebrations tonight!!


Anonymous said...

okay, I went to go see the fake fair isle hat pattern and this baby is just going to look awesome! I can't wait to see it. :) I've been having a bit of a problem commenting on some beta blogs myself. It says we can comment with our blogger acct and I tried that but it didn't work! The pinwheel looks gorgeous and she is going to love love love it. :) As for wrapping gifts, I haven't wrapped many myself!

Mindy said...

The pinwheel blanket is awesome! I love the all purple flare out.

Anonymous said...

***Warning: Crazy knitter - clicking, reading blogs and knitting all at the same time! LOL!!

The Patons SWS, is looking scrumptious! The colors are amazing.

I like the solid purple on the pinwheel ruffle. That should turn out to be a nice finish!

Wrap what? I did internet shopping for most of the stuff i needed to buy and am still waiting for it to arrive. Eeeek!!!


Carrie said...

Oooo, I love brown. Good choice. You don't have to respond to this! No pressure! lol Have a great weekend, AR

Larjmarj said...

I love that SWS yarn it's so pretty and rich looking. Very cool pattern. I've not done much with knitting using two colors before, I'll be watching to see how it goes!

Jeanne said...

The fake isle hat is very nice - love the colors!

celia said...

Oh very nice. I can't wait to see the finished project.