Sunday, December 17, 2006

A fun meme and knitting pics of an FO!

Year End First Sentence Meme

I copied this from Kat's blog.
The idea: Post the first sentence from each month of 2006.

Since I have only been blogging for a few months, I don't have the whole year covered, but I thought it looked fun, so I'm doing it anyways! :)

June: Well, here goes!

July: Poor MM, he is 13, and the middle child!

August: First of all.

September: Ok, I'll tell my secret.

October: Marji from Fiber Arts Afloat sent me a package!!

November: Ha, ha, I'll get back to knitting next time!

December: Well enough for now, anyway!

Ok, on to other things. Thank you all for the comments on the pinwheel blanket, and my Fake Isle hat.

The hat is done, blocked and all! I love this hat, I love the yarn, too. It looks so great, if I do say so myself. So, one more time, thanks Amy for the great pattern, and thanks to g-girl for the awesome yarn. I swear I'm done going "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" LOL!

I am most definitely knitting another one of these hats as soon as I get some more SWS. I'll still work on the UFOs I have laying around here, I SWEAR!

I actually had a little SWS and a bunch of the Merino left, so a started a little sock for a bar of soap. Soap in a sweater. Haha. It's feltable wool and soy stuff, so as it is used it should felt on the bar, right? I guess we'll see.

I'm going to go knit on that lil' sock thingy and the pinwheel blanket. Hope everyone's weekend was great. As you can see from the pics of me up there, mine was pretty exhausting. (Tired, pale looking lady!) Shopping wears me out, but I am done! Now, I just have to wrap it all.
Knit on! No tink!


Anonymous said...

*Awesome* hat! You are too cute!'re tagged. Visit my blog for the gory details. :)

Amy Boogie said...

The hat is great. I love the color combo that you chose :)

Christina said...

The hat is beautiful!!!! Very nice!

I'm going to steal the meme that you stole from Kat! LOL!

g-girl said...

oh my gosh!!!!!!! That hat is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!!!!!! And you had some yarn leftover! I am definitely going to put that pattern on my to-knit list. It looks really really amazing!

celia said...

That hat is GORGEOUS! I want to make one of my own now. I wonder whether it will work with the leftover Silk Garden I have.

cps said...

AWESOME hat!!!!! I love the color! Cool pattern too.

del said...

Wow, what a great hat, Arleta! You did a fantastic job!!

Jeanne said...

Very cute hat - I really like the colors.

Carrie said...

I Love That Hat!!!! I can't believe how quickly you knitted it. I've been on the lookout for the right yarn, but I haven't gone out of town looking yet... wear it today! I want to touch it.

Nora said...

Absolutely FABULOUS!!

Momo said...

Your hat is stunning! The colors are lovely. I would never had guessed it's fake isle ;-)

Vanessa said...

I LOVEEE your hat... was it hard? I so need to learn to change colors lol.

Vanessa said...

I LOVEEEEE your hat!!!!!!!! I so need to learn how to change colors lol was it hard?