Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It's Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas

Well, it's about time! I tried everything, and something finally worked. I couldn't edit them into yesterday's post, but I am going to show them off, anyways!

Here are pictures from last Christmas. See I really do have three kids, even if I don't blab about all three of them all of the time.

See SP, standing on two feet, with his hat that I knit? He is up and about on one foot, but guess where he is right now..... School! I hope he's not completely exhausted from hauling himself around on the crutches all day. I would think that would be pretty hard. I told him his dad could probably borrow a wheelchair from work, just for school, but he didn't seem so keen on that idea. We'll see how he feels after school, though.

That fireplace is the most awesome thing. Seriously! Even if I do say so myself. It is actually our nasty old bookcase. I covered it with brown paper, and painted it up. Hehe. Hubby drew the logs and fire for me, and I just went to town with the acrylic craft paints.

These stockings are so special to us. My mom's neighbor knitted them. Aren't they great? Handknit gifts are really just the best! She's in her late 70s. She knits the most amazing great big stuffed animals. When I was small, we'd go over there, and I just remember all of them being so big, and neat! They still are, too. You know how sometimes things are actually different than you remember them? Things seemed really big; probably because you were small. Or something seemed like magic, and when you grow and learn, it's not magic anymore? The toys she knits are still big and magic! Yay! I love that.

So, class was pretty good yesterday. One little girl made a small purse out of a long rectangle, and a braided handle. Another little girl finished a wristband / bracelet. Unfortunately, we only have four weeks this time, so there's not a lot of time to learn, learn, learn. I, being the teacher, decided I'd just teach the basics, and try to instill the love of the craft into them, and hopefully they'll just run with it. One girl, who took my class this last summer, has half a scarf already done! One of them said "I don't have any homework tonight, so I can just knit until bedtime!" I think my plan is working!! LOL!

I actually got to sit with Carrie and knit for a while today. Man, I needed it, too! Just feeling like I was "on call" (24hrs a day) these last few days with SP home was very tiring. I really don't know how people who have differently-abled kids do it! Even when he didn't need anything, he was here, and I was listening just in case he needed help. It was only for just over a week! I am seriously wimpy!

Almost time to start thinking about picking up kids. Basketball game tonight. That's the only thing on the calendar. It's usually three things at least; one per child. I guess tonight we get a little break.

I'm going to knit a bit, then I'll be off to pick up the hungry horde.

Knit on!!!


cps said...

Very cool fire place. Did you roll it up and save it for tis year?? Awesome stockings too.:)

Anonymous said...

The fireplace is darling and really such a clever way to repurpose an item. Bravo!! I love it!


Carrie said...

I love that fireplace! You guys are so artistic! And yes, handknits are the absolute best. How sweet that the same person knit all of them =) I appreciated our knitting this morning, too. I felt much more centered afterwards.

g-girl said...

that fireplace is awesome! Wow, I wouldn't have known it wasn't real! I tried to make it bigger so I could seel the detail of it but couldn't. Lil' AR is quite a ham, isn't she! the stockings are wonderful. I totally know what you mean about how you used to look @ stuff when you were a kid and how they look now. It's nice when you still feel the same way about something as an adult. :)sounds like class is going well and you're doing a good job of creating new little yarn addicts!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's hard for me when my older 2 are home from school because I'm just not used to it. I don't know what I'm going to do Christmas break, LOL!

Love the Christmas decor!

Momo said...

Wow, you're a wonder-crafter. Your faux-fireplace is great!

Crutches are torture. I hope your son is surviving it well. I had to use them for on about 3 weeks in college and it was an experience I'd rather not repeat. So exhausting and frustrating.

Jae said...

I love the fireplace idea! Incredibly creative!

I hope your son is doing well with the crutches. I spent 6 months on them - not fun.

Theresa said...

Those stockings are a fabulous gift - how wonderful!