Thursday, December 28, 2006

Knitting Fools

Hey! Thanks for the warm wishes and great comments about our holidays. It means a lot to me to have so many great friends. Whether I've met you in real life, or not!

I want to show off some knitting that wasn't done by me, but was gifted to my lucky kids this Christmas.

These hand puppets were all knitted by my mom. This was the first year that she didn't "work" outside of the home. She will be 75 in February! I was teaching her neighbor lady to knit, and she got out her yarn and needles and made up all these puppets and then some! My hubby said "Where'd she find the patterns for those?" Hehe! No patterns! Smart lady!! She sold some to her neighbors for their grandkids. Only the kitties and things that weren't based on real cartoons, though!!

The big Jon Arbuckle (?) Garfield's guy, and the monkey, and the horse girl were all knitted by the lady who made our Christmas stockings. It is so funny that I thought of these toys a while ago. She decided to give some to my kids totally out of the blue!

SP collects Garfield, so these are just right for him. MM loves monkeys, so that monkey is perfect for him, and LD loves the horse. I thought it was a cow, but she corrected me like no one but an eight year old can!

Hope you like the pictures. I wish I could show them off as they really are. My pics just don't do them justice!

Also, I just wanted to give a little update on our poor invalid, SP. He's doing really well. We'll see the surgeon again in January, and then we'll know more. Maybe he'll even get a walking cast, then!

We've been playing all the fun new games we got for Christmas, and still eating way too much junk. (And I've been knitting soaps in socks for my etsy shop) I wonder how we'll ever get up on time for work and school when the new year comes, because we've also been staying up way too late!

Thank you all for being so sweet! I hope everyone has a wonderful new year! It's been crazy trying to get on the computer with everyone home for the holidays, so I'll say it now, just in case.

Just a little edit. The puppets are all about 7 - 10 inches tall, and the big toys (Jon A., the monkey, and the horse/cow) are probably around two and a half feet tall, or so. I guess, anyway, since I didn't measure. :)

Knit on!!


Anonymous said...

What great toys! I especially like the cow (or horse) :)

Glad to hear SP is doing well!

Momo said...

Wow, that's an amazing assortment! Your mother is tres talented. I love the monkey. Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

I know, I probably won't blog again until the new year, everyone's so busy. But I'm so glad you're having an awesome holiday. Those puppets are great! So creative!

Mindy said...

Wow! Those knitted toys are awesome.

jae said...

What wonderful gifts! I am so impressed that there was no pattern involved.

Christina said...

I love the cow/horse, but it looks like a donkey to me.

How lucky your kids are to get so many hand knit items from their grandma! I love homemade gifts. I cherish them so much more. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who's crafty, so I get no homemade gifts--only give them. :( Oh well.

Happy New Year!

schrodinger said...

WOW, your Mum is really making the most of her free time isn't she? Those puppets are great!!

Kerry said...

I LOVE the puppets!! My two faves are the cactus and the Grinch. I bet your mom had a riot knitting those up!

Jane said...

What great puppets! And what a great mom - I hope I will still be knitting great things like that when I am 75!

Anonymous said...

Wow...What a creative mom you have!

The hand puppets are amazing!

Anonymous said...

All of those toys are just amazing. Thanks for sharing!!

Is't it fun to stay up late and play games?? I sure hope you all enjoy your time together!


Anonymous said...

Those puppets and toys are wonderful!

Carrie said...

OMG I need to talk to you about the Spongebob and Blues Clues in the worst way... perhaps I can trade slave labor for a hint on how to make them? Think about it. The new year may hold many opportunities for trading puppets for favors =)

g-girl said...

the hand puppets are awesome! your mom did a really good job! I can't decide which one is my favorite. ;)