Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Soap in a sock

Here is the picture! The only way I could do it was a new post. ????

I'll just fiddle with the time so it shows up under today's first post.

The top pic is Paton's Merino wool in Peacock and Too Teal. Knitted in the round with a figure eight cast on then, I stretched it onto a bar of Oil of Olay, and kitchenered the end. I gave that one to MIL.

The bottom one is Paton's SWS, and Paton's brown Merino. I don't know the exact color names right this minute. Wait oh yes I do! I had to dig in my new knitting bag that I got for Christmas for the ball bands.
The SWS is Natural Plum, and the Merino is Chestnut Brown. I knitted it in the round, and sewed the ends shut. It's on some plain old Ivory and it is felting as we're using it. I should probably write up a little pattern for this, since it's still just in my head!

Fun Stuff!


Anonymous said...

Very cute! And yes, you should write up a pattern :)

Jane said...

Now - that is a very cool idea - PLEASE write up the pattern! I've tried making felted soap with roving, but this makes way more sense - it felts as you use it, right? So clever!

del said...

That is so cute!

Amy Boogie said...

Very cute.

g-girl said...

very cool! you know, I just saw that someone did something similar to this today. love the colors!