Thursday, November 02, 2006

Who's life's a marathon?

Thanks for all of the face painting comments. I like face painting a lot. My momster did leave a faint pink mask on my skin. I guess ten straight hours of wearing dark purple will do that. It's gone now, though. I only use face paint, or makeup. I paint quite a few faces in the summer, at the Relay for Life. We do that fund-raising thing for cancer in August.

So, my blogless friend Cindy called me last night and said "You have to see this new blog I found. It's great." She told me the name of it, but I couldn't find it, at all. So I told her to email me a link, and it's her brand spankin' new blog! She tricked me! Good job, girl!! Go say hello, then come back here. I can't wait to read funny stories about dog grooming, and knitting when she gets a chance. It ought to be good!

No pics. Sorry. I did finish another (that makes two) Christmas gift. The person it's for might see this, though, so no pic til later. I promise I'll show it right after I gift it, next month. Next month? Holey Moley! There was a Christmas movie on tv last night. Can you believe that?

I have been on this computer helping my sis do some stuff all morning, and I have to go catch up on the housework. Yuck. But then, I'm going to knit on the pinwheel blanket. I should do my scarf, too, cuz it's getting really cold here by the lake.

Hope you all are staying warm!


Jeanne said...

You are really doing well on Christmas knitting - makes me feel sort of bad since I'm not doing any!

Mouse said...

A girl I met at a festival who painted faces (she was amazing at it) told me that the trick is to use Avon's Liquid Glove ( I think that's what its called.. with silicone?) underneath the makeup as a base.. it washes right off then. The silicone in the lotion makes a barrier so that you don't get 'red face'.. hope that helps.

Larjmarj said...

If it's cold here I KNOW it must be cold up there towards the top of the mitten. I have my woolies out and have been wearing them to work. Everyone looks at me like I have three heads but I don't care, I don't like to be cold!.....and I like my woolies ;-)
Sounds weird but to get stains off your skin try cigarette ash it's an old moldy hairdressers trick to get dye off from around the hairline. It works.

g-girl said...

that is great that she got a blog! I stopped by and said hi. :) I hadn't realized till I read that it will be christmas next month..ay yi yi!

del said...

I know, Christmas is almost here, can you believe it?? Good luck with the gifting.

schrodinger said...

I've not don't a lick (should I say stitch) of knitting for Christmas - not sure I will this year. Glad the color went from your face in the end :)

Stay warm yourself, I'm sure it's colder for you.