Friday, November 24, 2006

How was your Thanksgiving?

Thanks for the well wishes for the holiday.

We had a lovely time in a gorgeous place. I do not remember any Thanksgiving in my life that wasn't snowy, and at least below 30 degrees f. Yesterday, it was 50 degrees, and the sun was out! I was a good girl, and didn't fight with the in-laws. I just might have to open a flicker account to share all of the amazing pictures we took. (Any advice for a free account would be welcome) We were at Point Betsie Light House. It's in Frankfort, MI. I was so glad it was nice enough to go walking on the beach, and around the cabin we were in. Talk about being blessed and thankful.

Besides walking on the beach, and eating, and knitting, I also read the piece about Carrie and her hubby in the paper!! It was so cool! And sweet! See the pic of the beach down below? The little specks on it are LD, MM (our 13 yr. old), BIL, and the nephew who is 6. It was seriously the best Thanksgiving I've ever had.

Until I got back from an after dinner walk on the beach with MIL, her friend, his mother, LD, and the nephew who's 6.

We walked in to the cabin, and my Hubby said that SP (our 16 yr. old) called. He was at his great-aunt's house with his other grandma. He had fallen and hurt his ankle. So, I called and he gave the phone to one of the adults, and to make a long story a little bit shorter, we went and got him and took him to the emergency room. He has a broken ankle! (The whole trip call to cast, only took a couple of hours) He's got an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon Monday morning. He will be driven to and from school everyday, and get a break from work. If he needed a rest, I told him, all he had to do was say so. He didn't need to break a bone! He was fooling around with cousins, seeing who could run and jump the farthest, and yep, he won!

Hopefully he won't need surgery. I almost fainted when they were telling us where and how it was broken. Hubby took my arm and walked me over to a chair. Haha. I'm ok, until it's my kid that's hurt. He has only taken two ibuprofen tablets. He says it's not hurting much. At least he's figuring out how to use the crutches quickly. Poor kid, he was joking with the p.a. about when he can skateboard again, and the guy thought he was being serious. Hubby said (after the p.a. left) stop trying to joke with these people, they don't have a sense of humor. Most people don't get SP's humor, anyway, it's very dry and different. I only get it because I've lived with him his whole life, and because Hubby has the same weird sense of humor, and I have to get it, or live everyday in confusion! Anyone who doesn't get it, has no sense of humor, according to Hubby.

I hope everyone else who does the US thanksgiving day thingy had a great one with no injuries!

Now, for a little bit of good news: As I was sitting here, typing, and chatting with SP, the doorbell rang. It was Hubby with a package for me! He went to the post office on his way back out to the cabin to get MM, and LD. They spent the night with their Granny and cousins, and SIL and BIL.

Guess what I got!

I got my knitpicks needle set already!

Isn't that fast? I love knitpicks! I'm going to go play with them!

Hope you all have a safe weekend. I'm going to be knitting on my new needles, and waiting on the invalid! Knit On!


cps said...

OOOoooooohhhh bummer!!! Hope the ankle heals fast:)
Such beautiful WEATHER - we are being sooooo spoiled. I've heard that we may have a mild one.
What a beautiful write up on Carrie's quilt from her hubby. I'm so happy for her.
Mom is here and says "hi".
Talk soon.

cps said...

OOOoooooohhhh bummer!!! Hope the ankle heals fast:)
Such beautiful WEATHER - we are being sooooo spoiled. I've heard that we may have a mild one.
What a beautiful write up on Carrie's quilt from her hubby. I'm so happy for her.
Mom is here and says "hi".
Talk soon.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! I'm so jealous of your new needle set!!!

I have a MasterNeedle set that Deb lovingly boght for me last Xmas, but i hate the cords, they're very stiff. Please let me know how you like the KnitPicks ones, K??

Sorry to hear about the Thanksgiving Day injury. Hopefully all will heal well and he'll be up and around without crutches in no time.

Your photos are lovely. Thanks for sharing. I do use flickr and really like it. I liked it when it was free but, ended up upgrading to a paid account so i can upload more pics. ;)


Sharon said...

Oh no poor SP I hope he heals quickly! (he wont be playing with hackey sacks for a while)

Please, please let me know what you think of the knitpicks needle set as I have been debating about ordering a set.

kristi and otis said...

What gorgeous beach scenes - it's nice to see the beach and water in November ;) Glad you and yours had a great Thanksgiving. Wishing SP a quick recovery.

Jeanne said...

Sorry to hear about SP's injury; I hope he heals fast. At least its winter time, and not summer. Nice on the needles - please post how you like them.

craftybernie said...

Hope SP makes a fast recovery. Sounds like this is one Thanksgiving you will remember for a long time to come - for the good and the bad. But hopefully more for the good. Especially the wonderful time you had at the cabin and the beach.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are gorgeous!

Janice said...

What a bummer breaking his leg!! At least they heal fast at that age!! You will LOVE your Knitpick needles!! They are my absolute favorite!!
Strange Thanksgiving weather... I guess we just need to be thankful and make the most of it. Winter will come.......

Amy Boogie said...

Ow. I hope SP is up and at 'em soon. I love the knitpicks needles. Very nice even if they are metal ;)

Nora said...

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving OR Halloween in Australia - nor do we have KnitPicks!!

Re: Flickr - do it! The free acct is great and you get a flash bagge for your blog (see mine).
Be warned that there is a limit to how many photos you can upload per month (I don't know what it is, but I've exceeded mine) and you can only have 200 pics up in total (I think).
In all, it's a great service and the pro accts are ridiculously cheap - approx $30/yr.

del said...

I hope you love those new needles! And glad to hear that SP is okay. I'm happy you had a nice Thanksgiving!

Mama Bear said...

The photos are lovely! Sorry the peace was broken by the injury! Wishing him fast and complete healing.

Several years ago, I had to hold PinkD's hand while they set her arm (broken while snowboarding). I can totally understand feeling faint!

Enjoy the needles!

Anonymous said...

I hear you on the weather - it was absolutely gorgeous in Illinois, too!

Hope the leg heals quickly and the needles are as wonderful as they've been hyped!

Larjmarj said...

Working in a hospital hasn't numbed me to the hair raising effects of ankle fractures. They still give me goose bumps. There is just a lot of bone and tendon stuff going on in such a small space. Hope he'll be OK and won't need surgery. If it's any consolation I would rather break a bone than have a soft tissue injury ANY day. It was nice weather for Thanksgiving wasn't it? What a change for MI

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

hi thanks for calling by! That little blue snake is actually a soft brown but he was getting ready to shed his skin and he can't open his mouth wide enough to latch on so he was cool!He is food to the Bandie Bandie which is a pretty black and white snake but not a big one,30 to 45 cm if I recall!This ones entire food is the poor blind snake so they ae quite rare and veiwed as endangered!
There! hows that for a snakey tutorial?

schrodinger said...

Sorry to hear about SP. Good to hear that he is taking it in his stride (no pun intended). Sounds like you had a wonderful time away though (despite the stress).

Congrats on the options set.

Gewel said...

Great pics, babycakes! Looks like a great holiday and LOTS of cool knitting. :)

Terri D. said...

Aw, man...I want a beach weekend. Looks gorgeous (nice pix). Bummer about SP, but boys will be...broken and then bounce back. And, aw, man...I want a set of Knitpicks needles. Knit on.

Kat with a K said...

We had an oddly warm Thanksgiving too. Sorry to hear about the ankle!