Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I am an influence

I did it again! I talked a friend into starting a blog. I know she has wanted to do it for a long time. Carrie is so smart and funny, she has to share! Go by The Barefoot Cobbler, and tell her "HI"!

It's a crazy day here today, laundry, voting, knitting, dishes. Not necessarily in that order.

Have a great day!


g-girl said...

that's great that you got another person to start up a blog! Next it'll be your children. ;) I'll be having the same day here sans the dishes--laundry's already in and once it's in the dryer I'm gonna go run to my voting place and vote!

craftybernie said...

Are you getting a commission from blogger?

Jeanne said...

Really - maybe you should get a small fee every time you talk someone into blogging!