Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Knit on, Knitters!

Once again I plopped my knitting right down on the scanner. I hope I get the new camera soon. I need it! Obviously! This is a Broadripple sock from Knitty. I'm making it for LD. She's growing so darn fast, that I can't keep up. It will be made of left over balls of different sock yarns. We'll see how that turns out, won't we. Haha.

So, I went and voted yesterday. LD got my I voted sticker, though. She asked how long until she can vote. Then, she showed off the I voted sticker all over town. It's unbelievable that in the next presidential election my oldest son will be able to vote. Holey Moley! Now I feel old.

I think we'll do the stripes on the living room walls tonight. That is if hubby isn't exhausted from work. Speaking of work, I got a couple of comments that I should be getting some kind of commission from blogger. I totally agree. Then, I can buy yarn!

I know there's more to say. Oh, yeah, the people across the street cut down an old, beautiful tree. I don't think it was sick, or dying. I just don't get it. People move here from "the city", for the nature and then cut down the trees and stuff. Honestly! The people on the corner cut down all of the lilacs in their yard. Nice, old pretty lilacs. They just moved here (only in the summers). I know it's probably not my business, but it bugs me. LD wouldn't even trick-or-treat there, cuz she's mad at them. Silent protest or something. Edit: I don't know if it's the home owner or the "city". They are cutting down another tree too. I saw it when I walked down to the school. I hope there is a reason for it. I love trees, and lilacs!

I feel like I forgot to mention something. I'm sure it'll come to me, but I have to go get ready to get the kids. We have to go to the library and pick up Mason Dixon Knitting. I requested it. Mmm-hmm. They called me to let me know it's in. I'm going to see if I want to buy it. Gotta love the library! Edit: It wasn't that book. It was Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I forgot that I had asked for that one after I saw del's sweater from October 30th. She did a super job! I also got the Anne Bartlett novel Knitting. Whoo-Hoo!

Knit on, knitters! That's what I'm going to do!


Mindy said...

It sucks that someone is cutting down the trees. Our city cuts down trees it decides are dead. (in the city's defense, it only takes the really dead ones).

I love both of those books!

Amy Boogie said...

I love the sock so far. Kids socks are great for scrap balls of yarn. Except that my little fashionista will only wear them if they're all matchy.

g-girl said...

the sock looks great! It's too bad you can't plop your painted walls into your scanner. lol. that's too bad about those new neighbors that cut down the lilacs. I can't believe they're cutting down trees. We need trees!!

Jeanne said...

Great looking sock! I have so many leftover sock yarn balls I should try to make a pair of socks from them. I love lilacs, so I would have been mad too if someone cut them down.

Janice said...

Bummer about the trees... Especially the lilacs.. I adore lilacs!
Loved seeing your socks, they look great. I'm hoping to venture into the world of socks on two circulars....

I LOVE the Mason Dixon book....May be a good one for Santa to bring!

cps said...

OH I love the color of those socks! The pattern is cool too.
Had to tink my sock. You'd be proud of me. I'm off and knitting forward agian:)

Anonymous said...

The socks are looking good! A great way to use up the leftovers.

Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks for the love, Arleta. I do LOVE that book.

I love trees, too, and hate to see them being chopped down, especially if it isn't necessary!

The sock is so colorful & pretty. I always think it's nice when our kids see us taking part in the election process.

Nora said...

Cutting down trees?! We need council permission to do that down here...
And lilacs? I love lilacs.
Good on ya LD! x

Anonymous said...

Cripes! I'm behind in reading so pardon me while i leave 82 comments tonight.

I LOVE the Mason * Dixon Knitting book! It has a lot of practical household items and it's a funny book. I've greatly enjoyed reading through it as i looked over the patterns.

I'm fortunate that Deb (used to) and her Mom work at Random house, so i've gotten several knitting books for free (returned due to slight damage) or half price.

I think you'll like it!