Monday, November 06, 2006

Pinwheel Blankie again

Thanks for all of the nice comments. I try to answer them all, but with the blogger noreply comment thingy, sometimes I don't know where to send answers or more babbling. So, if you comment - Thank You! I love comments, and I love commenting on blogs, too.

Well, I am actually sitting here watching paint dry. Haha. I have a couple more days to let it set before I can do the stripes. I have been knitting on the pinwheel blankie while breathing all of the paint fumes. It is at 330 stitches. I'm still on the first skein of yarn, so I've got a way to go. I have to figure out an edging for it, too. I like Adrian from Hello Yarn's seed stitch ruffle, but what if it's a boy? Would that be too girly? It's already purple, but the mommy to be loves purple, so I thought it would be a good color. I obviously love stripes. The self striping yarn is sort of pooling. That is a good thing. I also love pooling. I mean, I knew something would happen to the stripey-ness when the blankie got to be a really big circle. I can't wait to see what it does next.

Sorry for the state of the pic. I just flopped the blankie right onto my scanner. No camera, no problem. I don't really mean that! I need a camera. haha

I went to print out a pattern for a pair of socks that I promised to Lil' AR, and there is no ink in my printer. Not low, it's been low for a while; totally out of ink. What kind of knitter can I be with no ink? I have startitis, and I can't start more socks without a pattern. Geeze!

So, this is a quicky post. I have to go get the kids from school! Later all! Keep on knitting!!


g-girl said...

the blanket looks gorgeous! Adrian's edging is really pretty too. It might be a bit girly but I dunno. It's up to you. And do you know I totally pictured you just plopping the blanket onto your scanner? I love it.

Lu said...

maybe you could do a seed stitch border with the kbf so that it does not "ruffle"

schrodinger said...

The blanket is looking great - ingenious taking a picture using the scanner :)

Jeanne said...

The blanket is so cute!

del said...

That is a beautiful blanket & I think purple is fine for either boy or girl. Don't let the paint fumes get to you, LOL!

Jae said...

Blogger is having issues displaying (or uploading - ask me how I know) photos. But I'm sure that your blanket is lovely! As for the ruffle, I don't think it looks too girly. It would be fine for a girl or a boy.